How Kazhakastan-based E-Commerce Website Achieved Massive Conversions After Effective Website Maintenance? – Case Study

The right Website maintenance services can simply do much more than keep your website up and running. They are crucial to improving the overall experience on your site and accommodating the company’s growth. The right web maintenance company can add value to your website functionalities and keep you up with the latest design, trends and manage your content well. Maintaining your website allows the chance to optimize elements of your website design that could improve the site’s loading speed, layout, navigation, visibility, goal conversions and overall web performance. Website speed is a major factor that search engines take into account while determining your visibility in search engines which is an added benefit for any E-commerce maintenance service.

Why Regular Website Maintenance is Important
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Case Study Background

This case study is about a company that sells digital products like Computers and printers and was a Kazhakastan-based organization. It so happened that the E-commerce company had a web developer who could not further continue and left it in the doldrums. To add to the problems, business came to a halt as the website could not match up and fetch the product data from its suppliers’ resources from different locations. Since the inventory was not in line, the shopping carts were getting abandoned. It was a clear indication that there was total friction in the experience or the checkout process. Return orders were increasing and problems were mounting up. The earlier web developer had used an open-source shopping cart platform which posed a major security threat and the company was in a dilemma as to how to deal with and set it straight.

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The Approach We Adopted

We at Opal Infotech, first opted for a reliable platform that offered complete security and privacy as this factor is pivotal for any business and for customers to trust the brand. The website response had been very slow and an upgrade and optimization ensured a seamless shopping experience. This upgrade met all the standards to include a secure network, excellent vulnerability management, and regular monitoring which started showing a difference.We aimed to create an on-site experience that could let customers browse with ease and move to checkout much more swiftly. We got to the fact that due to no shopping assistance and pre-purchase anxiety about the sizing, quality, and availability of products cart was getting abandoned.

Creating a highly reliable and productive e-commerce website for them was our idea. We chose a coding system that was flexible and compatible and could accurately fetch the stock so that there were no out-of-stock disappointments after a customer fixed a product to buy. Product mapping and knowing where to put the products on a website while linking it with all the products worked wonders for this website. Essentially, the software updates, which was missing ensured thorough security and smooth performance. Updating the main software, themes and plugins showed a drastic and dynamic change in the website performance.

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Results Delivered by Opal Infotech

The storefront maintenance brought a new look to the website and gave a good first impression. On navigating through the site, the company could stay ahead of its competitors and had a whole lot of products at its disposal. The landing pages indicated to us that there was a brand awareness than before, especially for the niche products. We implemented the Website maintenance in such a way that it helped in adjusting to the demands of dynamic web solutions. It just helped this business magnet to position their website and business for better hits and conversions.

Website Maintenance Before After

Why Choose Opal Infotech?

The Internet is a rapidly evolving space as new technologies are being implemented and rolled out for the best user experience ever. Companies must regularly review the compatibility of their websites with latest requirements and technologies. Given an instance, users might even face challenges while trying to access websites from mobiles if they do not have a mobile friendly website. It is also important that your website meets visitor expectations. This means that your website needs frequent evaluation and updates to eventually transform products or services into conversion. Hiring Opal Infotech as your Website Maintenance Company can help you fix various technical issues like website loading speeds, broken links, cart abandonment, ease in layout and navigation, plugins updates, all forms to work well, security updates and all such issues that may arise after your website is developed. While we help you check the metrics of your business and change them in a dynamic way it can help you decide on your next strategy to take forward your business in the most graceful manner ever.

E-Commerce Website Maintenance Includes