Google Shopping Ads is a Magical Success Path for E-commerce Websites of Different Industries – Case Study

With Google Shopping Ads Leap into Digital Advertising

Google Shopping Ads Case Study of Leading Machine Tools Manufacturing Company

One of our clients, that dealt with Machine tools manufacture and export from India wanted to enhance the visibility of their products and we presented to them a comparison of Google ads versus Google shopping ads and explained to them how Google Shopping ads fared much better in terms of placement, appearances and a pull mechanism where they could reach out to people who were exactly interested in the products offered by them.

Strategic Approach by Opal Infotech

Opal Infotech implemented a Google shopping ad campaign to expand the reach of this leading Machine Tools manufacturing Company so that they could reach out to a dramatically larger audience by increasing its ad placement opportunities. With increased reach, they came increased brand awareness at much lesser cost, and a total shoot-up the target traffic. With Google Shopping Ads the team was able to scale while keeping customer acquisition costs within the desired goal.

Google Shopping Ads Strategic Implementation

Ensuring a high ROI by reaching a virtually unlimited target audience was a challenge and that too within the stipulated time frame. Our Google Shopping team experts had a unifying approach and could enhance results with products standing out while nailing the Google shopping ad campaign structure. Our google analytics showed that the shopping ads triggered products to appear in users’ search results multiple times as desired.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

Results Driven by Opal Infotech

Being our privileged and oldest client, we put forth our results to them after the due Google Shopping Ads strategy implemented for a year, and while we did a comparative study of Google Ads and shopping ads, here is what it looked like-

  • Faster e-commerce results indicated that the clicks went right upto a whopping 3,30,361 with the implementation of Google Shopping Ads as compared to Google ads had only 85,544 clicks.
  • However, the product impressions in Shopping ads were 5,65,64,917 whereas Google Ads showed around 15,71,492.
  • The average cost per click straightaway was Rs2.09 for ( Shopping Ads) as against costing Rs16.4(for Google Ads).
  • The total cost we incurred was Rs 14, 03,316 in Google Ads as compared to Rs 6, 91,494 in shopping ads. Google Shopping Ads incurred almost half the cost of Google Ads, though clicks and impressions received are significant in shopping ads than Google Ads. Thus we fetched more clicks and conversions with Shopping Ads as against the cost incurred. Our returns with Shopping Ads were almost 4X and were overwhelming.
  • The total conversion with Shopping Ads ranked much higher with a figure of 33,331 as compared with google ads, which was 23,330.
  • The Cost per conversion also went down to the desired level of Rs20.75 in Shopping Ads as against the figure of 60.15 in Google Ads.
Machine Tools Company Google Shopping Ads Google Ads
Clicks 3,30,361 85,544
Impressions 5,65,64,917 15,71,492
Avg. CPC 2.09 16.4
Cost 6,91,494 14,03,316
Conversions 33,331 23,330
Cost/Conversion 20.75 60.15

It was worth implementing this advertising platform that resulted in smarter spending for the client and insightful performance tracking for their business.

Measuring Success with Google Shopping Ads – Refining Ads Strategy Over Time Helps!

Google Shopping Ads Case Study of Abaya Clothing Retailer

This case study pertains to another of our reputed clients who are in the field of retail Islamic clothing, especially abaya, based out of the UK. Right from the beginning, we opted for Google shopping Ads. Subsequently, we provided other services and campaigns to this renowned client to win the digital shelf and engage with more clients. But we found out through Google Shopping Ads we got many more inquiries and it was easier to achieve the goal.

How we could do it with Google Shopping Ads?

Through Google shopping ads we could reach out to customers at multiple stages of the buying process and we could show up several times in the search engine and generate higher quality leads. This E-commerce company showed a remarkable difference with the strategies that were implemented through the Google shopping ads and Opal Infotech paid campaign experts designed this strategy that allowed them to bolster their existing in-store retail strategy for selling products in volume to clients in the UK who were not able to visit the store in person.

