Shopify Store Development & Maintenance Services

Shopify is a rapidly growing Ecommerce platform that gives you enormous flexibility to set up your online store and sell your products. It is a complete E-comm solution that covers all requirements including product organization, storefront customization, 70 different payment gateway integration to accept credit cards all over the world, extensive tracking system etc. Shopify Store’s designs have intuitive UI makes it very simple compare to other platforms with drag-and-drop interface to make the changes visually. It provides free themes for your store as well premium themes to buy and allows lot of freedom to Shopify developers to define a unique original Shopify website design with stunning look. This can be an ideal selection for small to big size sellers. An experienced Shopify development company with roots held deep into the industry could ensure to bring the expected results for online promotions as well as web design.

Why to Select Shopify Shopping Cart?

  • The platform’s web design provides a fully hosted e-comm solution including security control, backups, monthly updates that you would like to have while managing and hosting the store.
  • It uses state of the art security with Level 1 PCI complaint and 128 bit SSL encryption to secure the credit card data.
  • 150000 web stores are successfully installed with easy to add custom apps from massive library. It is constantly updating the features of Shopify website & its design for betterment of business that makes the site owner to be focused on business rather than to be occupied with technical matters.
  • The platform is aligned with lods of in built features to take care of your business includes auto responders for abandoned carts, instant sale notifications, in depth sales report, tracking analytics and easy to handle admin panel. This helps you to avoid wasting of time in crunching numbers but to get enough time to boost your sales.
  • Full featured website CMS allows you to see and manage your products/services, customers and business well.
  • Full Blogging platform in the latest Shopify website design can give you a new experience in managing your online community/visitor.
  • The most recent Shopify store design can give functional extendibility to your business site with thousands of useful applications.
  • Shopify Website’s shopping cart opens up the doors for your website to accept the credit cards across the globe through numerous payment gateways. It also allows simple and flexible shipping options, multiple languages, taxes and currencies.
  • The Shopify store design is equipped with Content delivery network (CDN) ensures high uptime and quick access of website from anywhere.
  • Shopify Website’s SEO friendly CMS allows you to bit your competitors and to place on higher positions in search engine with search engine optimization module. Custom gift cards, discount code & couple engine and lot many others are the valued features that one online shopping portal highly needs to sustain in internet business.

Shopify Key Features

1. Attractive Dashboard

The Shopify website design is enhanced with overview dashboard that shows key sales, orders, and online store visitor data. You can see at a glance how your store is performing—across all of your sales channels, and for any date range.

3. Easy Order Management

Very Easy to process orders, fulfil orders, Refund the item(s), add tracking information etc. Abandoned cart mail and reports. Our Shopify development services include complete support for helping you understand the functionalities of the Shopify store.

5. Create Varieties Discount Code

You can offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount on products, collections, or variants in your store. If you are selling online, then you can also offer buy X get Y discounts to encourage customers to buy items.

2. Diversified Reports

The report shows the most valuable metrics that give you insight into the performance of your store and the behavior of your customers. The metrics are shown in numeric format and also as graphs where appropriate. For all the metrics, the percentage change from the previous date range can also be shown

4. Easy to Add/Edit Products

The simple web design allows to add new products in a minute. Just enter to Title, Description, Images, Price, Discount, Select Collection & Save.

Shopify Website Promotion Ideas


Shopify SEO for Better Business Prospects

Optimizing the Shopify Store can help to discover potential customers on the site and provide users with a positive experience so that more people are likely to shop and keep returning. Shopify’s Content Management system has a simple user interface to build landing pages, blog posts, and product detail pages. Our Shopify SEO experts are more focused on driving higher rankings, traffic, and conversions to your Shopify website. The easiest way to get more traffic online is by optimizing the content so that the search engine recognizes it well and relevant to the queries related to the products.

Shopify SEO can be a great means to improvise website rankings and involves a few important steps-

  • Keywords research relevant to the products brands or terms which customers might use and can land on the desired page.
  • Addition of keywords into the content including page titles, descriptions, and image tags.
  • Ensuring the URLs are more SEO friendly and match the content.

An expert SEO service for Shopify website would include content optimization strategy, internal and external link building with a robust reporting system, and many other parameters specific to Shopify website that helps in ultimate conversions.

Google Ads to Drive More Traffic to the Site

Google Ads for Shopify is an appropriate tool to generate more leads for the e-commerce site from a prospective audience. When a customer clicks on the Google Ads, they are redirected to the website and eventually ending up as a customer. Generating more leads from Google Ads campaigns, trying new strategies, bids and keywords can get essential for growing exponentially.

