X-Cart Design & Development

It is an open source platform also known as PHP shopping wagon software used to make Ecommerce websites. More and more companies have launched their site to expand their firm and sell their products or services in global market. Owning it is just not enough, it should be user friendly, appealing in structure and search engine friendly so that it can attract more customers and business leads can be generated. To fulfil these requirements, you need to choose the best open source platform for designing your endorsing web site and that is X Cart. Its templates and skins can be customized in order to create an it as per your requirement. Whereas, there are its modules and addons which help in giving the functionality to a webpage suiting to the type of field & product.

Why Choose X-Cart for Ecommerce Web Design?

There is no open source solution available which can perfectly fit to your online store. A web developing company can customize the shopping wagon software in order to create an e-comm net page or a webshop as per your requirements. Amongst all the open source shopping wagons available, this one is very flexible and provides optimal solution to almost every endorsement page.

  • It is feature rich shopping wagon software which is the key to the success of an online advertising. The versatile features of this templates, modules, skins, and addons can be used to structure a customized marketing site suiting to your business.
  • The webshops using X-Cart shopping wagon doesn’t need to arrange for a dedicated server, as it is very fast.
  • You can start accepting credit cards or debit cards on your webshop because it is PCI DSS compatible.
  • This is a W3C complaint which makes it search engine friendly and due to its various templates, a professional ecommerce layout with perfect CSS base, can be made.
  • This open source platform contains SEO friendly features which enables adding customized meta tags, customize titles and anchor texts for the products and category pages. A SEO friendly endorsing website definitely helps in getting more traffic which results into more sales and profit.

Opal Infotech – X Cart Web Development Company

If you require a marketing online page to give a comfortable shopping experience to your customers, then Opal Infotech, a reputed web developing company in India can offer this internet services with unique online store pattern and custom made functionalities as per your business requirement. We are committed to the success of your webshop or online store and layout an e-comm site which is appealing and consists user friendly features assisting the customers at each level of their purchase. If you already have an this type and wish to add more features, then we can enhance the features by using its modules and addons. Our highly qualified experts possess complete knowledge and capable of providing customized internet page design services with several useful features which allows a firm to achieve online success. We offer the layout which has an attractive store front and easy to use admin panel helping you to add, edit or delete any product or service as and when required. Our efficient customer support executives are ready to provide the training as well as answer to your queries regarding managing your online store whenever you require. Thus, the services we provide not only offers a comfortable shopping experience to your customers but also a facility to manage your X-Cart shopping store easily.

Hire X-Cart Developer for Web Design Outsourcing Projects

Opal Infotech also offers outsourcing web devlopment services at the most affordable prices. Handling critical projects is our strength and no matter what functionality is required in it, our technically sound experts can solve any problem and help you in achieve success in your online world. As a developer company in India, we utilize full potential, one of the best open source shopping platforms for designing a marketing site and come up with the most unique, cost effective, attractive and customer friendly marketing online page. Some things are better if delegated to the experts, so just hire Opal Infotech as your X-Cart web structuring company and experience ultimate growth of your business.