Case Study: How Alibaba Promotions Improvised Business Reach of Polyurethane & Composite Molds Manufacturer?

The International Business scenario has been dynamically changing and has become more challenging in recent times. Businesses started recognizing the need for a platform and a doorway to fortune. Alibaba is a leading E-commerce Portal for championing trade with all participants across the globe. It gives an opportunity to prosper to all the users including consumers, merchants, third-party service providers, and others.

Here is the case study of a manufacturer dealing with the high-quality production of polyurethane and composite moulds for wall-cladding, paver tiles, and fencing systems that explains how Alibaba promotions helped them increase their business reach.

Thought: “Determination to Move Forward is The Beginning of A Successful Journey.”

The Business Analysis – Company Background

The tiles and fences manufacturer decided to lay hands on better business solutions to increase the scale and market the products to make a bigger presence and felt visibility. The company’s products needed more coverage and accessibility. The company gave all the conventional methods a big try but somehow could not gather the desired outcome.

The organization then realized a strong need of an online platform that could provide them vast exposure to the prospective audience. The company had already established its own website but the results were minimal. Demand for their products had an ample scope in the market but needed online promotions which then resulted in the search for a Digital Marketing partner.

This is where they approached Opal Infotech with their needs of promoting products on a strong platform and the collaboration began.

Thought: “A Ray of Courage Shows the Path to Windows of Opportunities”

The Digi-Dive – Alibaba Account Analysis

The company wanted to reach out in various segments and arenas owing to its high-quality products. On analysis, it was understood that the client already had an Alibaba account with some of the products posted. We realized that the company had a lack of knowledge regarding the use of Alibaba account from a better business perspective.

On analysis, it was observed that there were very few product postings and a low inquiry rate. Our team of Alibaba Experts also acknowledged that adopting different and unique strategies for product posting could make a difference.

Analysis of Company’s Alibaba Account

  • Fewer Product Postings
  • Poor Quality Postings
  • Incomplete Information
  • Absence of Keywords
  • Fewer Clicks
  • Less Visibility
  • Fewer Inquiries
Thought: “A Business First Needs to be Analysed in Order to Make it Successful”

Factors Affecting Major Alibaba Accounts

Success Theory of Opal Infotech for Alibaba Promotions

The Alibaba Expertise at Opal Infotech had vast knowledge & experience in enhancing product promotions on Alibaba. The Digital Marketing Experts shared their views and opinion and sufficed the client’s knowledge of using the Alibaba site for better promotions. We analyzed their account and did a study on their competitors. We suggested to them the need of in-depth industry analysis and product posting depending upon the organization’s focused products. With inputs coming from experts, the client now stands convinced that it can tap into the growth opportunity through Alibaba promotions.

Factors Implemented for Better Promotions

  • Better Product Postings
  • Improved Product Optimization
  • Complete Updation of Product Information
  • Better Company Introduction for Customer Knowledge

Factors Implemented for Better Promotions

Right Tooling

The experts at Opal through Alibaba helped the polyurethane and composite molds manufacturer to gain more customer focus as well a sophisticated knowledge of marketing needs. With strong strategic implementations, the user experience score increased along with page speed insights. Utilization of the latest features of Alibaba and new upgradations of the platform resulted in customer inquiries that increased manifold within a short span of time.

The implements finally started reaping results and manifested business so well that the firm started getting keener on finding out more ways where they could grab the market attention share.

B2B Success Model

Leveraging the customers on the platform along with keyword implementation is what gave groundbreaking success to the strategies implemented for this business model. Opal Infotech’s powerful digital marketing solutions through the Alibaba promotions started showing drastic demand for the company’s products in the market. As an outcome customer visits and queries post the efforts increased tremendously.

