Case Study – Web Development & Marketing of Ecommerce Website dealing in Printers & Toners

Company Background –

The company is one of the largest online retailers of printer supplies in Canada and USA, having authorized dealership of various brand printers, ink and toner cartridges, ribbons & taps, office machines and IP cameras. The firm follows Canadian Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have earned an A+ rating during the last 12 years.

E-Commerce Marketing Concerns –

There were several concerns of the company to promote their business online –

  1. The initial website layout and navigation was neither impressive nor user-friendly, which needed new attractive layout and easy navigation to execute the checkout process smoothly.
  2. Because of old type of layout and checkout process, the conversion ratio was too low with high bounce rate, which they want to improve with the onsite navigation changes as well with the effective digital marketing.

Solution from Opal Infotech –

In co-ordination with expert web developers and digital marketing team, Opal could provide the effective web solutions as below-

  1. Our development process re-designed the website with responsive layout to make website available for all desktop and mobile users.
  2. We offered some changes at our end as per the client needs in navigation and to make the products visible with easy search.
  3. The complexity of Checkout process transformed to simple steps.
  4. The comprehensive development to establish the website more search engine friendly to crawl and index well than before.
  5. Website optimization with various on-page and off-page SEO activities to grab Canada and USA market.

Positive Result –

Website redesigning and search engine optimization of the website have brought fantastic results to meet the client’s expectation in terms of website appearance, order execution and organic search visibility as below-

  1. New layout and easy navigation have made it easy for visitors to search their required items prompt in simple ways.
  2. Its responsive design has made the website mobile friendly that have increased the number of mobile users and orders placement through mobile devices.
  3. Search engine friendly URLs have helped the website to crawl and index well in search engine like Google.
  4. Search feature have become more visitor friendly looking for specific brand printing toner and office accessories. This easy search navigation on website has reduced the bounce rate significantly and has helped to list website better than previous in search engine.
  5. After simplifying the checkout steps, the shopping cart dropout ratio have been reduced almost 50%.
  6. Our SEO and content optimization, to increase its visibility in search engine have raised the organic search traffic and new user visits almost more than double along with 28% monthly goal conversion increase.

This way, with the new web development technique and digital marketing, the company is able to increase its online visibility for the prospective consumers across Canada, USA and other global destination to lead among their competitors. We also can resolve the site issues which hindered previously in Goal conversions. Customer is satisfied with the results beyond their expectations.