Case study – How Alibaba Product Postings and Optimization Increased a Trading Company’s Inquiries by ~1600%

The rapid growth of e-commerce has changed the business environment. Be it a retailer or wholesaler, today majority of the people prefer to order online from the comfort of their home or offices. As a result, it has become very important for businesses to have an online presence. However, having an online presence on any online trading platform doesn’t guarantee results. It also requires tailor-made product listing and ranking optimization techniques as per the guideline and requirements of the trading platform. Today we will see a case study on how Alibaba Product Postings and Optimization increased inquiries by ~1600% for a Trading Company.

Company Background and Challenges

Established in the year 2000, the company is an export house trading in a wide range of products in agriculture, food & beverage, agro-chemicals, office & school supply, minerals and metals, energy, beauty & personal care, computer hardware & software, home & gardens, health & medical, table eggs and wood industry. The company had more than 800 products listed on Alibaba, but they were not getting any inquiries. While searching for the best Alibaba Product Posting and Optimization service provider, the company came to know about Opal Infotech. Looking at our wide experience and expertise in this domain, the company handed over their Alibaba Product Posting and Optimization to us.

Alibaba Minisite Design and Product Posting & Optimization by Opal Infotech

Core Problems

  • The company did not have Alibaba Minisite.
  • The company was managing product postings on their own, but they were not getting any views or inquiries.
  • The products were not getting any visibility due to lack of optimization.


  • A professional Alibaba Minisite was required to enhance the brand image of the company.
  • Product postings were done with incomplete product information.
  • Image optimization was required for better visibility.
  • Alibaba Algorithmic check points were neglected heavily due to which even though with higher posting the visibility was low.

core problems and observations

Solution We Offered

  • A professional Alibaba Minisite was designed.
  • Product Postings and Optimization based on in-depth industry-specific keyword research.

Alibaba Strategic Team Discussion

alibaba strategic team discussion at opal infotech


  • As a first step, we created a customized Alibaba Minisite design for the company. In Minisite we made sure that we represent all the various categories they are into to get better user visibility experience.
  • As client was into wide range of products – we initially did a conference call on a fortnightly basis to understand more. We also asked us to give their competitors name so that we can analyse the kind of keywords their competitors are using.
  • At the same time, we analyzed the product range of company and industry-specific keywords for Product Posting and Optimization Strategy.
  • In addition, we created a new product posting layout including company profile, product range, testimonials and contact us fields to improve the performance.
  • After that, we started doing the weekly analysis of the posted products to see the effects of ranking optimization.
  • Based on the outcome of the analysis, we started adding new products with the new strategy to improve the results.
  • We also started publishing monthly reports to keep track of the results of our optimization strategy.

alibaba product posting optimization process


  • A professional Alibaba Minisite design enhanced the brand image and gained the trust of visitors.
  • Product Postings and Optimization helped in increasing product visibility, customer clicks and inquiries.
  • As visible in the below graph, there was only 1 inquiry in May’19, which increased to 1622 inquiries in October’19 (An increase of ~1600% in 6 months).
  • There was only 1 customer click in May’19, which increased to 7824 customer clicks in October’19.
  • There were only 43 views in May’19, which increased to 4,66,908 in October’19.
  • There were only 6 visitors in May’19, which increased to 26,694 in October’19.
  • There were 0 trade manager inquiries in May’19, but the company received 654 trade manager inquiries in October’19.
  • alibaba minisite inquiries

    alibaba minisite customer clicks

    alibaba minisite views

    alibaba minisite visitors

    alibaba minisite trade manager inquiries

    We, Opal Infotech, are very proud that we were able to help our client in achieving the success and we wish them all the best for the future.

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