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Digital Advertising is a branch of Marketing which uses digital channels to promote company’s products or services on the internet. According to Think Google, in 2020, more and more consumers use Google to search for a product or service, hence, using the internet to promote brand had become very crucial. ECommerce involves the use of many digital channels such as website, content writing, paid ads, and affiliate marketing, local SEO use of social media to reach your target audience and increase engagement with the help of a reliable digital marketing company.

In terms of comparison between traditional and online world, the online world is far economic and the impact can be analysed very conveniently. Whereas traditional advertising takes thousands of dollars to generate leads and have limited channels like print, radio, TV, billboard, etc. Online world not only gives us many analytical tools to measure the audience reaction, it also helps the businesses to customize its campaign and experiment as much as they want. Digital technologies like 4G, 5G, and Kindle etc. And also mobile technology have changed the way consumers think, traditional advertising plans are no longer effective for growth, companies need to have a brand that communicates and engages with consumers.

Digital Marketing is also based on real time conversions. This disruption is so powerful because with online marketing by digital marketing agency, the company can see how people are reacting to your content and website from moment to moment, whereas the impact of traditional advertising takes months to gauge. Hence, digital advertising is knowledge and technology that uses real time analytics to every department of the organization right from IT to PR to ultimate strategy and decision making.

Why is it the most important today?

The Online World has multiple advantages and the digital marketing companies have helped millions of small businesses worldwide to expand themselves. Follows the mantra of “Think Local and go Global”. While this strategy has its own challenges, no small and medium enterprise should ignore the vast marketplace i.e. the Internet.

New Customers

According to Shopify plus, 2019, global B2C eCommerce sales are expected to reach 4.5 trillion dollars by 2021 due to recent Covid pandemic this figure you can multiply as world is going digital. This piece of information clearly says that your customers are online, and they might be searching for a business on Google or any search engine. This means that can help you gain new shoppers online, and with a good website and a good review page your businesses can gain massive exposure.

Follow up with existing shoppers

For any brand to become successful, it must have top of the mind awareness, and to do that the brand must engage with its shoppers again and again. This is the biggest fundamental that the top digital marketing companies use for Advertising. With this feature, a business can target those shoppers who are already familiar with the brand and convert them into regular shoppers. Follow up with existing consumer, helps build trust and the consumer might become interested enough to buy from the firm on a regular basis.

Your Competitors might have already implemented digital Advertising

In the online world, it is very important that one should be authentic to the consumer. But if you’re last to go, it might be difficult to go generate enough visibility even though you are giving the best to consumer. Hence, one must be agile and make the most out of their time with consumers. If you aren’t doing it, your competitors might.

Getting to know your Audience in a better way

Most of the time, the content your company puts out on the website, might be unique but not relevant enough. According to Hubspot 2017, 73% of people admit to skimming blog posts and only 23% read the actual post. This figure suggests to hire the best digital marketing agency and a business can know what its audience really wants. The online world is the key which enables you to know what your end user wants and then experiment with it, this way the brand becomes a trust partner.

Better Decision Making

ECommerce helps both the business and the consumer to have better decision making power. From the business’s perspective, eCommerce has a better control over the budget and can know what their consumer want and how to optimize it further. From the end user’s perspective, they have a better understanding what the company’s offering and can get in touch with the company faster.

Leveraging the power of social platforms.

As of Jan 2020, Facebook has 2.6 billion consumer on its platform and roughly 2/3 of the US population is on Facebook, this ensures a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to have their digital presence on social platforms to showcase their offerings and connect with the audience. Social Media platforms are nowadays not only for connecting but also for businesses to flourish and grow. The best audience age range on these social media platforms are between 18- 34, hence, advertisers needs to tailor the ads suitable to this type of Audience

Improved Conversion Rate.

For any business, the main purpose is to drive sales and revenue. Looking at the rapidly changing conditions right from the boom of the internet to post Covid 19, advertisers need to find ways to still drive growth and do their part. With eCommerce, advertisers find a better and faster way to generate leads and thus lead to conversion.

Trust and Brand Recognition

Digital Advertising is all about trust and recognition because if the business has a digital presence, then it is bound to have reviews and other testimonials from consumers. Amazon was popular not only because it offered door to door services, but has because it had end user reviews. Many companies are successful because they have user testimonials that boost trust and make users interested in the products. Hence, digital marketing helps in brand recognition and trust building.

