Alibaba Minisite = Branding + More Business

The Biz trend in Alibaba suggests that Alibaba Minisite 2.0 gives better conversion ratio compared to no minisite or simple minisite. (1)

What is Alibaba minisite 2.0? (2) – A well designed page on your Alibaba account which is compatible with desktop and mobile devices where you can display company information, products and contact details. (3)

Do you know how your Alibaba account will look after implementation of Alibaba minisite latest version? (4)

Please check to know the difference  (5)

The above strategy will change the way you do the business.  (6)

We help Alibaba Gold Supplier members by offering above services to get maximum advantage and challenge competition.  (7)

We at Opal Infotech are Alibaba Gold Supplier Member for the last 13 years and help other Gold Supplier members to post high-quality product and ranking optimization services. We also design Alibaba Minisite.