How Google Paid Marketing Strategy Increased Online Inquiries of a Dubai Based Weighing Equipment Company

Over the years, the marketing techniques have evolved a lot. Constantly increasing usage of technology has changed the world of marketing as well. Today, digital marketing is preferred over traditional marketing because it offers some unique advantages like audience targeting, wide reach and cost-effectiveness. Opal Infotech is a leading digital marketing and web design & development company since 1988. We have many satisfied clients in more than 85 countries. Today we will see how our smart digital marketing strategy helped in increasing online inquiries of a Dubai based weighing equipment company.

Company Background and Challenges

Established in the year 2002, this company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment based in Dubai. The company had their website, but they were not getting any inquiries. They wanted to create an online presence and get more inquiries from their website. While looking for the best digital marketing agency, they came to know about Opal Infotech. As a result of our technical expertise and wide experience in the area of digital marketing, the company joined hands with us for our digital marketing services.

Core Problems

  • The company had its website, but they were not getting inquiries
  • They wanted to get visibility on Google to attract new customers


  • The company’s website was lacking a profession design layout
  • The company did not have any strategy for focusing on their target audience

Solutions We Offered

  • A new website was designed with a professional layout.
  • Google Ads was the best option to strengthen the online presence and attract new customers.
  • Frequent visibility is very important to get the attention of new customers and increasing brand awareness. We started Google Remarketing to increase visibility among new users.
  • To tap the customers interested in the similar products of the competitors, we initiated Google Interest Marketing campaign.
  • The company was getting good results, so we advised them to increase the Ads budget to get more inquiries and conversions.

Google Ads Strategic Team Discussion

Google Ads Strategic Team Discussion


Stage 1: Google Ads

  • As a first step, we designed and executed a Google Ads campaign focusing on the target audience and location.
  • Simultaneously, we kept observing the results of the Google Ads campaign insights.
  • Based on our analysis, we continued to make keyword modification and location modification for better results.
  • In addition, weekly reports were sent to the client based on Keywords and Geography.

google ads campaign process

Stage 2: Google Remarketing and Interest Marketing

  • As a result of the Google Ads campaign, the company started to receive website traffic and inquiries.
  • To tap the customers who already visited our site and the customers who are interested in similar products of the competitors, we started Google Remarketing and Interest Marketing.
  • We created attractive banners to be displayed on different platforms for Google Remarketing and Google Interest Marketing.
  • After thorough research, we selected the most relevant websites for banner display.
  • Simultaneously, we were monitoring the placement report and excluding the irrelevant websites from display list
  • Weekly reports were regularly sent to the client for the feedback and suggestions.

google remarketing google interest marketing process


  • A newly designed professional website enhanced the brand image and helped in attracting new visitors
  • Google Ads, Remarketing and Interest marketing helped in increasing inquiries
  • They had received 312 inquiries in the year 2017, which increased to 373 in 2019.
  • They had 173 calls in the year 2017, which increased to 678 in 2019.
  • They had 727 Emails in the year 2017, which increased to 803 in 2019.
  • Overall they got conversions at 12.56 AED / Conversion.

google remarketing campaign by opal infotech

google ads campaign by opal infotech

google interest marketing by opal infotech

We, Opal Infotech, are glad that we were able to help our client in achieving their business objectives. We wish them all the best for the future.