Social Media Optimization (SMO) For Powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Optimization

Social Media refers to web-based platforms and applications that connect a group of users remotely, over a distributed geographical region, and enable them to communicate and exchange information. It helps in facilitating speedy, easy and cheap exchange of information among users without any physical contact among them. SMO is the use of different networking channels outlets to increase publicity of product, services, brands and events. Its ratings are now included in the new algorithm used by SE to rank websites and web pages, pointing to its importance in SEO.


It is the improvement of visibility and ranking of a website or web pages in the results of search engines. It has gained popularity because many clients are looking for products and services to buy through online platforms and portals, and these engines have become an important part of the exercise. Many companies now compete online for these clients, which has called for application of strategies by which their websites and web pages can rank highly on such results. This is because clients are highly likely to visit and buy products and services from companies whose websites show on the first page of the results in these engines.

Role of Social Media for SEO

Many search engines now use the “social signals” for ranking websites. For instance, Google+ is built around integration of networking channels rating and find results.

Research-based statistics reveal how important networking channel is to SEO. Companies incorporating these channels in it or those that use these channels in their campaigns generate more than 300% revenues than when they do not incorporate. This is according to an independent research. In addition, these companies record up to 350% more on traffic.

Apart from incorporation of ‘social signals’ in SE algorithms, this is helping companies reach more consumers. Internet marketing has gained popularity because of many people are connected to the internet through it. For instance, companies can earn more viewership of viral creative videos and content, which can spread through sharing on the sites having such signals. Many companies are using this strategy to advertise and sell their products, as well as to attract clients back to their websites.

One of the benefits of it in relation to advancing search engine optimisation objectives is that many people are connecting to internet through it. For instance, Facebook has over 1 billion users today, while Twitter manages about a half of that number. Another advantage is that people are constantly looking for information on such sites: they can share all kind of information with their peers on such sites, including information related to marketing.

In fact, people are constantly relying on such sites to get news and updates from their peers, companies and groups, even as they connect for communicating purposes. Marketers and advertisers are increasingly using this opportunity to provide advisory and promotion-based information to people through the networking channels. Companies are launching planned marketing and advertisement campaigns on networking media. The campaign is three-pronged: ensuring enough presence in its platforms, ensuring they have enough followers and those in their network circles, and ensuring that they engage their potential or existing clients with valuable debates on related matters. The returns include more sales and traffic for their websites. Companies also earn loyalty customers when the latter returns for purchases.

Role of SEO Company for Social Media Optimization Services

A Search Engine Optimisation Company must understand the modern strategies for SMO and incorporate them in traditional SEO. Integrating of SMO with it must be carefully undertaken and planned. Planning involves an analysis of the needs of a firm to SMO, analysis of how to integrate with its existing strategies and budgeting. It must have a time-frame within which it seeks to gain planned and specified results for networking channels optimization.

While it is traditionally involved generation and placement of keyword-optimized content on a firm’s website, back linking and use of Meta tags,networking channels optimization has led to a revolution and must be viewed as an advantage to help generate more sales, brand publicity and traffic. It must be seen as a means of enhancing its other tactics and not as a means of replacing them.

It must help a client firm to generate a meaningful societal presence. It refers to the total impact of a brand to a given online society or community. Use of multiple channels helps the firm link to diverse clients: corporate, group and individual clients. They can advertise their brand, gain necessary response and information from clients about their products and services, respond to client’s concerns and link these clients to their websites.

In addition, SEO Services must help client firms in identifying and generating of the right content to dispatch to networking channel users. For instance, such content must be related to what a given firm sells or produces. They must also help firms engage clients in educative and informative programs. They must educate their workers about SMO, its benefits and application.

SMO campaign must be proactive and continuous. It must adhere to up-to-date optimization rules and standards as provided by SEs. For instance, providers of SEO Services must use informative, high quality, creative and unique content in networking channels in order to generate long term benefits. Providers of such services must be aware of black hat techniques in it such as spamming of communication channel sites, in order to avoid blacklisting of clients’ sites.