Advantages of Blog for SEO

These days, many business owners have realized the importance of blogs for optimizing their website. It basically provides information to the readers; helps to market the products or services of your organization; and also enhances your online presence. Hence these are now commonly used to increase the effectiveness of the search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.

Following are the various advantages of blog for SEO. To start with, blogs that contain information related to a product or service helps to deep link the anchor text to product information pages or purchase pages, deep within that website. These internal links are highly useful for ranking on long tail phrases.

Secondly these normally have a simple URL structure. They assist the search engine spiders to very easily; find as well as crawl its content. Further, these with good quality content also enable to achieve top search engine rankings. Moreover, they even help to attract visitors from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious, etc.; and thus reach the targeted audience.


It is also considered as a perfect channel for long tail rankings and long tail search terms. Besides this its category elements permit the collection and categorization of the content as per their themes. This helps the search engines to very easily understand the particular content; and thus increases the possibility of obtaining a better rank for that topic.

Comments posted by its readers as well as the trackbacks in it are also very beneficial. Relevant links from other sites are generated, based on the content of the interaction on such active ones. Thus comments on it increases the chances of improving your rankings in various search engines. Its readers can also enhance the visibility of a particular website by recommending that site on other ones or in forums. This can also be done by including that website within the comments of your own one.

Internet users like to read fresh content, and the same is also applicable to search engines. Hence sites with new content will be searched quickly and crawled more frequently. They are also considered as reliable and good quality websites. One more benefit is that this also helps to generate significant amounts of web traffic through RSS and links. Links to RSS feed urls will also help to build link popularity. And when the RSS content is referred by other ones, the embedded links will thus enable to send traffic to that website.

Another great advantage is that they get link easily with each other; much better than website links. These are also regarded as an important source of information for social media websites and social news. Moreover, these readily support text, audio and video for syndication. If multiple media are available, these are likely to attract more incoming links.

Additionally, there are several plugins and add-ons that assist to easily share its content, and thus increase web traffic. Hence blogs are now regarded as an ideal tool to enhance your online presence.