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Why settle for mediocrity when you can get the best platform for e-commerce website design?

Hire OPAL INFOTECH’s expert services as a Shopify web developer and start growing your e-commerce business. Customized layout, more payment gateway options, easy maintenance, and SEO friendliness—it has everything you can think of.

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Shopify Web Design, Development, and Maintenance Company

Building a Website on Shopify

You cannot ignore Shopify's website design when it comes to building an e-commerce store. Opal Infotech – an eCommerce web design company – has an in-depth understanding of Shopify platforms and has expertise in implementing all functionalities and features as a website designer.

Shopify is a rapidly growing eCommerce platform that gives you enormous flexibility to set up your online store and sell your products. It is a complete E-comm solution that covers all requirements including product organization, storefront customization, 100+ different payment gateway integration to accept credit cards all over the world in various currencies, an extensive tracking system, etc. Shopify Store’s intuitive UI makes it very simple compared to other platforms with a drag-and-drop interface to make the changes visually. It provides free themes for your store as well as premium themes to buy and allows a lot of freedom for designers to define a unique original design with a stunning look. This can be an ideal selection for small to big-size sellers. 

Shopify Store Website Design, Development & Maintenance Services

Why Select Shopify Shopping Cart for an eCommerce Website?

  • The platform provides a fully hosted eCommerce solution including security control, backups, and monthly updates that you would like to have while managing and hosting the store.
  • It uses state-of-the-art security with Level 1 PCI-compliant and 128-bit SSL encryption to secure credit card data.
  • 150000 web stores are successfully installed with easy-to-add custom apps from massive libraries. It is constantly updating the features for the betterment of business making the site owner focused on business rather than being occupied with technical matters.
  • The platform is aligned with lots of in-built features to take care of your business including auto responders for abandoned carts, instant sale notifications, in-depth sales reports, tracking analytics, and easy to handle admin panel. This helps you to avoid wasting time crunching numbers and to get enough time to boost your sales.
  • Full-featured website CMS allows you to see and manage your products/services, customers, and business well.
  • Shopify has versatile features that allow users to customize and enhance their online store with additional features & functionalities. There are more than 6000 apps and integrations available in app stores which include apps for an account, marketing, shipping, customer services, support, etc.
  • A full Blogging platform can give you a new experience in managing your online community/visitors.
  • A Shopify website design can give functional extendibility to your business site with thousands of useful applications.
  • Shopify website's shopping cart opens up the doors for your website to accept credit cards across the globe through numerous payment gateways. It also allows simple and flexible shipping options, multiple languages, taxes, and currencies.
  • Shopify store is equipped with a Content delivery network (CDN) that ensures high uptime and quick access to the website from anywhere.
  • Shopify Website’s SEO-friendly CMS allows you to bite your competitors and place them in higher positions in search engines with expert Shopify SEO services using the available modules. Custom gift cards, discount codes & couple engines, and many others are the valued features that one online shopping portal needs to sustain itself in the internet business.

Shopify Website Design Key Features

1. Attractive Dashboard

Data-driven user-friendly dashboard which transforms figures into easy-to-understand colorful graphs. Everything is at your fingertips so decisions are made with confidence, you can track key metrics, identify trends, and have vital information at one go which saves time.

Attractive Dashboard

3. Easy Order Management

The most important issue that arises when you think about customer management, is website design Shopify solves this problem by providing tools for managing customer accounts which includes order history, account information, and the ability to create customer groups and segments for marketing purposes.

Very Easy to process orders, fulfill orders, Refund the item(s), add tracking information, etc. Abandoned cart mail and reports. It also has simple inventory tracking which keeps you aware of stock level so you avoid overselling.

Easy Order Management

5. Create Varieties Discount Code

You can offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount on products, collections, or variants in your store. If you are selling online, then you can also offer to buy X get Y discounts to encourage customers to buy items.

Create Varieties Discount Code

Shopify Key Features

2. Diversified Reports

The report shows the most valuable metrics that give you insight into the performance of your store and the behavior of your customers. The metrics are shown in numeric format and also as graphs where appropriate. For all the metrics, the percentage change from the previous date range can also be shown

Diversified Reports

4. Easy to Add/Edit Products

Add a new product in a minute. Just enter Title, Description, Images, Price, Discount, Select Collection & Save. You can customize your website with Shopify’s drag-and-drop interface, for this no coding knowledge is necessary. Add and remove sections, change layouts, and update content comfortably.