Key Ways on How The Successful Strategies Worked

  • Sensitivity to any opportunity: A strong platform is essential to identify and seize any business opportunity. Categorically dividing it and analyzing the ranking factors, besides uploading more relevant and catchy information in comparison with competitors.
  • Different transaction patterns- Opal Infotech was able to effectively channelize through Alibaba as we could reach out to prospective customers with the help of our digital marketing experts who ensured that bulk trading was enabled that helped reap large profits and more fame to the business.
Thought: “The Real Theory of Success is the Amalgamation of Hardwork, Commitment & Dedication.”

Alibaba Success Steps

The Result Driven Approach

More clicks meant more satisfaction for our clientele. The trends have been immensely positive. We realized that looking at our statistics, this company took the place among the top pages of a visit. We have been very successful in customer engagement which was properly manifested through receiving a total of 73,745 views in the account. We explored the market potential of the products by constantly working on strategies in every possible manner.

Aggressive work on such front was done and the client was also introduced to more innovative options. Results came complete with all the actionable and complete listings. With the right strategy and opportunities at the correct time implementation helped big time as the action stood out in the form of amazing results.

Improvising keywords and best quality product postings led to an extraordinary 11,451 visitors in the company’s account from January 2020 to January 2021. With the results shown, the client started getting confidence and worked hand-in-hand with our strategies.

Customer Clicks:

Increased 2,755 Customer Clicks In Company’s Account From January 2020 To January 2021

Alibaba Clicks

Customer Views:

Increased Number Of 73,745 Views In The Company’s Account From January 2020 To January 2021

Customer Views


Increase In 11,451 Visitors On Our Account From January 2020 To January 2021

Alibaba Visitor

High-Quality Products:

Adding More & More Number Of High-Quality Products Helped Succeeding In Getting More Views & Clicks Thus More Inquiries.

High-Quality Products

Thought: “A Venture Turns Into Successful Business When Stirred in the Right Direction with Result Driven Approach”

Way Forward

Our output was tremendously strong because we were supported by many factors & strategic implementations at every step. The most important factors that helped Opal Infotech for better promotions on Alibaba were as mentioned below.

  • The competitive market opportunity for our client’s product.
  • Responsive nature of client at every required detail to attention.
  • We took the giant leap by adopting the latest trends and features on Alibaba and could withstand any kind of competition in the market.
  • Our Client’s outlook and massive support in discussing strategies and the confidence in getting them implemented.
Thought: “Client Support is Often Unnoticed; While It is One of the Most Important Factor that Plays An Important Role Throughout the Project”

Role of Alibaba Minisite in Business Improvement

As the results started gaining more visitors & inquiries, the team of Alibaba Marketing suggested that the client should get Alibaba Minisite designed for enhancing user experience. We suggested the use of this mini-site for the account for increased prospects, customer views, customer inquiries, and superb ranking. The graph given is indicative of the steep curve which signifies the drastic results of efforts implemented.

With our previous actions and strategies that resulted in better customer reach, the client went for Alibaba Minisite Designing.

By ensuring that the company’s focused products were presented on the front page & attracted visitors to opt for further inquiries, the firm gained ample visibility and market strength. With a better homepage, the visitors understood the strong upfront of the client’s business and entrusted with the proceeding for product trade.

Factors that Differentiated Alibaba Minisite from Regular Account’s Homepage:

  • Proper Usage of the mini-site with relevant navigation tabs.
  • The sequential layout of the company’s information.
  • Product representation as per the client’s focused products.

Two Types of Alibaba Members

Opal Infotech for Alibaba Promotions

It was a challenge for Opal Infotech as the demand of the product was worldwide and the client’s dire need to catch up with the market competition was increasing constantly. At Opal, the company’s products were re-routed through the platform’s trading ecosystem towards prospective customers looking for the best quality products.

The integration we provide to our business customers by automating key processes and also serve them the architecture needed to digitalize their services & products. We provide solutions that help the companies increase revenues, speeding and keeping up the pace of the market, and building a successful business network.

Thought: “The Destiny of Hardwork & Determination with Dedication is Success.”