Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile
Application Development

Hybrid Mobile Apps has created lots of opportunities for businesses today with designing highly interactive and cross-platform mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows by hiring expert hybrid mobile app developer companies. This hybrid app development framework is having unique features and benefits that assign native functionalities, faster execution and custom tools cater to extensive user experience.

Hire the skilled hybrid app developer from a leading mobile app development Company- Opal Infotech that has core expertise in open-source SDK and can unleash your business app requirements with Angular, React, Vue, and JavaScript on ionic framework due to its seamless performance, user-friendly approach and minimum resources need for development.

This is partially a native app and partially a web app. They are run on the devices and are also written with web technologies, similar to native apps like (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript). They rely on HTML being rendered on a browser. Many companies use the hybrid app as wrappers for an existing page. This makes them appear on the app store without spending significant time and effort for developing a different app completely. They have gained a lot of popularity because they allow cross-platform development and reduce development costs to a great extent.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Features

Best Open Source Framework for Front-end technologies

It is one of the best open-source frameworks having a wide array of front-end building blocks and UI Components that can define a beautiful and highly efficient mobile apps or PWAs (progressive web applications) using different web technologies like Angular, React, Vue, and JavaScript.


Compatibility with Different Platforms and Devices

This framework is highly scalable as per the next-generation requirements and the designed apps support cross-platform applications with various mobile operating systems and devices like web, mobile, Progressive Web App, IoT or ChatBots.

Speed Up & Simplify App Life Cycle

It’s an end-to-end platform that speeds up and simplifies app development for any devices.


Best Performance with Angular

It highly support AngularJS to build a unique hybrid app with easy coding and robust structure.

Highly Scalable UI

custom themes and components provide appealing UI feasibility in Hybrid mobile application development. Cardova plugin helps in designing different features like GPS, camera, flashlight for high functionality apps.

Cost-Effective Solution

The single framework can be deployed on multiple devices and platforms curtailing the additional development cost for separate devices.

Global Community Support

Hybrid has powered many brands with a variety of popular consumer apps backed by vibrant communities across the globe that help professional Ionic developers to have number of options and prompt solution.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Features

Why Hire Ionic Developers from Opal Infotech?

The most important for any Mobile App success is how easy and efficient coding has been made. At Opal, we believe in following the best coding practices and guidelines issued by leading mobile OS companies. No matter of developing a new or upgrading existing application, turnkey mobile app project or a part of app management including testing, deployment, updates or error rectification, you can rely on our most trusted Ionic mobile app development company in India. Hire our Ionic experts who are committed to deliver amazing results and exceptional UI experience. We are highly flexible to meet our client’s demand with full of resources and infrastructure.

With 20 years of experience in cross-platform and hybrid mobile apps (Android/iOS mobile applications) for Travel, Food, Automobile, Online Dating, Utility, Geotracking or eCommerce industry, we are quite optimistic to give native looks to your business apps. Our highly innovative app development has made us confident to provide unique featured and robust mobile apps with on-time delivery.

Our Hybrid Mobile Application Solution explores the app development
in various industrial verticals like

  • Tours & Travelling

  • Health & Fitness

  • Education

  • Food

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Real Estate

  • Media & Entertainment

  • E Commerce

  • social Networking

  • Retail

  • Energy

Different Frameworks for Hybrid Mobile App

React Native

This is an open-source framework that allows you to build a mobile app with JavaScript. It is a community-driven technology as it is open and free to everyone in the react-native community. A developer can even share their experience and collaborate with other members. It even provides a modular architecture to upgrade applications quickly. However few issues like packaging compatibility and debugging tools may arise.


It is an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile applications and provides platform-specific UI elements through a wide variety of native components for iOS and Android. It uses front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular for application development. When used with AngularJS, it aids in the creation of extraordinary apps. Though it is highly reliable due to its good use of programming languages, the navigation can get a little inconvenient sometimes.

