Case Study: How SEO Helped Different Industries to Boost Their Business & Build Brand

SEO the acronym of Search Engine Optimization is the most effective digital marketing strategy that is suitable for every market sector as it organically increases the ranking of the website. The complete structure of this Digital Marketing platform relies on the existence of a website. In current times, it has become extremely important for every business to have a footprint of the digital presence or in other words, should have a website to cross the threshold of the Digital World. Be it the flexible packaging manufacturing sector or the air cooler manufacturing sector, if you are looking for organic top rankings in your search engine, then SEO is the gateway that could take your business to the extreme heights.

Here are some of the brief success cases that reflect the important role of SEO in the growth of business websites organically as well as the importance of selecting the right digital marketing partner for your organization.

Thought: “Your Decision defines the path of your destiny”

Reputed Air Cooler Manufacturer – Beating Competition Since 2004 in Every Season with SEO

Every business model has a different Digital marketing strategy scope which is why one should be extremely careful while selecting the platform of your own choice. This successful venture started in the year 2004 when a reputed air cooler manufacturing company was looking for a trustworthy Digital Marketing organization for the branding of their firm. Not only that the company was also looking forward to increasing their visibility in the search results and bringing a prospective buyers and branding for their website. The collaboration began with SEO as a digital marketing platform.

The complete team of Digital Marketing Experts began with the complete website study and discussions for further strategies to be implemented followed by auditing and other processes the work began.  

After working aggressively on different SEO strategies, team of SEO Specialists at Opal Infotech had become successful in gaining the desired results in terms of keywords ranking and traffic to the website. This remained consistently progressive for over a decade and it was then that all the major keywords of this world’s best air cooler manufacturer remained on the top of the pages.

Amidst the campaign, the Air Cooling Company went on a trial switch for a span of 6-9 months with a Mumbai based Branding Agency. And it eventually gave catastrophic results with significant drop in listing and visitors, which totally affected the brand value of the company.

What was affected due to changing of SEO agency?

  • Keywords Dropped
  • Website displayed shifted from 1st to 5th – 10th pages
  • Organic Traffic Reduced
  • Reduction in Inquiries
  • Reduced New Visitors

Reinitated and Restructed Digital Marketing Strategy with Opal Infotech

After passing by of few months, the Air Cooler Company returned to Opal Infotech in expectation of gaining back the dropped visibility and branding caused due to their mid route escapade. We suggested them aggressive SEO for the improvement of their website rankings and after putting in all the needed efforts once again started gaining rankings from the 10th to 5th page. Many of the search results even showed up on 1st pages. The organization is one of the most dominant brands of air coolers and has branches worldwide with major headquarters in India, China, Mexico, Australia & the USA.

The after results were quite impressive and as desired. As a matter of fact, after the complete wax and wane process, the company handed over the complete SEO campaign management to Opal Infotech as their reliable Digital Marketing partner.

last 5 years organic search traffic consistantly progressive for air cooler manufacturing website through seo

Thought: “A Brand Value Is Something That Takes Years To Build And Even Less Time To Sink”

PP/PE Woven Bags Manufacturer – Experimenting SEO for Business Promotions & Now It Has Become Integral Part of Marketing

Online Marketing definitely paves the way for people looking to grow irrespective of the conditions around them. This is a successful case briefing of one such PP Fabrics Manufacturer who was an amateur in digital marketing and had no idea the level of exposure it offers. It is definitely a difficult task to make a skeptical person opt for options that they are dubious of. But the aftermath is worth the try for every organization especially when it ends with client satisfaction.

Success Story During The Pandemic

The company was extremely unsure to opt for SEO services but the team of Business Development Executives did a lot of convincing & showed the high scope of business when exposed on digital platforms. The client finally opted for SEO optimization as their digital marketing platform. Beginning in the year 2019, the campaign started with weekly feedback calls, website audit, implementation of new strategies relevant to the business, reports in full fledged to obtain the organization’s target.

Within just a period of 2 years with constant efforts by the team of Digital Marketers at Opal Infotech, the organization has now gained a huge customer base worldwide and gradually established another manufacturing plant running at full capacity. A major satisfaction of achievement was gained by our team of SEO experts seeing the client bear fruits of hard work & achieve consistent growth even during the time of the pandemic. In reality, the company overhauled its competitors & gained good business.

It is an undebatable fact that people often worry about the cost before putting up a plant. But in this case it is due to Digital Marketing Strategy that the company established another plant for fulfillment of demand.

Why Should Business Opt for SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Should Businesses Opt for SEO?

