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Android app market is growing on large scale, as Android seems to be the first preference of majority Smartphone users Nowadays. More than 80% mobile segment has been captured by Android and 800 million users use Android apps as of now. So there is not at all, over to say that Android is the leading mobile platform that grows exponentially day by day. Hence, it is utmost crucial to develop android application to focus, expand and get success in your business.

Android Mobile App development has influenced most industries as a part of the digital evolution. A user-friendly app for business is all one needs to keep up with sufficing the demands of end-users. Every business aims at performing high while building brand value by engaging with customers in every possible manner. A plethora of opportunities can be harnessed through mobile app development.

Factors to Consider While Opting for Mobile Application Development

Organizations should understand the positive impact an android application can make on customers, especially when the aim is to capture the market. Since the right decision could help take a business to great heights.

  • Size of the business
  • Features Required
  • Aim of Application Development

Benefits of Android Mobile Application

  • Low Investment - Being as an open-source platform, it is free to access Android SDK that lows down development cost and improves ROI.
  • Great flexibility, customization and versatility to design the application for varying business needs.
  • It’s easy integrating on web or mobile devices.
  • Multiple sales channels to distribute your application.
  • Easy Adoption with the knowledge of Java to transit the code script into a mobile application.
  • High end data security to protect data from malware and hack.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Platform specific application will be useful to that mobile Operating system only and not for others. Yet, several businesses need wide spectrum application to be catered on all mobile platforms including IPhones, Android gadgets, Windows phone, Blackberry etc. This can be a challenging situation for an app developer to indentify and define the app as per the present and future business needs and scalability.

It is of paramount importance that applications should run smoothly on multiple devices. Leveraging the facility of a cross platform mobile development can help create solutions more quickly and cost-effectively. Cross Platform Mobile development services can work the best for building high-end business applications.

If you want your app to be performed on multiple operating systems with a single code base, the cross platform app is an ideal solution to business need. There are different approaches being used for mobile app development that work in a varied manner depending upon the requirements of the project.

The cross platform Apps are of two types-

  • Native Cross-Platform Apps
  • The native cross-development relies on tools and programming languages specifically designed for one platform. They are developed for a single device and the operating system. Native apps can provide a high degree of reliability, but since native platforms are built solely for a single platform, they may require additional development time and developer costs. To reach a wider audience for the business, a cross platform mobile development solution needs to be developed which supports different platforms, which could be a little cumbersome.
  • Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform Apps
  • The Hybrid Cross-Platform Apps can help your app work even on new devices that hit the market. Hybrid Mobile App development can be the way forward for companies that want to attract users based on varied mobile devices and release the product to market quicker at a lower cost. This approach incorporates all the latest features while supporting every possible new technology that enters the market.

The most beneficial feature of the cross-platform mobile development of applications is that they are capable of assisting organizations to attract the prospective audience that is bound to turn into a customer. The cross-platform mobile app demonstrates a much higher performance than a web-based application and can meet most requirements. When compared to a native app it also has a significantly shorter development time and cost.

We suggest to go with Hybrid Cross-Platform Apps .

Why One Should Opt Cross Platform App?

There are several advantages tend people for the development of Cross-Platform Apps-

  • If you are in hands of skilled developer, the chances of code reusability can be increased, results in faster app development and cost reduction.
  • Unit tests can be applied with common code that helps to allocate budget for the thorough unit tests.
  • App can be efficiently managed with a low maintenance cost. Bug fixing is easy through common coding for all platforms.
  • Best for developing part is to get efficiency for all platforms rather than individual.
  • It is an ideal for B2B apps and business process automation, where deployment time and efficient manageability is more important.

The Flow of Mobile Application Development - How Opal Infotech Works?

It is of utmost importance that we understand your complete requirements & conclude for application development depending upon the need of the industry. Being a mobile app development company, we follow every single step during project development to ensure delivering the exact outcomes.