Mobile Angular UI

This is an open-source framework that makes use of Twitter Bootstrap and Angular JS to create attractive HTML5 hybrid apps and desktop apps. It provides UI mobile components like navbar, sidebars, modals, and overlay switches. Besides it is easy to learn and get started. Though it is a completely free extension, the boot strap’s internal issues can often cause a failure in the system.

jQuery Mobile

The convenient menu system can in this veteran technology make apps extremely user-friendly. It’s an evolution over a lot of transformations which makes it a reliable framework. It uses HTML5 and JavaScript and hence very simple to be mastered. It includes add on for creating custom themes but this may also result in CSS-related problems. There may also be troublesome net interactions and may not perform well for complex projects.


It is a relatively new mobile application framework developed by Google. It is based on the Dart programming language and takes a different approach to implement cross-platform features. It proudly features amongst the top 10 hybrid app frameworks which makes it very impressive. This Google UI toolkit helps to build natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It completes with a framework, widgets, and tools, that give developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms. Since it provides its widgets with its own rendered high-performance engine, it is fast pretty, and customizable. The architecture of Flutter has also been based on the very popular reactive programming of today. Few advantages worth mentioning are-
  • One code for two platforms- Flutter does not depend on the platform as it has its widgets and designs which means you have the same app on two platforms and you can differentiate your apps.
  • Less Testing-The Quality assurance process gets easier as the same app is being used for two platforms.
  • Faster Apps-It works in a smooth and fast way without getting hanged while scrolling.
  • Perfect for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - Flutter is perfect if you have less time but you need an MVP for your app to be shown to investors.


This cross-platform app uses the mono framework for effective communication with the API of common mobile device functions and utilizes a shared code to build usability and compatibility across various operating systems. It can provide a faster development cycle and the tech giant Microsoft extends advanced tools to its framework. Its performance is very similar to native products which makes it all the more popular. It is a costly license which many businesses might not be able to afford.

Onsen UI

This is an open-source framework that makes it easy to create native feeling progressive web apps and hybrid apps. Its core library is written in pure JavaScript and it is easily usable with your favourite framework and tools. This cost-effective framework is independent of jQuery and AngularJS, though the framework can be synced with them. The technology used in user friendly and can be used in the public domain. However, its limitation includes that templates from this platform are not published on GitHub and other repositories, and a lot of effort is required to customize standard templates.

Corona SDK

This engine serves as the ideal choice if the requirement is one of a bright and involving graphic. It can scale up different images for different screens so that the look is rich and enhanced. It is used majorly by commercial software providers like the gaming industry where fast monetization can be achieved. It also has a stable and prompt operation though the key elements of the platform are written in Lua which is not known to many developers and also has poor compatibility with external libraries.


This scales as one of the best programming engines for novice app developers and its open source license helps the PhoneGap community to compile new codes and modules. It is simple to download this Web API and cloud-based technology and knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 are enough to start this framework. It works well with a large variety of desktop and mobile devices. Though it's a low bar entry investment, it could use more widgets and serve better performance than its counterparts.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a free integrated development environment (IDE) for creating cross-platform HTML5 apps for desktop and mobile. The advantage of this universal engine is that it can be synced with many operation systems. It has a drag and drop functionality which makes it user-friendly. By providing an extensive tool kit it satisfies all the developer needs. The preview on the go option can make your projects pre-planned on how they look. However, the drag and drop functionality could sometimes overload the system.

Why Flutter?

At Opal Infotech, we prefer Flutter App and we have the expertise to powerfully develop intuitive and robust Android and iOS applications in the fastest response time. We have skilled Flutter developers who elegantly develop mobile apps with fully functional and rich user experience. Why we choose flutter over others is that it is faster than most of the other application development frameworks. It is easier to experiment, build UI’s, add and remove features and also test and fix bugs faster. It has a ‘hot reload feature which helps in these functions with minimal development time. As experts, we realize that it combines the ease of development while maintaining visual consistency across platforms. Hire custom flutter App developers from an app development company to get full-fledged enterprise-grade app as well as flutter app development for iOS and Android applications.

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