Journey Towards Excellence-Success Story of Cream Charger Manufacturer

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a small step.”

Your first step is to make a decision. This is a case study of an Organization that started with the dream of spreading an empire in different continents and achieved it in less than a period of 2 years. This fact might sound fascinating and is even more inspiring that makes one realise the importance of making the right decision at the right time and enacting it.

Thought: “Dream, Decide, Discover”


The company has a business of cream chargers that had a huge market scope which they didn’t know how to explore. But one thing that a businessman knows is,

“When you are convinced about the superiority of your quality & service, the world cannot stop you from growing.”

Alibaba is a renowned B2B platform for the wholesale purchase of products. There are many digital channels like Google & various Social Media from where you can attract buyers. The organization already had its presence on these channels by one or the other means, and they were getting good result on other platforms too.

The company wanted to achieve success and spread its reach worldwide in all different continents. This seemed to be impossible with conventional marketing and this is where Digital Marketing turned out to be the best choice that took the client’s business from scratch to greater heights of success within 1 and a half years.

With a lot many thoughts going on, they decided to try Alibaba as a new service.

Journey Towards Excellence-Success Story of Cream Charger Manufacturer


When you dream to achieve the peak of your industry, what matters is your decision. It is your choice to take the route to success whichever seems to be the best, but in the end, how you decide to act on your choice is the real jackpot!

The company decided to start with our Alibaba services for their 1st account which was based to focus on Australia. The company started looking for a Digital Marketing partner who could help them gain visibility on Alibaba platform and chose Opal Infotech. As the association began, they took their first step towards the beginning of their journey towards success.

They initially chose Alibaba SEO for proper product optimization which was the first step for their product posting.

Thought: “Your decision is the first step of your ladder to success.”


The team of Digital Marketers studied the market of cream chargers and intimated the client about the scope. The company discovered that there was a huge market with an unbelievably high demand for its products.

Whipped Cream Chargers Search Index Last 12 Months
cream chargers Search Index (Last 12 Months)

Cream Chargers Dispenser Search Index (Last 12 Months)

“Proper strategy with investment in the right place is always beneficial.”

Australian Market – Initial Focused Segment

Initially, when the project started the company’s presence on Alibaba was barely visible, which was focused mainly on the Australian market segment. After a complete study of their Alibaba account, Alibaba Experts of Opal Infotech observed a few points that needed improvement in their gold supplier account.

Initial Observations

  • Very few product postings
  • Low Star Ratings
  • Low Visibility
  • Low Rankings
  • Low Enquiry rate
  • Relevant Keywords Missing
  • Improper Alibaba Home Page Representation
  • Lack of the Knowledge from Client’s side to use ALIBABA

Alibaba Services Opal Infotech

As a matter of fact, the pre-optimization report of the company showed a null value of each and every parameter. The table shown below was the result of POR.

Month Before OPAL Started Their Work
Inquiries 0
View 0
Click 0
Visitors 0
Fig. Alibaba Pre-Optimization Report

The above-mentioned points came to acknowledge after the complete study of the company’s Australia based Alibaba account. As a result, we started the implementation of the strategy that seemed to be most suitable for the client.

Fundamental Strategy Focus

Fundamental Strategy Focus

A proper product posting is a foremost need for any Alibaba account. We started to upload proper and relevant information with correct keyword integration on the Alibaba Minisite to ensure that the client’s products were visible to prospective buyers. Alibaba experts at Opal Infotech worked aggressively on the client’s Australian Alibaba account for 6-9 months and soon the results started to display.

Strategic Discussion of Product Posting Ranking Optimization

The graphs displaying the output in the best results for different parameters like views, clicks, visitors and inquiries are shown below for reference.

Quarterly Views Increment Graph Australian Market Segment
Quarterly Clicks Increment Graph Australian Market Segment
Quarterly Visitors Increment Graph Australian Market Segment
Quarterly Inquiry Increment Graph Australian Market Segment

Now, after over a year of hard work we could achieve 5 STAR rating for their Australian Account under the product optimization section

5 Star Rating for Australia Alibaba Account

Our strategic implementation turned out to be of great benefit to the client. The number of enquiries increased as well as the company received a great response from the Australian market segment. With an exceptional increase in customer enquiries, the company decided to take a step further and reach out to other market segments.

USA Market Segment- Reaching Out to Prospective Buyers

“Good results are always a motivation for a step further.”

It is certain for an individual to take a step further when they achieve better results, which motivates them to do more. Our client also took a further as they gained confidence after achieving better results. With a good response in a short duration for their first account, the client purchased a Gold supplier Alibaba membership for USA and entrusted us to handle it, the same way we handled their Australian account.

