Growing Business in the New Normal

COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, including how we communicate, shop, and conduct marketing exercises. The COVID-19 shutdown has wreaked havoc on the business outlook of the world economy and the only way recipe for survival is to either transform the way you conduct your business or lock it down.

What Has Changed in Recent Times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way customers interact with businesses and live their lives. Gone are the days where you can roam around freely or could meet new people and celebrate special occasions. Now, there is a change in almost everything we do.

The pandemic has made social distancing, wearing face coverings, and living inside our homes a priority. You can no longer freely commute or conduct your routine activities the way you used to.

Let us discuss a few ways through which COVID-19 has changed the business outlook:

  • Moving Towards a Digital World
  • Businesses have faced unprecedented IT challenges. With COVID-19, businesses have started making a rapid transformation to move to the online world. Working remotely and communicating via video conferences has become a new reality for businesses.

    The consumer landscape has also changed post the COVID-19 shutdown. With everyone staying inside their homes, traditional marketing no longer has that amount of impact, customers have rapidly switched to online channels for buying as well as interacting with brands.

  • COVID-19 has Changed the Marketing Dynamics
  • As consumers spend more time in their homes, the marketing dynamics have changed. Social media use has increased and it has offered a deal of opportunities to businesses and marketers to reach out to people through various social media ads and boost engagement. Posting positive and entertaining ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has helped companies make a impact on the business.

  • Sellers are Starting to Realize the Importance of Online Marketplaces
  • The pandemic may have turned the economy upside-down but online marketplaces are experiencing a surge in traffic. The shift from offline-to-online has seen many sellers moving to platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Ebay to accelerate their current businesses. As the buyers and sellers are coming to terms with this new reality, online marketplaces have potential for sellers to boost their sales channel through various optimization techniques.

  • Investment in Content Marketing
  • Consumers are switching to the online realm for not only entertainment but also for educational purposes. This opens up a opportunity for businesses to connect with customers through content that is relevant and educational for a healthy relationship. SEO and content marketing have taken the prime seat for companies looking to grow their business.

  • The Rise of Streaming Video Content

While video streaming content channels like YouTube and Netflix were popular the pandemic, they are even more popular today. The rise of video content is an unprecendented opportunity for businesses to invest in Google display network and turn to video as a general mean of communication and retention during the COVID-19 scenario. Hence, you should think making YouTuve promotion as a part of your new marketing strategy.

Are You Prepared for the New Normal?

While the pandemic has caused some upheaval across different industries, it is only in your best interests to be prepared. Whether you are a start-up, enterprise, or a conglomerate, the need to transform is imperative during these trying times.

If you are not prepared to transform your business, then you should start planning for it. The pandemic may have caused uncertainity across the globe about the future of businesses, but a marketing roadmap for the new reality can certainly help you.

You can hire professional marketing experts to help you formulate a strategy to enter the digital world, stay ahead of the competition, and find out new and innovative ways to reach your target audience.

Are You Planning to Prepare Business Strategy for New Normal?

It may be possible that you had some form of marketing strategy in mind or even had started to work on it. As businesses have started to open up and lockdown restrictions have started to lessen, right now is the time keep your goals clear and start working on it.

If you are a company who has a website but haven’t updated it, then during this new world of digital era, it is highly imperative for you to hire expert web developers and post relevant and unique information on your site. Look at your competitors website, analyse different key points and see to it if your website needs fixing or determine if you need a new site altogether. Take this time and evaluate your business strategies to make sure that your business is at the top of the game.

Besides, getting your website reviewed you can also plan to prepare for this new reality by considering a strategy to create compelling content across platforms to boost your listing.

Already Implemented the Business Strategy for New Normal?

If you are business that has already started implementing new normal strategies for your business, that’s great! But it doesn’t end here!

There is still a lot you should consider while implementing your marketing strategy. While mitigating from traditional to digital marketing is necessary, it isn’t easy. Navigating through the online world isn’t cut out to be that simple.