  • Gives Quality Organic Traffic
  • Consistent Visitors on Website
  • Cost Effective
  • No Need to Pay for Ads in SEO
  • Beneficial in the Long Run
Thought: “No Effort Is Small Or Big, It Is Always How You Make It To The End”

Vacuum Pouches Manufacturer – Nowhere to Everywhere with Right SEO Strategy

People often ask for strategies that are reliable perpetually & cost-effective. For such questions, answer is Search Engine Optimization and though this strategy is highly beneficial & longstanding, it requires extreme patience for getting final results.

This success case is the perfect example that shows the benefits of implementing SEO marketing in the long term. Opal Infotech has been associated with this leading Vacuum Pouch Manufacturer for over a decade. This venture started when many vacuum pouch manufacturers had stepped into the market and were looking for establishing their online presence worldwide other than the conventional market presence.

Years of Association Since 2008

In the beginning of the alliance, the client had initially opted the basic campaign for SEO of their website. With strategic steps & website enhancement the campaign was implemented. As the time passed and growth was reflected in the form of increased inquiries, product sales, new website visitors and new business opportunites, the client opted for an advanced campaign that included aggressive SEO efforts. This project was also headed with constant feedback calls from the company, monthly & quarterly meetings, and improving reports.

What Does SEO Campaign Include

What Does SEO Campaign Include?

  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Study
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Reports
  • Feedback Calls

Experienced team of SEO Consultants at Opal Infotech applied the best possible strategies for the packaging film manufacturer which eventually resulted in excellent growth of the company. Today, the firm is dominant in the flexible packaging market and receives assured organic search rankings on top pages which eventually result in increased business demand.

Thought: “Let The Doors Of Your Courage Open For Opportunities To Knock Your Windows”

Anti-Corrosive Coating Company – Plant Expansion & SEO Complemented Each Other

Implementing the right strategy at the right time is an intuitive step that can take businesses on the path to tremendous growth. This is a case study of an Italy based Non-Stick & Anti-Corrosion Coating Company that chose to move forward with search engine optimization as their next business strategy after implementing other different digital marketing strategies. Being extremely skeptical about this strategy, the company was totally unsure if moving towards SEO digital marketing would be beneficial or not.

The Anticorrosive metal company initially opted for different digital marketing services like Google Ads, Google Remarketing and a few others too. After gaining satisfactory results the organization chose to move ahead with SEO as their ultimate marketing platform in the year 2016. With the extreme efforts put into the campaign, the results started displaying in the form of increased traffic, an increase in the number of users along with the addition of new users.

Another challenge that was endured was the language barrier. The company since being based in Italy had its website in Italian language that created a language obstacle. Despite the hurdles, the complete team of Opal Infotech Digital Marketers completed all the needed strategy implementations in Italian language and delivered best outputs.

Benefits Gained by Customer Through SEO

Benefits Gained by The Customer through SEO

  • Increase in Brand Value
  • Dominates the Market
  • Increased Profit
  • Ahead of Competitors
  • Improved Organic Visibility

Once again Opal Infotech lead into believing the power of SEO with constant persuasion & delivered the results as assured.

Thought: “Opportunities Open Up Only When You Have The Courage To Accept Something New”

100 Years Old Waffle Manufacturer – Re-establishment of Originality of Products & Business Across the Globe Digitally

The most astonishing circumstances occur when a modern concept is adapted by a renowned century-old company. This story is about the expansion of a waffle iron maker that was established more than 100 years ago with the help of Digital Marketing. Despite the long term existence in the conventional market, the company started its SEO when it started looking forward to establishing its existence in the digital world. This was again an opportunity for Opal Infotech to stand up to the expectations of this long term established firm and deliver expected results.

Entering the Digital World

The company had no past experience in internet marketing hence it started looking for a digital marketing partner. During the search out they came across Opal Infotech and approached for a suitable marketing strategy in the online world. After a complete study of the company’s background & website, the team of digital marketing experts at Opal suggested the organization to opt for SEO. With a thumbs up the implementation of a relevant digital marketing strategy started aggressively. This Belgium based Waffle Maker Company had opted for the online presence option for the first time and within the first attempt was extremely impressed by the results.

Along the passing time and constant strives of SEO for over 3 years, the company now has its name on top pages when searched with major keywords & draws maximum prospective customers.

seo digital marketing team

Summing Up SEO

The above case studies reflect that SEO is a truly effective strategy that can deliver you stupendous results when implemented with complete attention. This digital marketing platform needs consistent efforts with complete dedication to bring the outcomes.

Hence, it is extremely important to select the best Digital Marketing Partner when it comes to moving towards establishing an impressive presence in the digital world.