The demand for the company’s product was impressively high in the USA which challenged Opal Infotech to perform with excellence as we were to start from scratch. But a new market needs new strategies, new market study, and analysis. After discussing all of it, we made our observations.

Observations for USA Market Segment

  • Competitive Market demand for the client’s product
  • Many renowned competitors were already established

With the above observations, we realised that this account had to be tackled differently and an aggressive strategy had to be implemented. The company now asked for different ways that would help them to reach out to more expected customers in the market. Our Digital Marketing experts suggested the client for Alibaba Minisite designing as that would improve the website presentation for international market and grab the buyer’s attention.

This seemed to be a reasonable suggestion to the client and they assigned us the task of their Alibaba Minisite Designing for both their Alibaba accounts of Australia and the USA. Along with the designing of Minisite, we continued product posting for both the accounts.

Strategic Discussion of Minisite Designing

For the USA segment our team decided on a strategy that would include the below points:

Alibaba Marketing Strategy for USA

  • Implementation of Proper Product Posting Layout
  • Proper Design Usage of Minisite including Navigation Tabs
  • Detailed information upload
  • Displayed worldwide reach to show customers
  • Latest possible modules used for Alibaba Minisite Designing
  • More Aggressive Product Designing

Our strategy started with the implementation of product posting with detailed information about their products. We displayed maximum details to attract customers and ensured that the layout of the information was in sequence for customer navigation convenience.

The results obtained were up to the expectations of the company. Below mentioned graphs are a visual results for reference.

Quarterly Visitors Increment Graph USA Segment
Quarterly Inquiry Increment Graph USA Segment

Quarterly Clicks Increment Graph USA Segment

For the USA account too, with our strategic implementation in shorter time we could achieve 5 STAR rating for USA account as well for the product optimization section.

5 Star Rating for USA Alibaba Account

The client wanted to focus on the market sector of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and private labeling for their cream chargers. Giving our best to new challenges and offering services to clients that others refuse to try has always been the speciality of Opal Infotech.

We started product posting for both the sectors of OEM and private labeling. This new challenge that we took upon, received an excellent response rate from buyers in both the market segments. The company impressed with our willingness to face all the challenges without hesitation along with the work progress in both the Alibaba accounts and decided to take a step further towards success.

A Leap Towards Success – European Market Segment

The constant efforts to provide better results and increased rate of interest (ROI) showed results when the client decided to go for capturing the European market segment.

The client purchased a Gold membership for Europe Alibaba Account due to the success received in the previous 2 accounts and handed over to Opal Infotech for digital promotion including product posting & Alibaba Minisite Designing.

The progress in the organization’s European Account is shown below in the table below.

Europe Account Stats
Date Aug-20 Sep-20 Progress in Words
Inquiries 0 5 Inquiries Have Increased By 500%
Customer Clicks 0 19 Customer Clicks Have Increased by 1900%
Views 4 1089 Views Have Increased by 27125%
Visitor 12 95 Visitors Have Increased by 691.6%
Fig. European Alibaba Account Progress Table

It has been just two months since we started working for the Europe account but it has started showing promising results in terms of STAR Ratings

5 Star Rating for Europe Alibaba Account

Alibaba Success – Joint Efforts from Opal Infotech & the

Throughout the journey from the beginning, the complete success has been achieved due to the joint efforts of Opal Infotech & the organization. The best results with increased ROI (rate of interest) and customer reach over the globe, all of it has become possible only due to the constant support of our client.

The client had physical presence worldwide that helped them gain a buyer’s trust especially in the North American & South American region.

The above-listed factors area few points that have made it possible to achieve the desired goals of the company.

The Outcome of Digital Marketing Services

The organization began with a single account dedicated to a single market segment. Our focus to bring the best results with dedication and needed strategic implementation eventually resulted in increased ROI and customer reach. Our client’s contribution to our working style with timely response and their faith in our capacities was a constant motivation for us to deliver results in a short span.

Along with the company’s good response towards our work, has made it possible to complete 50% product posting, i.e an approximate of 1500 products from 3000 products within a span of 2 years.

Today, the cream charger business has captured in “3 Different Market Segments in 3 Different Continents with 3 different Gold Supplier Accounts for Same Product”.

Bottom Line

Alibaba turned out to be one of the most benefitting channels for this cream charger manufacturer that gave them increased wholesale demand from different continents. What matters the most is choosing the relevant digital channel to attract prospective buyers from all over the globe. Our client chose Alibaba as a suitable channel for his business and received tremendous success. And taking the advice of a Digital Marketing partner can turn out to be beneficial if you are looking for success at the right time.

“Our success depends upon the choices we make”