Digital Marketing Post Covid 19: During these testing times, businesses need to be aware about how many options they have to advertise their products because as half of the world in under lockdown, all traditional advertising campaigns are out of the question. Moreover, due to guidelines to stay home, people are spending more time online now than ever. According to Forbes internet activities have surged by 50-70 % and one can get benefit of this by association with an expert digital marketing company.

Types of Digital Marketing


Search engine has certain algorithms for “Ranking” website’s page on the search engine page results. For a website to rank higher than others, you should make sure that the page is optimized has relevant content in it, this is known as Search Engine Optimization and that can be achieved by hiring SEO specialist Digital Marketing Company. According to hubspot 2020, 64% of advertisers spend their time on search engine optimization. SEO is usually considered to be one of the best techniques to increase traffic on website. There are two types of SEO:

  1. On page SEO
    This type of SEO is more focused on the uniqueness and the relevance of the website pages. The landing pages, relevant keywords, user experience, the time it takes to load a page all of these factors play an important role in on page SEO.
  2. Off page SEO
    This type of SEO relies on having strong backlinks and how much the page is featured by publishers and other guest posts. This improves credibility and thus improves the ranking of the page.

Content Marketing

One of the most important feature of any Ecommerce strategy is content marketing. This includes blogs, articles, videos, newsletters, snippets of information, and any form of content puts on for engagement of the users and better lead generation.

Google Paid Ads

Google Paid Ads are a popular option for companies looking for brand visibility and driving sales. When people put keywords on a Search engine, companies pay Search engine to put their ad on the top slot of the page, this is what Google Paid Ads are all about. Google Paid Ads either lets the business have automation or offer full control over budget, the time of visibility, and helps in gaining traffic. A dedicated digital marketing company ensures to provide best ROI by managing Google Ads budget efficiently.

Google Placement Marketing

Placement advertising is another popular form of paid ads. This involves the business demanding for ad units to be placed on a particular space on the website. In this type of Ecommerce, the business can choose to place their ads that they want the advertisers to target. The search engine has a special feature that lets advertisers bid on the space on the websites of their affiliated partners. This feature is best for gaining visibility.

YouTube Ads

According to data given by YouTube in 2020, over 2 billion people logged into YouTube each month and every day watch over a billion hours of videos. Over a long period of time, advertisers have considered video ads as an essential tool for generating interest in users, this holds true even today. Google owns YouTube and these display ads are the best form of storytelling tool available in digital advertising.

Google Shopping Ads

Search engine already has search ads option; however Google Shopping is another experience for users’ altogether. Google Shopping is a Search engine Service that allows users to shop, compare, and discover products that they are searching for; it’s like a marketplace by Google. It offers product visibility and helps users navigate through your ads, multiple times. While Search engine search ads are a more popular option for companies, data, although suggests that Google Shopping Ads have 30% higher conversion rate.

Google Remarketing

As discussed above Remarketing is a powerful option that Ecommerce offers to companies looking to connect with users that are already familiar with the company or have visited the website at least once. If the business is already using a search or display ad, all they have to do is add a Google Remarketing code to their website or their campaign pages and they would be able to have data through browser cookies. By using Google Remarketing Ads, a business can increase the effectiveness of its impressions and also increase brand exposure.

Facebook + Instagram Marketing

One of the biggest social media platforms available today are Facebook and Instagram. The combined users these platforms have is around 3 billion. Also, according to facts, Instagram is considered as second most social channel offering high ROI. Advertising on these platforms helps in companies creating a marketing persona and also helps in affiliate advertising. Companies like Nike and Puma, have created their empires through proper use of social media, now it’s time for you to create your own success story and that is feasible if your digital marketing agency can manage the social media budget precisely with constant analysis.

Facebook + Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram both have tons of data on their website, this means they can help advertisers in better focused ads and have insights. With Facebook and Instagram ads, your company can have better visibility and have better data, not to mention these ads generally results in profits too. With Facebook and Instagram, user experience is not disrupted as all they have to scroll away, hence Facebook and Instagram ads are even more precious for small businesses. With Audience Insights page on Facebook and Instagram, companies can experiment a lot and can help reach to a global audience.

Google Interest Advertisement

These are similar to those of display ads and help user reach prospective users, which in turn help in gaining insights to user behaviour there and better lead generation. Google display ads reach to more than a billion customers, they are an effective way to reach out potential new customers globally and generate awareness about the company’s offering of product and services.