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PHP is perhaps the most effective and powerful programming language used to develop dynamic sites and applications. Over the years PHP web design and development has been continuously updated which has made this programming language highly interactive and allows for creating applications and layouts which have been used at a mass scale in today’s technological world. Opal Infotech has extensive knowledge and experience of providing web developing services using this popular programming language. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to PHP programming and expertise in different kinds of services complementing the design process including content management, promotion of websites online and many other services.


We follow a personalized approach to build, which is most suitable to our customer needs. Our aim is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and hence offer customized online page building services which will not only save the firm’s costs but will also create a unique identity for the business or firm. Hire CakePHP Developer or Hire Codeigniter Developer and you can very well structure your page according to your needs and get the results that are beneficial to your business.

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PHP Web Development

Custom web application development in PHP frameworks (Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, Codeigniter (CI), etc.) and open source platforms

Supreme e-commerce solutions to assure site speed, accuracy, efficiency, security and user friendliness

Ecommerce application development

Content management
system (CMS)

Open source content management system & customized content management systems with fast, reliable and precise solutions

Different Frameworks for PHP Web Development

Laravel Website Development

At Opal Infotech, we believe in delivering top-notch development and consulting to our clients. One such PHP framework we provide for web artisans is the Laravel Website Development. This is a web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax. Through Laravel Web application development services, we proficiently deliver on-time web development, rapid turnover, and exceptional web solutions. Laravel Developers can deliver a simple code system while maintaining superior quality for the creation of numerous bundles that help in the creation of robust services. As a Laravel Development company, you can avail of specialized customization to modify any built-in features and functionalities of templates created for specific business use.

Our expert team is all set to collaboratively craft unique designs and provide user experiences for contemporary app development using the Laravel framework. Hire a Laravel Developer and get a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources. Our approach is to look beyond and think out of the box. With Laravel Website Development services, we help secure the web application by protecting it against the most security risks. We demonstrate the reasons and ensure that our clients are on the exponential growth curve. The Laravel PHP Framework provides an excellent built-in tool to keep the Laravel applications fast.

YII Framework Web Development

YII is a high-performance and component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications rapidly. We are into YII Framework web development services and our software developers with their sophisticated engineering and unmatched speed YII has become the most user-friendly framework for developers. Our YII framework developers can render highly optimized performance and provide an enriched experience using the PHP framework. The advantage of using YII framework web development is that it has a wide range of wizards for conduction common tasks like the CRUDing(creating, reading, updating, and deleting) which are not found in other PHP frameworks. Our developers at Opal Infotech work with prominent tools and techniques to build extraordinary services and integrate with third-party resources tools and libraries as framework inputs. Our laudable team of YII developers provides regular updates and complete transparency to help meet deadlines. Our YII solutions are recommended for high-performance website setup. Our expertise leverages its amazing features and combines them with application logic to create robust websites. We design, implement, integrate, and upgrade YII frameworks to suit multiple purposes.

CakePHP Web Design

We are renowned in the field of technology providers for businesses amongst various verticals. We choose a framework depending on the requirement of our projects. The CakePHP Web Design is an open-source web and rapid development framework that helps to build web applications faster with fewer codes. With the help of CakePHP Development Services, we deliver speed and agility to fulfil business goals. Our working across diverse industries, we build CakePHP Web Designs for clients to offer the best possible outcome.

As a Cake PHP Development company, we have a proven record of developing innovative solutions and guarantee complete support along with cost-effective quality, and better engagement. A CakePHP Web developer at our end helps in leveraging the crucial features of the framework such as code validations, authentication, built-in caching to the optimal range. When you partner with us, we ensure that the services we offer are based essentially on a strong architecture essential for cost-effective development. Hire CakePHP developers from us having in-depth knowledge of this framework and offer clients a consistent web app. This present-day software has great versatility and extensibility through a variety of modules, libraries, and plugins. The main advantage of this framework is that it is compatible with almost all website directories and also with all the last versions of PHP. It takes a specialized CakePHP developer to take full advantage of its features and create a powerful website. What makes us stand out at Opal Infotech is that we have extensive experience and can help you get a secure, scalable, and tailor-made Cake PHP development service to suit your business requirement.