Result-driven approach

We found out that the client managed to generate 10 times more revenue than the cost he had earlier incurred on the ads. We worked on tight margins so that the client could derive profitability from the campaign.

  • In the past four months, the paid ad transactions (online orders) increased by 105.90% while the revenue shot up by 95.30%.
  • While their total spending ended up at USD 7272, the orders received were mind-boggling and worth USD 42134.
  • If we were to estimate the total returns on ad spend it came to around 579.40%.
  • The Cost per conversion drastically reduced to 32.62% for this retail giant.

Google Ads Profile

Google Ads Campaigns

A Part of the Challenge was Starting All Over Again and We Did It!

Google Shopping Ads Case Study of Online Indian Grocery Store

Another case study involved our client who specialized in online Indian grocery and was based out UK. Their target market was the Indians residing in UK and the client had originally contacted another Shopping Ad agency in the UK. Somehow they were disappointed with the results they were receiving. The client was struggling to warrant the cost they had incurred and turned to us at Opal Infotech to create a shopping ads marketing strategy to complement their existing line of business.

Google Shopping Ads Execution

We proposed a Google ad campaign that could allow us to capitalize on targeting the correct audience with display ads to increase the clicks we received and discourage any kind of cart abandonment. We also ensured that we improved the performance manifold and reduce the cost per conversion which was the fundamental requirement of the client.


The Google Shopping Ad results were immediately obvious to the client who immediately noticed an increase in orders and sales through the website.

  • In the last six months,the average spending reduced by 20.58%, and the clicks increased by 68.40% while the impressions also showed an impressive increase of 130%.
  • The Average cost per click as intended was reduced by 52. 84%.
  • The Conversions increased majorly by 31% while the cost per conversion reduced by 39percent. The client witnessed more clicks and conversions at a less operational cost.
  • What reaped best is the revenue as it delighted the client with an increase of 108% ascompared to the previous agency shopping ads strategy implemented.

Google ad Campaign in UK

Shopping Ads

What We Learned

We knew we needed something to kick off the relationship with the consumers. Shopping ads were the ticket for us and we deployed them to get the client a positive ROI. We were met with a market full of competition as it was a grocery store but we successfully could overcome it and allowed our client to push their limits to grow once again.

Get Inspired by Real Life Stories!

Google Shopping Ads Case Study of Leading Brand Sat Isabgol Manufacturer

Quoting about another B2B client of ours who dealt with Sat Isabgol and wanted to venture into E-commerce and were quite sceptical on how to go about it, they approached us as it was a dynamic change in their line of business. They finally opted for an SEO as well as a shopping ad strategy and since the SEO takes time to reap benefits, Google Shopping Ads showed the quickest results.

Getting Smart with Google Shopping Ads

When we started on Google Shopping Ads we identified the highest leverage of the account. Our team aggressively started doing things that created the fastest impact. We identified that Isabgol was the only product the company was manufacturing. To give a slight twist we got the company to do different packaging of the same product and put it up on google shopping ads to create a difference. Within no time the client’s listing was ahead of Amazon and that became our sweet spot.

Google Shopping Ads

Our Achievement Quantified

We improvised the google shopping ads performance by delivering the right message to the right customer in the right way. We convinced them that google ads are relevant to encourage the customers throughout the purchase journey. Our expert guidance helped them improve their online sales and below are the results-

  • The last six months showed 14556 clicks and 1586394 superb impressions.
  • The goal conversions significantly increase by 51.28%.

Google Ads Online Promotion

What Do We Have To Offer?

Opal Infotech with years of expertise in Digital Marketing knows exactly what can drive business performance. Our proven and acknowledged online promotion strategies along with our collaborative approach and unique partnerships with Google can help you get the best shopping campaigns. We study each case with a granular approach and have developed our own fundamentally strong marketing strategy to promote any business, which allows us to control and optimize every aspect of Google Shopping ads. Working closely with you and perfecting your product and service feed to increase the relevance of your Google shopping ads is what gives us the best edge!