SEO or PPC – Which Internet Marketing Strategy to Choose for your Website?

Both SEO and PPC are effective internet marketing strategies which can bring more traffic to your website. Your browser gets visibility in search engines through these. The only difference between both of them is that it helps in getting ranking in organic results whereas, Pay-Per_click helps in getting ranking in paid results. In Google, when a user searches for a product, service or information, Google gives a list of browsers on the left side as well as right side. The browsers listed on left side are known as organic results or natural results as well as websites listed on right side are known as paid listings. Through Google Adwords, ranking on top position can be achieved through search engine retailing efforts and organic listing can be achieved through search engine optimization techniques.

difference seo ppc

Difference Between SEO and PPC

  • When compared to Pay-Per_click, the biggest advantage of it is that you don’t have to pay for a click on your browser link listed in organic results.
  • It is a long term process, but once you have achieved high ranking in Google, you can enjoy this position for a longer period of time. Whereas, in Pay-Per_click you have to keep on adding bid in order to stay on top position.
  • There is a natural tendency in visitors to pay more attention on organic results, than on paid listings and so there is a heavy traffic through natural results than from Pay-Per_click advertisements.
  • PPC can be a very good internet retailing strategy if a site is new and requires quick results for a great start. To get brand recognition quickly, search engine marketing can help in a better manner than it.
  • As you know, PPC is a paid strategy. The more you bid on the keywords, the higher rank you get in paid listing. This is not the case with it as you need to have high quality content on the site and submit it in relevant and high PR directories in order to get high ranking in organic search.
  • Managing a PPC campaign requires proper knowledge relating to keywords competition and promptness in changing bids on keywords whenever required. Whereas, implementing its effective efforts require experience, skills and knowledge of its effective techniques required to rank it on top position in SERPs.

Now, when you know the difference between search engine optimization and Pay-Per_click, you can now easily select an internet marketing strategy as per your requirements. If you are looking forward to promoting a short term project on Google, then you can place a PPC campaign for it. But, if you need long term results, then nothing can be better than it. In PPC, you can just turn off your advertising campaign as soon as your goal has been achieved but in it you keep on reaping benefits for a long time once you have established your position. To achieve success in SEO one requires to have patience as it is slow but beneficial process. You can also opt for both internet marketing strategies, if you don’t want to wait until your website gets benefit from organic listing. Once your website gets listed in natural listings of Google, you can remove your PPC campaign and sit back and enjoy lot many visitors without spending on PPC campaign.