How a Waffle Irons and Baking Appliances Manufacturer Benefited from a Smart Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital world, most of the people prefer to look for information online. Whatever product or service they need, most likely they will start their search with Google. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, it is a lost opportunity. Similarly, if you have an online presence, but your competitors with higher rankings are found first, you won’t get desired results. In addition to creating a website, digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization, Google Remarketing and Google Ads can help you move ahead of your competitors. They enable you to attract a larger target audience to achieve your business goals.

Company Background and Challenges

This company was established in Belgium in the year 1922 and it is a waffle irons and baking appliances manufacturer offering electric waffle irons, waffle iron on gas, crepes plates, carousel and mobile outlets & stores. Considering the changes in business dynamics and increasing scope of digital marketing, the company decided to strengthen their online presence. The company was looking for Alibaba product posting and ranking optimization solutions provider and they came to know about Opal Infotech. Looking at our wide experience and unmatched expertise, they handed over their Alibaba product posting and ranking optimization to us and soon they got the desired results.

The company had their website, but they were not getting any business. As a result of their experience with our Alibaba team, they opted for our search engine optimization services. Our SEO team started started working with their team and executed advanced search engine optimization techniques to get more traffic. The company witnessed a great increase in their website traffic within 3 months. However, the company wanted to focus on conversions and expand their reach in the USA. So, we suggested them to Google Remarketing and Google Ads to increase their visibility and conversions. Since then, we have been providing various digital marketing solutions to the company.

Search Engine Optimization

Core Problems:

  • As a result of low keyword rankings, the company was not getting desired organic traffic
  • The company was not getting expected ROI because of the low number of visitors and goal conversions


  • The website was not optimized properly and some of the important on-page factors were incomplete.
  • Many important high search keywords were not included on the website.
  • The site was not compatible with Google’s SEO algorithm.
  • Strategic SEO efforts were needed to get the desired organic traffic.

core problems and observations seo

Solution We Offered

  • As per their requirements, we offered our premium SEO package for driving traffic with their main keywords and promote their website globally by proper website optimization


  • First of all our Search Engine Optimization team performed an in-depth site audit to check the status of the website and created the pre-optimization report.
  • As a next step an extensive keyword analysis was done for identifying high search keywords and phrases used by the industry leaders.
  • All the important keywords and phrases were included on site by content optimization.
  • To increase website visibility in search engines, we performed all important on-page actions, including meta-tags, h1-h2 tags, content management, image optimization, etc.
  • We also performed some important Off-page actions and got quality backlinks.
  • We were able to deliver good results in no time by following the Google Algorithm and webmaster’s legitimate guidelines

search engine optimization


  • Keyword rankings of the company’s website improved remarkably.
  • Visibility of the company’s website improved world wide.
  • New users increased by 19.64% in 2019.
  • Organic reach increased by 9.74% in 2019.

seo increased new users

Google Remarketing and Google Ads

Core Problems

  • The company witnessed a great improvement in organic traffic and now they wanted to increase conversions.
  • They wanted to attract new customers by improving their visibility on Google.
  • The company wanted to expand their reach in the USA


  • The company wanted to increase their conversions, but they did not have any strategy to increase their online presence and focus on the target audience.

Solutions We Offered


  • We created attractive banners for display on different platforms.
  • We put in efforts for banner display in most relevant websites.
  • We continued placement monitoring and exclusion of irrelevant websites on regular intervals.
  • We sent weekly reports to the client for feedback and suggestions.

google remarketing


  • Google Remarketing increased the returning visitors by 31.62% in 2019.
  • Google Remarketing increased goal conversions by 15.65% in 2019.
  • Remarketing banners were viewed 16,48,631 times and got 4,843 clicks at Rs 0.11 cost per impression.
  • Google Ads increased the USA traffic by 21.56%.
  • Google Ads increased goal conversions from the USA by 17.18%.
  • The company got 601 inquiries in 2019, as compared to 458 inquiries in 2018.
  • google remarketing visitors goal conversions
    google remarketing banner views
    google ads goal conversions
    google ads clicks reports
    google remarketing inquiries
    goal conversion report

It is rightly said that decisions are the hardest thing to make, especially when it say choice between where you should be and where you want to be. The client’s right decision for the growth of business with belief in us and aptitude to stay with technology paying multi-fold rewards.