Case Study – How does a Well-Strategized Google Ads & Google Remarketing Campaign Benefitted Machine Manufacturing Company?

In the current market scenario, having a structured marketing campaign goes a long way in helping the companies make great profit. With countless tools at their disposal, brands can actually achieve their target of gaining more public outreach. Unfortunately, due to lack of in-depth knowledge, many of the companies are not making the most out of these tools and are somewhat lacking in having a profitable marketing campaign. Founded in 1998, Opal Infotech has come a long way in providing web design & development and digital marketing services. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the market by backing our claims with the results. Over the years, the company has witnessed many success stories with a client base in more than 55 countries. One such case has been mentioned below.

The Company Background & Challenges Faced

The company for which Opal Infotech provided web design and digital marketing services is a special purpose filling & packaging machine-manufacturing company. Like most of the manufacturing companies in the country, it was having a hard time designing a proper marketing campaign.

Some of the challenges faced by the company were:

·    Improper budget allocation
Poor Performance with Google Ads
Poor Performance with Google Ads
·    Lack of positive results from previous digital marketing campaigns

  • Heavy expenditure in exhibitions ensuing no positive outcome
  • Dearth of skilled individuals in the marketing team who can generate enquiries as well as close sales without top management involvement
  • Too much dependency on the sales team

Business Objectives

The company, since its inception, aspired to become one of the leading machine manufacturing companies of the country in their respective field. They envisioned themselves to be at the peak by becoming the leading industrial frontiers. With the hope of a large consumer base and a strong brand image, the company associated with Opal Infotech in order to achieve this goal. For any company, these two factors are the most important to have a successful venture. Both these factors are interconnected to each other as strong brand image promises of an enormous customer base.
Business objectives of the company:

  • Reduce over-dependency on the sales team & make the entire business, strategically driven rather than people driven
  • Implement an effective digital marketing campaign that ensures optimum ROI
  • Brand building to always stay a step ahead of the competition

Steps Undertaken by Opal Infotech
After the collaboration, Opal Infotech oversaw all the marketing activities that the company had indulged in, until then. Some major faults in the campaign were found that created roadblocks for them. Opal Infotech is known for providing creative marketing campaign and designing a properly structured website. We have found our mojo in performing result-oriented work.

well strategized google ads google remarketing campaign benefitted machine manufacturing company

Some of the strategies taken by the company were:

·    Pre-defined goals desired from the marketing campaigns
·    Properly strategized Google Ads campaign

  • Competitive analysis & creating marketing intelligence
  • Report Scrutiny
  • Customer review meeting done at regular intervals through telecommunication
  • Customer Feedback
  • Redefining strategies on the basis of client reaction

Digital Marketing Performance Improved
Google Ads Progressive Conversions

The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is to have pre-defined goals. This gives a direction to the entire project and orchestrates the entire strategy. Without any proper preset goals, the entire marketing campaign will be a lost cause and may cause firms, a huge sum of money without yielding the desired results.

Google Ads is probably one of the strongest tools for any company in this tech-savvy era to generate huge leads through online marketing. It shows the targeted ads to the users who are already familiar with the website. Therefore, it is very important to carefully strategize and design the ads, given the fact that it has a huge potential to increase the conversion rates.

Importance of Google Ads

No marketing campaign is labeled successful until the brand is able to generate positive feedbacks from the customer. Reviews are considered as one of the most important tools for any company as it gives them an overview of what rights and wrongs they have committed in their campaigns. It also presents them with a layout for their future strategies.

Outcome of the Strategies

With the aforementioned strategies, Opal Infotech started working on the company’s website and their marketing campaigns. After few months, the company was left flabbergasted by the astounding results that we were able to produce. With a smaller budget, the company was able to garner more website visitors and inquiries than what they used to, earlier.

Major highlights after associating with Opal Infotech:

  • Digital marketing campaigns reflected encouraging results
  • Google Ads Progressive Conversions

    Stats Old Period (20th April – 12th June) Without using Google Tools The Period which we did (13 June to 5th August) By using Google tools Change Comments
    Clicks 420,506 8432 – 97.99% 97% of the clicks were not relevant which we removed by using proper Google tools.
    Budget spent in INR 158,606.37 69,399.78 – 56.24% Budget expense nearly reduced to 60%
    Conversions 606 1115 83.99% By doing proper targeting, we were able to get proper traffic which helped us to get 84% more conversions.
  • Sales team was able to achieve large penetration in the market
  • Entire closing cycle got shortened
  • Lower dependence on the sales team to generate inquiries
  • Increased brand recall value of the company

Coming down to figures, there was an increase in the number of potential targets from 43 to 47 within a month. We were also able to cut down a sum of around INR 35000 for Google marketing, which the company used to spend earlier. With a smaller budget of around INR 44000 less, Opal Infotech helped the company in taking stronger strides in the market that they were not able to achieve earlier.
Google Remarketing Advantages
Once again, we were able to back our claims with the results.

“Opal Infotech has the most creative, experienced and dedicated team for the web development and digital marketing,” says a senior official at the company. “Collaborating with them was the best thing that we could have done for our company and we are looking forward for this partnership to continue in the coming years.”

Opal Infotech emphasized the fact that if digital marketing is practiced with a well-contemplated campaign, it will always bear fruitful results for the company.