  • Understanding the Idea
  • This is the first step we shall perform before starting the project development. Here, we shall in-depth focus your requirements & the market competition. At Opal Infotech, we have years of expertise with a team of experts who have a deep knowledge of the market & are keen to ensure our customers stay ahead of their competitors. Here, we evaluate how a mobile app can help you improvise the business that takes place after a due discussion on the needs of the project and its visibility.
  • Strategy
  • In this process, we strategise how the functionalities will benefit your customers & add value to your business. A detailed study about your competitors and implementing the right strategy & platform to bring your application into the market will be of major consideration.
  • Development
  • This is the utmost significant process that will involve the working of our best android developers. The development process and cycle of a cross-platform mobile app include mock-ups and sketches with a visual design presented. These are then implemented after being sanctioned by the client. The entire development is rapidly performed by our most experienced android developers. This is then followed by the testing process. The testing on simulators is done to check the viability on both Android and phone. After a successful run, the testing is done on real devices and then a final launch.
  • Deployment & Post Launch Phases
  • The application finally gets deployed to its respective area of use where it is closely monitored as required by the client by our android developers. Organizations can seek help from our team of android developers in case of any issues faced. Though, it is through all the experience, that Opal Infotech has reached a stage where we are highly appreciated for our work in the industry by other industries.
  • Future Updations & Improvements
  • Technologies are bound to keep on updating & improving for betterment. This also needs to be applied to your business website. At Opal Infotech, our team of android developers is always ready to help you with any new features implementation, or updation of the technology.

Why Choose Experienced Android App Developers?

Android app developers can help by using cutting-edge technology and advanced tools and offers a wide scope for innovation and opening the door to new opportunities. They keep bringing new features to stay firm amid the ever-growing environment. Hiring a mobile app developer entails having a clear understanding of views, user input, activities, lifecycle, and so on. Companies can hire us for thriving collaboration is essential to build advanced, feature-rich, and secure mobile apps for all enterprises. The agile and adaptive development at Opal Infotech provides end-to-end mobility solutions in diverse industry verticals. The in-depth dashboards can let you keep a close eye on how the app is building and what to expect and analyze at each stage from the prototype to the full build.

Our Android developers have proven expertise to build scalable innovative and fully functional apps that are the most optimally customized to provide a competitive and profitable edge to businesses. The fact that a company has to focus on a single application for all platforms is what makes maintenance and updates easy. Customers of every niche expect a mobile app for any product or service and with our smart processes, you can avail to hire our phenomenal mobile application development to boom your business.

Opal Infotech - Hire Android App Developer

Opal Infotech raises its hands in this tough competition to cater the android apps development and Cross Platform application development in the most efficient and professional way. Hire dynamic team of programmers, designers and testers with hands on experience to work on updated project management software and latest communication technologies can enhance the usability and user experience for apps. Keeping a right pace with prompt changing technology to achieve the strategic app objective is our core strength that will help you to transform business ideas into reality.

With immense mobile application development knowledge and exemplary track records, critical innovations for your business or start-ups can be inevitable. We are a mobile app development company with specialization in frameworks, IDE, and NDK/SDK for Android and other platforms can provide you the most optimistic and realistic solutions well within your budget for the superlative mobile app development services. Our success stories of existing clients are bound to make you think about hiring an android developer to enable you to explore the range of endless possibilities and solutions. If you are looking to hire an experienced developer for mobile app development services, we can be the best reach out to you!

Why Opal Infotech?

  • Talented App Developers with Matchless Skills and Creativity.
  • Right Strategy with best developing tools, frameworks, IDE, and NDK/SDK for Android and other platforms.
  • Experience in identifying all types of apps needs.
  • Mobile App Solutions within your budget.

Our team at Opal Infotech has largely contributed to efficiency, turnaround speed, and up-skill requirements. Our Client-centric model for industries has progress visibility and access to quality resources and skillsets while providing mobile app development services. The android development team has a high level of competence and the development tools have contributed to skyrocketing savings for businesses with seamless and organized delivery. Our Android app programmers work as an extended team to deliver quality and meeting business challenges in the minimum possible time. Whether it is an Android, Cross-platform, or hybrid application we assure you the best of quality and on-time delivery.

So, if you are looking for Android / Cross Platform / hybrid application development, yet not clear from where to start? Give us a call and we will strategize and shape your business ideas into an app with 100% satisfaction.

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