Easy to Add/Edit Products

Sell Faster with Shopify's Accelerated Checkout: A Powerful Tool Implementation by Opal Infotech

We understand the importance of a frictionless checkout experience for your Shopify store. That's why we leverage Shopify's Accelerated Checkout features to streamline the buying journey for your customers, leading to increased conversions and a happy shopping experience.

Here's how our Shopify development expertise can take your check out to the next level:

  • Effortless Repeat Purchases: We configure Shopify to securely store customer billing and shipping information. This eliminates the need for returning customers to re-enter this data, saving them valuable time and making repeat purchases a breeze.

  • Seamless Integration with Popular Payment Gateways: We ensure your store seamlessly integrates with popular payment providers like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Shop Pay. This allows customers to complete purchases with a single tap or click, using their existing accounts with these trusted services.

  • Strategic Button Placement: We strategically place dynamic checkout buttons on product pages and the checkout itself. These buttons let customers skip the shopping cart and proceed directly to checkout using their preferred accelerated checkout method, maximizing efficiency.

The Benefits of a Streamlined Checkout:

  • Reduced Cart Abandonment: By making checkout quicker and easier, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, ensuring more sales for your business.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: A smooth checkout experience keeps customers happy and coming back for more.
  • Increased Conversions: Faster checkout translates to more conversions, boosting your bottom line.

Discuss your requirements and we can start the project @ the earliest. You can refer to Custom Shopify Theme & Integration to know more about custom Shopify themes.

Opal Infotech: Simplifying Your Shopify E-commerce Experience

My website is built in custom PHP, i find difficulty in maintaining website as i am non-IT person and admin module is also very complex. If i redesign website in Shopify , will my these problem will be solved ?

Redesigning your website on Shopify can effectively solve many of the challenges you’re facing with your custom PHP site, especially if you’re not a tech expert. Here's how Shopify can make a difference:

  • Ease of Use: Shopify is built for users with little to no coding experience. With its drag-and-drop interface and templates, you can build and edit your website without needing custom PHP coding. Shopify also handles updates and security patches automatically, eliminating the need for manual management.
  • User-Friendly Admin Functionality: Shopify's admin panel allows you to easily manage products, orders, customers, and content. This intuitive interface is much simpler than dealing with a custom admin module.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Shopify takes care of server maintenance, security updates, and backups for you. This allows you to focus on running your business rather than worrying about the technical aspects of website management.
  • E-commerce Focus: Designed specifically for e-commerce, Shopify includes built-in features such as payment gateways, shipping integrations, and sales channels. Additionally, it offers tools for running promotions, discount codes, email marketing, and social media integration.
    If your current website has very unique features or a highly customized design, some development work might be needed to match Shopify's capabilities. Moving your existing data (products, customers, orders) to Shopify can require some effort, but Shopify provides tools and support to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Get Expert Help: Contact Opal Infotech, a Shopify Expert, to redesign your current website. We can help you choose the most suitable platform, ensuring you can run your business with peace of mind.

My business is very competitive . I want to make e-commerce website which is very easy to manage and 100% SEO friendly. Does Shopify platform fits into my requirements?

Considering your requirement for an easy-to-manage and SEO-friendly e-commerce website in a competitive market, Shopify stands out as a strong candidate. Here’s why:

Ease of Management:
Shopify offers several features that make managing your store straightforward and efficient:

  • User-Friendly Website Builder: Shopify's drag-and-drop website builder requires no coding knowledge, allowing you to set up and manage your store independently.
  • Fully Hosted Solution: With Shopify, server maintenance and security updates are handled for you, reducing technical overhead.
  • Extensive App Store: Shopify’s App Store offers numerous applications to enhance your store's functionality, including inventory management, order processing, customer service, and more.
  • Customizable Themes: Shopify provides a variety of themes that can be tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring a professional and attractive online store.

Shopify includes several built-in SEO features, though it's essential to engage with an SEO agency for optimal performance:

  • Fast Loading Times: Shopify stores typically load quickly, which improves user experience and is favoured by search engines.
  • Mobile-Friendly Themes: All Shopify themes are mobile-friendly, a crucial factor as more customers shop on their phones.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Shopify provides a free SSL certificate, securing your site and potentially boosting your SEO ranking.