Codeigniter Web Portal Development

Hiring a Codeigniter Web Portal Development Company has its unique advantages. A few to mention are a time-zone advantage, value-based engagement model, dedicated team of professionals, and much more. Our expertise is solicited by clients from the conceptualization to the development of the final product. Our clients claim to have received reliable expertise at the most competitive of prices and find us easy and flexible to communicate with. We use the Codeigniter Development framework to create high-quality web applications, websites, CMS, and many more. It is considered the most development-friendly platform with a highly interactive interface and easy-to-use tools.

If you are looking to hire Codeigniter Developer, our team is bound to collaborate with you to deliver dynamic custom websites using the powerful features of Codeigniter Development Services. Codeigniter has a very impressive performance coupled with its powerful functionalities and simple coding norms. We help you set up this agile development process and use the best coding standards that are enhanced with the powerful attributes of the Codeigniter framework. As reputed developers, we have aimed to provide a one-stop destination for a whole range of development services that a client might require. Our focus is to provide utmost satisfaction to our clients while delivering solutions that match their needs and expectation and with Codeigniter Development Services we can successfully implement that goal. At Opal Infotech, we follow stringent testing and bug handling procedure to ensure hassle-free implementation of the application we create.

Custom PHP Web Solution

With the Custom PHP Web Solution, you get a trustworthy and user-friendly web portal that can attract your clients. We offer a complete spectrum of services to tackle the web development requirements. PHP has the unique ability to update itself with the latest features and compete with other programming languages. There is an assortment of scripting languages like Magento, Javascript, Tank, Joomla, and CMS that can provide additional support to modify custom needs. This solution shines out in terms of compatibility. Serving the visitor with uniqueness in the most efficient manner can make your client stand out from the competition.

Being the most trusted development language for software development, all you need to do is Hire Custom PHP Developer to get the best guidance and modern outlook in line with expectations. The PHP platform is used by globally renowned companies like Facebook, Linked In, and Word Press. The Custom PHP Development Services we offer are aimed at yielding excellent results of high-quality websites that can handle a lot of traffic. Opal Infotech offers the choice of a professional team with proven expertise and our services have shown phenomenal results and gained popularity in the industry. Our business virtues include cost efficiency, scalability, simplicity, and user-friendliness. By getting acquainted with our Custom PHP Development Company services, you get robust web solutions that are highly professional and made up of all functionalities the client requires to emerge big in their core area.

Why Opal Infotech?

At Opal Infotech, we are a team of experienced professionals who have been providing the customized services to the clients from more than 85 countries. Through our continuous services and research today we have gained a valuable expertise as well as the much required experience in a distinctive style. The online structure creeated by us are not only distinctive but also eye catching and user friendly to all your target customers. We serve our clients with complex object oriented programming, content management systems, payment gateways, forums, online shopping, ecommerce business projects that are compatible with all the major browsers in the world.

We are a reliable development company in India offering services to design sites which can better reflect our customer needs. We are well-experienced in exploring the components of the programming language e-commerce and content management system (CMS). With a team of expert PHP programmers and designers we assure you of developing websites which are highly functional, user friendly, scalable, attractive and at the same time cost effective also.

Some things are better to hire custom php developer or hire Yii Developer from Opal Infotech and if left to the experts. Opal Infotech is now recognized as an expert PHP web design company globally. We use international coding standards with integration of My SQL and AJAX technology in your projects. We specialize in providing a standard clean code that is documented richly with easy access to our clients for future modifications. On the whole our goal is to drive our clients to fetch forward in their corresponding fields.

Opal Infotech caters its services to the clients across the globe with its professional developing services. Our professional, experienced dedicated team we ensure complete customer support for our valuable clients. Our team coordinates and adheres with the client’s requirements and time schedules to ensure timely completion of the project.


What is the future of PHP? Will it remain relevant?

Yes, PHP is one of the most preferred languages, that’s in use for quite sometime. Looking at the popularity and efficiency, it is safe to say it has a bright future as a backend language.

Is PHP language best for security?

PHP language offers a strong authentication system as a backend language. PHP may not be the most secure programming language but it provides ample number of features to make an application secure.

Why to hire dedicated PHP developers?

Dedicated PHP developers work solely on your project and deliver faster results at low investment.

How to hire cost effective PHP developers?

If you are planning to hire custom PHP developers, then it is better to go for a mid-scale web development company. We are an Indian web development company with more than 20 years of experience in providing web development services to the clients from more than 85 countries.

Do you provide dedicated resources / php developer?

Yes. we have expert developers for Laravel, YII Framework, CakePHP, Codeigniter etc. you can hire our dedicated developer for custom php requirements.