SEO & Website Maintenance for Water Engineering Company – Vision, Action & Results – Case Study

Industry: Water Treatment
Services Offered: SEO, Website Maintenance
Country: Australia
Website Platform: WordPress

There is always room for developing the right kind of strategy to overcome business challenges. Some common strategies include:

  • Identifying and analysing the problem: Understanding the underlying cause of the problem and gathering information about it can aid in the development of a solution.
  • Developing a plan: create a detailed plan to address the business challenges.
  • Implementing the plan: put the plan into action and be flexible to change it as per experience & situations are being created
  • Measuring progress: track your progress, and modify the plans if required to achieve your goals
  • Innovations & creativity: stay open to new ideas, be creative, and be ready to take informed risks.
  • Flexibility: Be flexible enough to change non-working plans and directions whenever necessary.
  • Believe in teamwork: believe in yourself, your team, and external agencies with whom you are working and implementing marketing plans.


We wish to share the success story of one of our Australia-based customers who are in the business of manufacturing water treatment solutions, including wastewater treatment, drinking water purification, water filtration, reverse osmosis, zero liquid discharge, and other relevant products.

When customers approach us for digital marketing, we ask them to identify the purpose of digital marketing and their expectations and results. The client identified the following challenges that he wanted digital marketing to help him overcome:

  • Website Maintenance Issues

  • The website was built in WordPress, and it had an outdated theme, as well as some functionalities that were not working due to an old version. The older version is always vulnerable to viruses and hacking attacks.
  • Lack of Awareness

  • Many people are unaware of the importance of water treatment plants or the benefits they can provide. Many times, it makes it difficult to generate interest until it becomes mandatory.
  • Competitive Market

  • There are many companies-large, medium, and small-offering these types of products, which makes it difficult to stand out in the market and attract customers. It is not possible to capture the market if it is done through established ways.
  • A Scattered Target Market

  • The water treatment market is scattered among three main segments: industrial, commercial, and municipal customers, which makes it difficult to address them all effectively.


To meet the challenges facing our customers, we offered the following strategy to implement:

  • Fixing website issues under the Website maintenance Service contract
    A user-friendly website structure is a prerequisite for existing in the digital world. We fixed all bugs in the existing website, upgraded the WordPress version, and changed the theme of the website, which is more attractive and user-friendly under Website Maintenance Service Contract.
  • SEO Services
    We started with a basic SEO package that established our presence on Google. Our customer noticed an increase in organic traffic after a few months, and the website became more visible in search engine results. The client received a few inquiries from local and overseas markets. Moreover, some of the inquiries they received were from customers who were about to finalize a deal with its competitors and were looking for a competitive offer. Our client could close such a deal based on their technical and service competencies. Also, the client became more confident and decided to upgrade his SEO package.
  • SEO Package Upgrade
    Over the course of eight months, the client gained trust in SEO technology and our expertise. Client decided to go more aggressively with SEO Services after discussion and explanation client opted for SEO ultimate package which consist of more aggressive & frequent optimization efforts.


The customer has been associated with our company for more than 18 months, and now they are experiencing a good number of inquiries and recognition from diversified market segments like industrial, municipal, and commercial. In fact, our customer was able to close a significant number of deals and receive maintenance contracts from various segments in terms of both quantity and sustainability. The customer could get access to many municipal corporations as a registered supplier. Brand visibility and awareness are delivered through articles, videos, and social media presence. Improved search engine ranking could able to challenge competition and attract more business month after month.

Website organic search traffic increased 71.01% in a short span of hardly one and half month with our aggressive SEO efforts. Organic New Users increased 53.81%. Such organic search and new users both are increased.

These promotion efforts also helped in improvement of various parameters like bounce rate reduced, avg. session duration increased 108.99% during this period means now users are spending more time on website for getting the products information. Even now they are going through more pages with 32.84% increase in pages/session.

The ultimate aim of SEO or any digital marketing promotion is improvement in goal conversions. And the final goal conversions including inquiries, calls, emails, contact us page visits, WhatsApp etc increased 107.98% from different cities and countries and client got better ROI.

Organic SEO Traffic

Website Organic Traffic has increased by 71.01% and Organic Search New Users increased by 53.81% from 06.12.2022 to 16.01.2023 as compared to 25.10.2022 to 05.12.2022

Organic SEO Traffic Increased

FAQs Search Results

Website has started appearing with FAQs Search Results as below snapshot

FAQs Search Results



The organizational vision is a guiding principle for a company’s strategy and decision-making. When the business vision is ambitious, inspiring, and forward-looking, then you only need to partner with the right type of digital marketing agency that can guide you and help you achieve goals, and the same thing happens with our Australia-based water treatment solution manufacturers.

While an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website with regular website maintenance and aggressive SEO is helping our customers achieve their long-term goals, it is important to note that SEO is a continuous process that requires knowledge, experience, time, and effort. And it is not a one-time task. Search engine algorithms are always changing, so the optimization technique must be updated to match the latest trend. When you team up with the right agency, the results are bound to come. Here, we conclude that our client is getting success because of keeping in mind long-term perspective, differentiating with competitor’s strategy, quickness in decision-making, and flexibility. If someone possesses all of the aforementioned characteristics, who can stop them?