How are Google Product Listing Ads a Blessing for the E-commerce Company?

How are Google Product Listing Ads a Blessing for the E-commerce Company?

Effective marketing is the prime aim of any business to be able to establish and sustain itself in the competitive market situation. Google has been increasing on the initiatives for e-commerce companies.

PPC or paid-per-click is now the most significant form of paid marketing through internet. One of the most prominent of these is the Product Listing Ads concept.

Outreach Vs. Quality Outreach

Most e-commerce businesses, due to peer pressure, keep advertising their products anywhere and everywhere. This is costly on the time and finances of the company. But, most of the times, it doesn’t lead to any significant outcome in terms of conversions.

Nevertheless, if businesses have to trade off between quality and quantity, most are apprehensive of reducing the number of platforms and thus end up compromising the quality of their advertising campaign.

The only respite though comes from the Google Product Listing Ads. Reasons for this are summarized as under:

Prominent Positioning

The PLAs are positioned at the top of the search page. Even other search results are placed below these ads. Thus the visibility is high which increases the outreach of the products advertised.
Try it yourself, search for a product on Google and see how prominently the ads are appearing in the results.

Automatic Keyword Management

From your product feeds, Google automatically picks up keywords for the product listing ads. This aids in search engine optimization of your products.

It also reduces the vulnerability of a business that could have been caused due to weak product descriptions in the ads. It is thus a hassle free ad management.

Single Update

An e-commerce business needs to update its products only in the product feeds. So, even with a very high number of products, efforts are required only once and the products are updated both on your website as well as in the ad.

Since the ads are updated automatically with this single update, there is hardly any scope for discrepancies. The time investment in managing multi-channel listings is thus reduced considerably.

Increase in Traffic

The clicks on product listing ads lead the users to your e-commerce website. This increases the number of leads for your business.

And, obviously, with such traffic coming to your website from a source as genuine as search results, your website is going to fare high in DA.

Quality of Leads

The incoming leads through product listing ads are good quality ones which have a high possibility of conversion. This is because those who are genuinely interested in a specific product search for it.

And further, those who are interested in buying the product will click through such ads with a strong intention of purchase. What better can one expect in terms of conversion?

Easy Account Management

We are all aware that Google Ads has one of the most user-friendly control panels. The same account can be used to manage your PLA campaign too. It also gives you analytics to test the performance of your ads.

If you are already using Ads, you need not maintain multiple accounts for Google Shopping (PLA) and Google Text Ads.

Google Search Correlation

This is a Google endeavor. And, you can expect good a performance of this PPC feature in Google search.

Well, why wouldn’t Google optimize its search in favor of its own ad feature!


Businesses can leverage PLA feature to the best for better outreach.

So, what are you waiting for? Boost up your business with Google Product listing ads now.

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