Google Ads experts at Opal Infotech can help in the successful setup of the Ads campaign. After the setup process, our team can also help you run Ads for your business. Google Ads are supported by the tools which help in detailed and granular reporting and track both the sales and the budget of the campaign. Our Shopify Google Ads Experts understand that each website is unique and needs different strategies. Our skilled professionals at Opal Infotech help to develop a custom Ad campaign for each client specific to their business promotion needs.

Google Shopping Ads for Better Shopify Website Business Prospects

Google Shopping Ads are the most prominent choice for retailers to promote their Shopify website. Optimizing the Google Shopping Feed by uploading products on the Google Merchant Center is a proposition that can deliver quick results. These product listing Ads are very common that are often found by people while searching online for products. Multiple products appear in the Google search against a set of keywords easily along with saving time for potential customers. As a result, they also help in improved click-through rates are important as the more the clicks the lower the cost per click. Our Google Shopping Ads experts can help you run your Ads at maximum profits.

Dynamic Google Remarketing for Shopify Website

Google Remarketing takes the shopping dynamics to an entirely different level by showing your ads on different websites to the past store visitors who viewed, engaged, and added to the cart but did not complete the purchase. Google Display marketing for E-commerce shopping websites helps in creating tailored messages for each audience segment. This strategy allows total control and near to instant reporting that surpass all the traditional forms of marketing.

Companies can use the data provided by the analytics and improvise the decisions for Shopify website promotions. Google remarketing targets any audience who has visited the Shopify store at least once. Whether it is a start-up or a massive retail store, we as Shopify developers ensure these Google Remarketing campaigns for your Shopify website drive an increase in sales along with business branding.

Facebook Ad Promotion for E-Commerce Boost

One can create a Facebook promotion campaign for Shopify website to create another means of lead generation. Facebook ads can target customers based on different factors such as gender, demographics, past behavior, interests, and more. Measuring the results of Facebook Ad campaigns is a simple process and can be measured with the help of -

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

Facebook collection ads can offer a full-screen experience that users can browse through to purchase your products. They offer a personalized touch and its visuality makes it more engaging and gives the best conversion rates. The Facebook Ads for Shopify can help identify lookalike audiences that are similar to the current audiences. Finding new audiences is the way out for sustainable growth and using Dynamic Product Ads can drive the point home by increasing conversions. Facebook ads also allow the use of video content to engage customers to drive a lot of more traffic to the website. These unique ways offer an instant experience and can even be used on special events. Our Facebook Ads experts for Shopify Website can help you run promotional campaigns with maximum customer interactions and lead generation.

Facebook Remarketing for Shopify Website

Facebook Remarketing allows businesses to re-target clients having already visited your Shopify website. Facebook remarketing for Shopify website allows reaching any prospective customer who has shown interest in the company’s products. Facebook Remarketing for Shopify website help in producing a healthy ROI as people who have already reached out to the brand are being targeted and most likely to get converted.

Shopify Facebook Remarketing can pull product images, titles, and descriptions and put together an entire set of Retargeting ads to reach store visitors on Facebook. This strategy can be really helpful to launch the first Re-Targeting campaign in the easiest and low-cost ways. For example, the social media engagers could be in the upper funnel list, the viewed content users in the middle funnel while the initiated check out customers could be placed in the lower funnel. Facebook Remarketing Ads Experts at Opal Infotech can implement the Ads with the website to avoid any complexities and to take benefit of Shopify Facebook retargeting and custom audiences.

Shopify Partner for Web Development Services

Opal Infotech is Shopify partner, provides all the services to develop your Shopify business portal. Our expert Shopify developers having extensive experience in developing custom to fresh layouts and can turn your vision into the reality in no time. Our E-commerce web development includes development of themes, extension, module creation and integration, template customization etc as per the requirement. We have the team of passionate Shopify Developers rather we can say Shopify Experts who are on their toes to create innovations and to develop exclusive functionalities to meet your expectations. Our designers are well experienced to generate the distinct web layout for your store. With our dedication and constant improvements, we are able to deliver the best to satisfy our worldwide clients.

The goal of any web promotion is to set up campaigns in a way to scale up positive returns and convert more prospects into customers. The best Shopify promotional strategies involve focusing equal parts on targeting the right audience and using the best and the right creative. Opal Infotech with its team of Shopify Experts having the knowledge of different innovative tools can help to deliver the best Shopify website optimization with the help of SEO, paid promotions, and a pull strategy that tailors Shopify services with robust ideas.