How YouTube Ad can be Beneficial for Your Business?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites of its kind where people can view many types of videos online. It is also the second largest search engine after Google itself. They have over 50 million users with 1000s of hours of videos uploaded on a daily basis. They also have a large viewer base watching these videos daily.

Types of YouTube Ads

There are three types of YouTube Video Ads:

  • TrueView Ads: TrueView Ads appear before a YouTube video begins. This type of videos can be skipped; but it is a good start your YouTube Ad campaign.  This can be for the introduction of a product and is a good method of driving immediate customer engagement. It is by far a low risk and cost effective to reach a relevant audience. It is possible for a viewer to skip this Ad after viewing it for 5 seconds.  It is a short Ad for approximately 30 seconds and a business needs to pay only if it is viewed. 
  • Non-Skippable Video Ads: YouTube forces viewers to watch the non skippable Ads which can be up to 20 seconds in length. It can either be a pre-roll Ad that appears before your video plays or a Mid-Roll Ad which appears in middle the video that you are playing in case of videos that are longer than 10 minutes. This type of Ad is very effective and helps expose a business to targeted markets. It also allows greater control on how much you spend on an Ad.
  • Bumper Ads: This type of Ad is short and although it is not possible to skip it does not last more than six seconds and appears at the end of a video you are watching. This ideal for mobile users since they are short.

YouTube, with over 50 million users, has a large viewer base watching the videos daily. There are mainly three types of YouTube video ads- True View Ads, Non-Skippable Video Ads, Bumper Ads.

Benefits of YouTube Ads

  • It reaches a wide audience.
  • It is possible to target your YouTube Ads to a specific and relevant audience. Audience targeting is possible on the basis of topic, demographics, keywords, user interest.
  • YouTube provides a control panel in the form of an Ad manager that allows one to make all the necessary settings.
  • Social Media is also a good platform for similar Ads, however, watching a YouTube video means a user is spending a lot more time on the platform, thus providing a business with a greater opportunity to place their video for the user to see. This type of Ad has a better chance of capturing a viewers’ attention.
  • With YouTube Ad the business only needs to pay for what users watch. The cost of an Ad depends on the length of a video, number of views, quality of a video, targeting aim and overall goal.
  • Once a user views your YouTube Ad, it will also generate a lot of data. This includes demographic information about the viewer. In fact the business users have access to YouTube’s Analytic which contains all kinds of statistical information.

YouTube Ads have various advantages as it reaches out to a wide audience. It is also possible to target specific audience and helps in seeking information about the viewer.

Common Stats and Facts

  • 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • People watch over 1 billion hours of videos daily.
  • There are over 1.9 billion monthly active users.
  • Prime time viewing of YouTube is higher than cable networks and reaches more adults aged 18 to 49.
  • 75% of adults watch YouTube videos.
  • YouTube videos have a greater chance of capturing the users’ attention – 84% more likely than TV Ads.
  • Over 90% of Americans between 18 to 44 watch videos on YouTube.
  • Over 50% of the YouTube users are female.
  • 70% of the YouTube users view something that interest them or to learn something.
  • It is available in 91 countries and 80 different languages.
  • It is the second largest search engine.
  • It is also the second most trafficked website.

With statistics like these it is hard for any business to ignore this platform. It is one of the biggest platforms that businesses can take advantage off.

Over 90% of Americans, having their age between 18 and 44, watch videos on YouTube with around 400 hours of video being uploaded every minute. It is available in 91 countries and in 80 different languages.

The Bottom Line
YouTube, being one of the most popular websites, provides a platform with immense opportunities to business for showcasing Ads. With a huge viewer base, companies can targets specific audience and can also gather data about the viewers.