Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM is a process of gaining visibility in web crawlers through paid listings. When a person searches for a particular keyword in browser, the organic results on the left side and paid results on the right side or on top are viewed. Internet advertising tool is applied when you need your website to get high ranking in right hand side of the paid results. This process is becoming increasingly important for people who need to have high search ranking through specific keywords in particular geographical boundaries. It is an effective way to reach out to maximum people at the same time. The popularity of the website improves if it is getting ranked on top position in paid results, as many people are likely to click your ad and visit your website. Thus, online endorsment helps in increasing the traffic to your website which is very much significant for the consistent growth of your business.

How SEM is Different from SEO?

The visibility in browsers can be attained through SEO which is organic listing and SEM which is paid listing. To gain high ranking through SEO requires lot many efforts and is also time consuming when compared to web advertising. So, many companies and businessmen prefer SEM for their website, as you can get effective and quick results. The browsers don’t charge anything for organic results, but for paid results, particular amount is deducted from your account as soon a visitor clicks your ad. Internet advertising allows you to choose your preferences as to when and where your advertisement should be listed. This facility is not available if you are using Optimization technique to achieve high ranking for your website. The ranking of a website in paid results depends on the bid set by the advertisers for the particular keywords. If a user searches for a particular keyword and your website gets top ranking in the paid results, then that means you have placed a competitive amount as a bid and if someone clicks your ad, then that bid amount gets deducted from your account. The ranking of a website using search engine optimization depends on the algorithm of the browser. Therefore, through SEO technique you can list your website in organic results in which all the websites available in World Wide Web relevant to that keyword are listed. Whereas, through paid method you can achieve high visibility on browser while getting listed in the paid results, where you need to pay only when the viewer clicks your ad.

What is Google SEM(Google PPC)?

Everybody knows that Google is the most popular search engine and to get your website listed in top position in Google is like inviting many visitors who can get converted to customers resulting to increase in sales and profit for your business. You can achieve high ranking for your website in Google organic results and Google paid results. To get high ranking for your website in Google paid results, you need to create an account with Google Adwords which allows you to create an ad and enter a list of keywords through which you need ranking on top positions in Google. The Google PPC(Pay Per Click) is in which you need to pay only when a user clicks your ad. The ranking of your advertisement in Google PPC results depends on the bid you have placed for your keywords. To gain from Google adwords, one needs to take care of the optimization of the advertisement which includes ad text, keywords, bid set etc., which can be done in an excellent manner by an experienced internet – advertising company only.

How Opal Infotech Handles Google SEM for your Website?

To get maximum benefit out of Google AdWords, you need to hire a web marketing company like Opal Infotech who is experienced enough to handle all the aspects of Google AdWords in the most effective manner. Opal Infotech can help you to achieve high ranking for your website in Google paid results through most searched keywords with a minimum budget. Here, at Opal Infotech we can manage your PPC campaign starting from creating ad to the ongoing management of the bid on each keyword selected. We ensure that you achieve profitable results out of your Google Pay Per Click ad while incurring minimum expenses by deciding the bid on each keyword smartly. We have a team of experts who can provide you with high quality PPC management services customized to the type of you business with excellent customer services. We provide regular reporting regarding your Pay Per Click campaign, so that you get the information about your ad placement through particular keywords. Opal Infotech will make sure that you get profitable return on investment by providing advertising services at the most affordable prices. We believe in providing prompt Pay Per Click management services which is the basic requirement if you need to succeed in Google PPC technique. If you are looking for a company with a difference, then you need look no further, as our prompt and effective services, set us apart from others in the industry, which is the reason why we are confident that you will never be disappointed, if you opt for marketing services provided by us.