While customers are certainly online more, it isn’t that easy to catch their attention. As a marketer, you should constantly be up-to-date with the changing trends and have to adopt a proactive strategy. You should keep experimenting with your content through A/B testing, understand consumer data to know what’s working and also consider a robust approach to marketing. Digital marketing experts can help you with all of these aspects and more to ensure that your implemented strategy works well with your business and you achieve desirable results.

How Are Businesses Around the Globe Preparing to Move Forward?

COVID-19 has created many setbacks for businesses, however true leadership is when you take actions to resolve those uncertainities. The reality of how companies are dealing with this crisis will help you to make a strategic decision for your business.

  • Adjusting the Current Business Model.
  • During this time, the main focus of companies across the globe is on focussing to enhance the user experience. They are adjusting their current businesses around customer experience and looking to invest in ways that can help them achieve desirable results. For example, while restaurants all around the world have taken a beating because of the lockdown, they have been pivoting their traditional business models and moving to online platforms for offering their services by adding options such as take out delivery, contactless delivery, online marketing, and other innovative ways.

  • More Market Research & Analysis
  • Businesses have also started conducting more market research to offer their products and services optimally post the lockdown. Researching digital platforms and technologies has helped small businesses to keep delivering in the new normal. As in-person interactions are limited and social distancing is followed everywhere, Companies need to rely on data generated from different online platforms to make smart decisions.

  • Moving Towards a Proactive Approach
  • While businesses must focus on profitability, the new reality calls out for you to adjust to changes. Businesses all around the world have been reshaping their company policies and making things more automated and agile.

    Agile working has been intensified post the lockdown period and that includes remote work, more attention to customer needs, moving towards digital transformation, and creating long-term relationships with customers.

Business Strategies You Can Implement to Grow Your Sales Channels

  • Growing Your Sales Funnel through Google.
  • Google is not only the biggest search engine in the world but is also a goldmine of advertising opportunities for businesses. Here’s how you can grow your business through Google during this pandemic:

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    You can grow the traffic coming onto your business website by optimizing your rankings on Google. People search on Google through certain keywords; hence, you need to use keywords and relevant content to grow the visibility of your webpage on Google. You can take help from experts in the industry to ensure that your content reaches to right audience.

    2. Google Ads

    Google Ads are paid marketing ads that show relevant information about your business and products whenever any user searches for it online. This is a powerful tool to grow your business as millions of searches happen on Google every day. To grow and analyse your campaigns, you can take the help of professionals in the industry.

    3. Google Remarketing Ads

    Want to reach out to customers who have already visited your website? Then Google remarketing ads are perfect. They show relevant ads to the customers who have already visited your website or made some form of interaction.

    4. Google Interest Marketing

    Audience targeting is important to grow your business online. Not everyone will be interested in your products and services, hence to ensure that your ad reaches the right audience, you can use this amazing tool. If you are a beginner in Google advertisements, then you should seek the experts in the industry to make sure that your ad reaches your target audience through Google Interest Marketing.

    5. Google Shopping Ads

    Google is used by millions for online shopping and researching for products to buy. Google Shopping Ads grants businesses the opportunity to showcase their products onto their shopping portals so that your ad is visible to any potential buyer.

    6. Google Placement Ads

    Google has partnerships with thousands of websites and owns some of the biggest platforms online such as YouTube. Your ad appears across the Google display network. Experts can help you add placements to your ad group so that your ad can be shown across these popular platforms.

    7. YouTube Promotion

    With millions of people staying in their houses, you can create innovative video ads and post them on the YouTube platform. YouTube promotions can benefit your e-commerce business to generate impressions and eventually leading to conversions. Leverage the skills of expert digital marketers and get started with YouTube Promotion to increase your brand reach.

  • Using Alibaba Promotion to Boost Online Sales.
  • Alibaba is a platform that has helped millions of sellers establish their wholesale businesses online. Alibaba is one of the biggest platforms for B2B businesses and retail businesses. Not only this, Alibaba is a wide-reaching platform that you can use not only to sell your products but also establish a network of potential buyers. However, to reach that level you can use a variety of promotional tactics on the platform to gain traction. Manage your product listings and increase buyer’s confidence in your product range with the help of expert digital marketers.

