Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook – a Prominent to market Business Products/Services

Facebook (FB) is growing ever like a triggered shot with uncountable opportunities that connect you with your friends, family, relatives and clients. More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook with 900 million visits a day is a clear indication of FB power and potential socioe-conomic reach to the targeted audience of different segments. It provides an easy way to your consumers for brand awareness with increasing FB page likes, download your app, watch the videos, items to add in shopping basket, any other action on your website and these too at the lowest price based on Cost per Click or Cost per Impressions.

Below are some of the social media marketers success stories that exhibit the strength of Facebook campaigns and their positive impacts on business promotion, marketing, sales and branding.

Facebook Advert Features

  • Tap your audience based on location, age, gender, interest to drive more online sales
  • Flexibility & control over budget spending to increase local/global sales
  • Customized-flexible billing and payment options
  • Advertising for custom audience
  • Safe and secured while dealing with own customer contact information
  • FB conversion tracking
  • Remarketing to website visitors
  • Promote your apps
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Call to Action Button
  • Raise brand awareness

The Hidden Truth – Benefits of FB Ad Promotion over Google AdWords

  • FB advert and Google AdWords are both paid marketing tools, yet there are certain benefits swaps over each other. Every competitor wants to be on top of the sponsored ads with limited set of the related keywords and this again generates a tough bidding competition for the industry, where you need to lead over hundreds of your contenders. Here Facebook wins the game and offers the low bidding price for competitive words compare to AdWords and prove to be effective facebook advertising cost.
  • AdWords serves the people searching on Google, but many a times your target users won’t actively search on Google for all their needs. They can be highly active on social media especially on FB, as ultimately humans are social.
  • For many businesses, branding is more important than the conversion rates/hardcore sales figures. In such scenario Facebook Ad Campaign is a card winner.

Opal Infotech – Your Facebook Advertising Agency

Opal Infotech is a leading digital marketing company dealing in all types of online web promotions including paid marketing, website optimization, social media fb promote agency. We deal with different customers, from small entrepreneurs to big corporate for years and are witnessed of many business initiators turned into the renowned enterprises obtaining our tailor-made facebook advertising services.

By years of internet marketing experience has taught us a lot and the truth is that one strategy to be a success for one organization may not guarantee for others, and need to implement a unique online marketing policy for every venture as per the customized needs. So it’s a time for you to think different and execute your online marketing budget smartly with a leading facebook advertiser in India, before your competitor initiate.

Types of FB Promotion, where we can help you

  • FB page promotion for increasing likes
  • Post Advertising – Image/Video/Text
  • Domain Advertising – Title, Description and URL display
  • Multi-Product Placement
  • Install now engagement for Mobile & Desktop Ads
  • Events & Offers to attract more visitors