Overall, Shopify is a robust platform that can help you create a successful e-commerce website, even in a competitive market. If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform with built-in SEO features, Shopify is an excellent option. We can design a user-friendly, results-oriented website tailored to your needs.

We are using CRM, Want to syncronize Order, Products & Qunaity in to Shopify. Will Shopify support it?

Shopify doesn't directly manage CRM integration, but it can be achieved through various methods such as APIs, third-party integration tools, and custom development. At Opal Infotech, we specialize in developing Shopify websites and synchronizing them with CRM functionalities. Here’s how we can make it happen:

Shopify API Integration:
Shopify offers robust APIs that enable extensive customization and integration:

  • Orders API: Create, update, and manage orders.
  • Products API: Manage product listings.
  • Inventory API: Handle inventory levels for products and their variants.

Using these APIs, we can programmatically sync data from your CRM to Shopify.

Third-Party Integration Tools:
Several third-party tools facilitate synchronization between your CRM and Shopify without extensive custom coding. Popular options include:

  • Zapier: Automates workflows between apps, including CRM and Shopify.
  • Supports integration between CRM systems and Shopify.
  • Integromat: Provides advanced automation capabilities for CRM and Shopify integration.

We have experience integrating all these options with your Shopify website.

Custom Development:
For complex requirements, custom development may be necessary to create a middleware that handles the synchronization. This involves:

  • Developing a custom app or script that fetches data from your CRM.
  • Mapping CRM data fields to Shopify data fields.
  • Using Shopify's APIs to push the data into your Shopify store.

Opal Infotech’s team of qualified Shopify developers can assist you with custom development to meet your specific needs.

Get Started with CRM Integration for Your Shopify Store:
Whether you prefer using Shopify's APIs, third-party tools, or require a custom solution, Opal Infotech has the expertise to integrate your CRM with Shopify seamlessly. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you streamline your business processes.

You can rely on our Shopify Mobile app development & PWA site expertise

Explore unlimited possibilities with a custom mobile app and a blazing fast PWA site developed by our expert Shopify team. Our Shopify mobile app development skills will drive user engagement and elevate your sales figures like never before. To build a unique customer experience that attracts the highest profitability, we apply Shopify’s powerful APIs and JavaScript framework.

Our Shopify expert team develops headless Shopify, meaning we decouple the front end from Shopify’s backend so that one can build a PWA site or mobile app with any technology, including Gatsby, React, VUE, etc. Get advanced functionalities with our expertise in integrating server-less functions to handle any complex jobs without server management. With this, you can achieve excellent scalability and efficiency. Our Shopify’s powerful GraphQL API integration skills give intense potential for custom product filtering, personalized recommendations, and dynamic content generation, keeping your customers engaged. All these are done through rigorous performance testing, ensuring that your mobile app and PWA work well. Our Shopify development team identifies hindrances, optimizes code, and guarantees a flawless, delightful user experience. We are not only executing development work but also applying innovative skills to strategize, design, and optimize for maximum impact that looks good and drives excellent results. Contact us now to discuss the technological breakthrough of headless architecture, server-less functionalities, and cutting-edge development to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Excel in Your eCommerce business with Opal Infotech, a trusted Shopify partner.

Hire Certified Shopify Partner

We’re not just developers; we’re your dedicated partners in crafting a thriving online store, from conception to constant evolution. Our passionate Shopify experts, a blend of tech wizards and design experts, bring your vision to life with innovative custom layouts and themes that speak volumes about your brand. Go beyond the ordinary with bespoke extensions, modules, and integrations, tailored to streamline your operations and empower your platform. Our relentless pursuit of innovation ensures you stay ahead of the competition, while our unmatched commitment to maintenance and support for your Shopify store keeps your store running like a money making machine.

With Opal Infotech, you’re not just building an online store; you’re forging a powerful sales engine. Witness brand awareness soar, conversion rates skyrocket, and your competitive edge sharpen. Leave the technical intricacies to us; focus on your core business while we unleash the full potential of your eCommerce vision. Hire Opal Infotech and embark on a journey towards eCommerce mastery.

Once you build a website with Shopify you may explore possibilities of promoting your business with Shopify SEO or Google Shopping Ads Services

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