  • Enhance Your Digital Presence with Powerful Social Media Platforms
  • During this pandemic, the use of social media has blown up and now you can leverage different social media platforms to gain traction for your products even during the pandemic. By staying up-to-date on social media, you can connect with your customers even during the pandemic and keep them engaged.

    Let us have a look at the different platforms you can use and craft a marketing strategy accordingly:

  • Reach Various Online Platforms Through Social Media Optimization
  • The Internet is thriving with social media platforms. Now, grow your business reach with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media networks. By using Social Media Optimization, you can give your online presence a boost and increase your followers by posting engaging content and interacting with them constantly. If you are looking for a way to boost your business cost-effectively, then social media optimization is the key.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Facebook and Instagram have billions of people online. Formulating a marketing plan on this platform can help gain visibility for your website page. Facebook and Instagram paid ads are a great way to keep people interested in your products and improve your reach.

  • Facebook and Instagram Remarketing
  • Do you want to retarget your social media visitors who viewed your ad but didn’t actively converted as your prospective user? Using Facebook and Instagram remarketing is a great way to do that. With options such as dynamic product ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can target your audience.

  • Facebook and Instagram Boost Posts
  • Facebook and Instagram, offers you a plethora of opportunities to grow your presence on the platform. One of them being a boosted post. You can boost your post on Facebook and Instagram by paying a certain fee and increase the number of impressions on your post. This is a great way to increase traction and gain followers.

Sell More Effectively Online with Digital Marketing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies carry out their marketing practices. Now, the medium of using traditional marketing is no longer a practical option for businesses. The new reality of marketing is switching digitally.

During and post the lockdown period, the customer landscape has changed drastically. From groceries to clothes to sanitizers, everything is available online. Businesses are becoming more dependent on digital strategy; you should leap and adapt to this new and cost-effective way of doing marketing.

Why Should You Turn to Digital Marketing During the COVID-19 Scenario?

  • A Long-Term Asset to the Business
  • Using digital marketing will not only serve as an emergency fill-in sales strategy during the pandemic but also provide long-term value to your business. You can use the various platforms to engage your customers and enhance your brand even when everything turns back to normal.

    With so many digital marketing tools available online, you can track the ever-changing consumer habits and maintain the legacy of your business for many years to come.

  • Inexpensive and Effective
  • While posting an ad on the billboard cost you thousands of dollars, there is no sure shot way to track if it worked. This is not the case with digital marketing, here you can set a budget, pay as per the views, and get multiple reports to track the viewings and impressions. Digital marketing is almost inexpensive with easy adjustments. During these times, when businesses are struggling to meet the ends and traditional marketing is out of the picture, digital marketing is a practical and effective marketing option.

  • A Global User Base
  • If you count the daily search happening on Google, it is in billions and surging every day. The world is a global village on the internet and now you can use it to your advantage. With so many platforms available to use, the smartest move during these turbulent times will be to use them optimally to reach out to an active userbase.

  • High Return on Investment
  • In the business world, return on investment matters and digital marketing offers a substantial return on a relatively small investment. Whether you are running advertisement campaigns on Google or want to grow traffic organically, the tools can be adjusted as per your wish and you can easily track which campaign generates more revenue and which doesn’t. Review different reports and make an informed decision.

  • Enhance User Experience
  • The focus of every business should be improving user interactions with the brand. You cannot build a sustainable business without offering your customers a holistic experience. And during these turbulent times, catching the user’s attention is of the utmost importance. With a proper digital strategy in place, you can build your online presence and put up content that is unique and builds an emotional connection with your users.

Get Expert Help from Opal Infotech to Build an Effective Digital Strategy!

You may already be doing everything you can to grow your business, but seeking expert help can you make a difference. While the online world offers a lucrative opportunity to grow your business, it is also highly competitive.

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to ensure that you select a partner that not only has the technical and artistic mastery about the web but also offers reliable and personalized services.

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