Hiring SEO Company for your Business – 10 Questions You Need to Ask

Recently, many business owners have realized the importance of optimizing their website to improve their online presence and attract the targeted audience. However, selecting an appropriate SEO company is slightly difficult; as there are several such ventures that assure to enhance web traffic. Hence, before hiring that firm for your work, the 10 questions you need to ask are as follows.

How many years of experience do you have in the SEO business?

This confirms the ability of its expert. The longer such firm has been in the venture, the better are the chances of understanding it a various strategies.

Show us your SEO portfolio?

See the portfolio of the firm and check the list of the websites they have optimized. If they have a small number of clients, it is quite clear that they do not have sufficient experience in the field.

What is the success ratio of your Company?

You should find out the success rate of an effective search engine firm. The higher the amount of successful cases, the better will be their services.

What percentage of your clients, obtains the number 1 rank on Google?

You should avoid such venture that claims that all their clients have acquired a top rank in the search engines. It is impossible for websites of all the customers to achieve a first rank. Hence a professional search engine optimization firm is likely to have about 50 percent of their clients with a high rank.

Can you give me details of the clients you have helped to achieve top rankings for competitive keyword phrases?

Many such ventures give references of customers with a small sized organization, and demonstrate how they helped them rank number one in Google for a keyword that has negligible search traffic and hardly any competition. So, to find out whether a keyword phrase has high competition; you should find out how many exact match searches that keyword has per month.

What are the SEO techniques used in your firm?

You should verify that these professional implements ethical practices to promote your website. Many experts use black hat SEO tactics; that are not approved by the search engines; and can ban or penalize your website.

What is your link building plan? You should ensure that high quality links from reliable sites are linked to your website.

Do you update the content of our site regularly?

Recently Google is giving more importance to quality content. Hence regularly updating your site with fresh, original and good quality content is essential for a successful website.

How long will it take to optimize my website?

You should be away from the ventures that claims that they can get optimize your site within a week/month. A such reliable venture usually provides positive results within 3 to 6 months.

How often do you provide the ranking reports?

A good SEO Company provides a monthly report about your website visitors and your ranking on Google for your target keywords.

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