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Placement Targeting

If you know about the websites where your prospective customers are going to visit, Placement targeting allows you to put your ads on those sites of display network including Videos, RSS Feeds, mobile sites and apps. Managed placement helps to run ads on hand-pick display network only.

Initially there was little control over ads placement that led ads to the untargeted audience with low conversion and high cost. This tends advertisers turning off content network ads and focusing to get traffic and conversions only from search network ads. The introduction of managed placement explored the plethora of new features by giving the advertisers a last mile control with efficient management of bid pricing, geolocation and website targeting for banner visibility.

Benefits of Placement Targeting

Here are some advantages to set up placement ads for your business.

  • Can Access the largest ad network with 70% of the global internet audience.
  • Ads can be served on this Google display network in form of text, image, flash and video.
  • Freedom of displaying Ads on selective websites.
  • Can show your ads where your customer spends time.
  • Can evaluate the placement performance to increase the bidding for competitive websites fetching more traffic and can reduce the bid for the website that shows less conversion.

Important Features of Placement Targeting

  • It has been a great flexibility to appear your ads either on whole site or specific pages of the website.
  • Managed placement and contextual targeting can run simultaneously.

Important Basics to Understand

There are certain fundamentals as below to know, before you opt placement marketing-

  • Your selective domains must be the part of Display Network for Ad visibility.
  • Managed placement can be added to certain campaign types like-
    • Display Network only
    • Search Network with Display Select, and
    • Video
    • Competitive bidding strategy is required for effective Ad placement than other advertisers

Why Opal Infotech?

Opal Infotech is a leading web development and digital marketing firm in Ahmedabad, India, providing web solutions to more than 55 countries. Find our core strength as below to ensure you the best services.

  • Placement Targeting is handled by Google Certified Experts.
  • Years of experience in managing Paid Marketing.
  • Cost Effective Bidding for effective placement.
  • Proven track record of effective ROI.

If you are missing the opportunity to capture the audience for your business, visiting some specific websites, Please do let us know and we will set up a placement campaign perfectly as per your needs.