Online Education Mobile Application – the Next Big Thing

It has been a hard time since the Coronavirus has taken over the whole world and brought it to a standstill. While it is difficult for any business to survive, brick and mortar businesses suffer more intensely. But, in whatever cases and causes, essential services cannot take a break. Online education mobile applications help in continuing schools, colleges, and universities because ‘education’ is also an essential factor. 

These days, according to the ongoing trend, smartphones have emerged as a crucial part of everyone’s life. With the advent of every latest technology including mobile phones and supercomputers, educators are all eyes and ears when it comes to evolution. They acknowledge the latest technology’s importance and give value that it deserves; in addition, they take it as a productivity tool. As for the cellphones, there is a marked explosion revolutionizing mobile media platforms. Ultimately, online education mobile apps have changed the way teaching happened.

Mobile Apps Development for Education

The mobile app development companies are on the rage to build quality mobile apps for schools and educational institutes. Not only do such companies earn great profits, but they also lead the market. Education has always been a crucial factor as it is extremely critical for economic prosperity and quality employment. Mobile learning (mLearning) has helped us to solve many issues that come in education flow or system. Education mobile apps can be developed according to one’s needs, and such customization can revolutionize the student-teacher relationship.

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Growth of the Education Sector due to Mobile Technology

An article from Statista reveals that mEducation or mobile education is likely to reach 38 billion US dollars by the end of 2020, which is up from USD 3.5 bn in 2011. Furthermore, mobile education through apps is showing an unprecedented trend that is less likely to come down, ever. Another report from Shift Learning states that mobile apps for education have changed everything and it’d be a whopping USD 70 bn industry by 2021. 

According to another article, students today spend more than 40 minutes on any digital platform for their online tutorial mobile app, distance learning mobile app or online learning mobile applications.

Benefits of eLearning Mobile Applications

Any type of online or distance learning mobile application would come up with a gamut of benefits not only to students, but also to the teachers, tutors, and professors. Here are a few points to consider as benefits of online education apps –

Better Interaction

In experts’ opinion, educational apps can make the learners more active and creative. This happens due to one-to-one interaction and engagement between learners and teachers. Such a tendency is more evident in young learners.

Bridging Gaps Between Parents and Teachers

As compared to physical schools and PT (parent-teacher) meetings, online education mobile apps development offers better coordination between them. The conversation that would less likely to occur in schools can happen pretty frequently on the Internet through online tutorial mobile apps. Often, such apps have options or platforms like chat or video calling for parents so that they can stay in touch with professors and teachers any time they want.

Progress Reports

For parents, there is nothing as important as tracking their children’s progress in education. Through online educational mobile applications or eLearning, tracking a child’s progress is not a big sum. The customized software can easily detect the progress and punctuality of a learner on assignments and homework allotted by teachers.

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Online Tutorials/Study Materials

Distance learning mobile applications have special features of sharing study materials. Furthermore, such facilities are now extended to online tutorial mobile appseLearning apps, and even on online education mobile apps by schools and colleges. Sharing eBooks, PPT presentations, and other unique audio-visual learning materials can be shared from anywhere to anywhere.

Round the Clock Functioning

Certain smartphone apps for education or eLearning offer 24/7 support or availability of tutors. This helps students in asking questions and getting answers to their questions without any delay. Such a facility proves to be a boon to many students, especially during their exam or test times. Besides, round the clock functioning can help students to learn subjects at their own convenience irrespective of the time zone they are sitting in.

Promotion of Self Learning

In traditional education systems, self-learning had the least scope in students’ activities. The new-age eLearning systems through online education mobile apps or online tutorial apps come with a lot of practice materials and study materials. This, in turn, helps students to learn without any external help. The self-learning further makes students independent, and in the future, they can learn newer subjects without any help.

Platforms for eLearning

Online educational mobile apps can be developed on any platform for any size device. Android and iOS apps can be customized according to schools, universities, and even individual tutors’ needs or requirements. Furthermore, the apps can be designed with the best UI for ultimate UX. One can also hire education mobile apps developers to modify the software and make it responsive to all sized screens or monitors such as tablets, PCs, laptops, and mobile phones.

Futuristic eLearning Apps

The technology evolves every hour, every minute, and every second. That said, a lot more is to come for an online tutorial or online education mobile applications for Android and iOS platform. The chatbots, for example, is a contemporary technology on the rage these days. They are developed with Artificial Intelligence and therefore serve as virtual assistance in eLearning apps. 

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Virtual Reality (VR) is another much-hyped mobile technology that can take the education system to the whole next level. Students, especially from the medical or engineering field can have great benefits of virtual learning through 3D models. Such technology can be a boon to distance learning online education mobile apps. 

Apart from the above-mentioned newer technologies, ML (machine learning), AR (Augmented Reality), and LP (live projections) are a few more advanced technologies to name. These all, in the future, would take over the traditional way of teaching and will prove to be a revolution in education systems worldwide. 

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