Videos in Google Local Listing – Business Promotion in Google Map

Google hasn’t left any stone unturned to help you promote your business. It always had an intense focus on providing a boost to your business. It offers many options for business owners to promote their business. One of them is Google Local Listing also known as Google My Business.

What is Google Local Listing?
Google Local Listing is the free platform provided by Google where business owners can list their businesses, images, videos on Google map. It is shown at the middle or top right side of Google’s first page results. Google local submission helps to register local businesses online and increase their visibility. It keeps details of the business like name, address, phone number, website, hours of operations and more to make it easier for the people to find the local businesses.

It also has the feature to post pictures. According to Google, images help to show that your business is a legitimate organization. It shows some of your business personality and helps to increase trust by putting a face to your business. It is surprising that Google rewards businesses that include more images (and higher quality ones) on their Local Listing profile.

Since, having several relevant images in your listing can help your business to stand out from the crowd, achieve higher rankings and attract attention. Just think! What a Video can do then?

To help you to promote your business more, Google has introduced a feature of adding videos to your Google Local Listing profile. Along with pictures, you can now add videos too.

videos promotion in Google Maps

Advantages of Adding Videos to Google Local Listing
There are several advantages of adding videos to the local listing. A few of them are listed down.
•    Videos are more close to the reality; several studies have shown that videos receive more likes and shares.
•    It’s easy to scroll past a picture but a video catches attention. Online Video content will help attract customers even if they haven’t heard of your brand.
•    If a video by your company goes viral, it can help in the online promotion of your business.
•    Concept, humor, music etc in a video helps to connect more with the viewer.
•    Content is the King. It can improve your ranking in Google search and videos are considered content and Google knows that consumers love videos, it can improve the rank your website.
•    It’s an easier way to educate your potential customers about your product and create brand awareness.

You can post following types of videos for online promotion of your business.

1.     Company Profile
2.     Product Demos
3.     Branding video
4.     Office tour
5.     Customer Testimonial videos
6.     Behind the Scenes / Team Culture and more to your Local listing profile.

For Example:
If you own a hair salon you can post a video of you styling the hair of clients and giving some tips for that. If you have a product based company, you can make a video about your product and show how to use it. If you provide home decor, you can make a video of the services you provide or beautiful home you have decorated. A video helps to highlight the quality of work better than photos.

How to Add Videos to Google Local Listing?
Now, the question is how to add videos to your Google Local Listing profile? It’s very simple. Below are the steps to add video to Google My Business.

1) Log into your Google My Business Account.

Google My Business Local Listing

2) Select Photos from left side menu on the dashboard.

Add Google My Business Photos

3) Next, click on the “plus” sign on the upper right side.

Add Video in Google Map

4) Then, either drag and drop the video in upload area or select the video you want to upload from your computer using that blue button.

Drag Photos and Videos in Google Map

That’s it! Your video will be uploaded. Make sure you keep updating relevant content to improve your ranking in Google search engine.

As there are so many competitors out there, a simple task of adding a video can make your profile stand out from the crowd. It’s a great opportunity to show your potential customers how you are different from your competitors.