Logo Design

Creates corporate logo with great detail & makes sure that you as the client are satisfied with the entire experience & result. A well structured label signals the identity of a company, its strength, services & products offered. The services offered by Opal Infotech will create a long lasting impression on a customer’s mind. We do not offer readymade picture but design tailored to your company goals. We have originality in our creation which stand out and are unique in their own right look & feel for your organization or product.

Opal will show you all the rough sketches along with business trademark and will not stop developing your until you are satisfied with it. Our strategically developed highly appealing business and company tag symbols will give your business the instant recognition. We specialize in developing all types of web logo patterns for small businesses, corporate, products, internet business, fancy, classical, modern, print and stationary labels, complete corporate identity, marketing symbols, festival, seasonal sketchs, party layouts, flashy, stylish design, unique, creative, hand made sketchs and many more.

Our professional structure developed for your website can be easily printed. We provide you with all these vector and bitmap file formats for your convenience. We would love to talk about your trademark & offer outstanding support. We want to make sure you get a symbol & are there to make sure it happens. When you work with Opal Infotech you are working with a strong reputable firm that will be here for years to come. Once you submit information about your company, our experts get to work immediately. You’ll see your first web pattern concepts within just 72 hours!