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Website & MySQL Database Backup Services

Opal Infotech has come up with highly demanded backup services for all types of websites. People know the term “backup” yet, they may not be aware the importance, until they face complications of lost data/site. Threats for online business are also on the hike with technological advancements. We are most concerned about our client’s online business that must be operated smooth without any major down time. Based on this motto, we have extended our exclusive website backup services for your static and dynamic or e-commerce website or database driven website.

Our backup service package is of two types as below -

Backup for Static or dynamic website based on

Backup for E-commerce portal or database-driven website which includes

  • Full website with Database & server e-mail backup
  • Database daily
  • Complete the website every week

Why Need Backup?

Website backup is always a burning question for any site owner. Whether it is a static or dynamic website, there are frequent chances that your site may get down due to various reasons like virus attacks, hacking, accidental deletion, hard drive failure, server failure, and plug-in issues that may shut your site or might stop functioning properly. The reason might be anything, but who will be the ultimate sufferer? And the answer is “you”.

In today’s scenario where a website is the sole online identity of your business, a single day downtime or even a half day shut may incur lots of loss to your business and revenue. This is true for all types of online businesses running on static, dynamic, or e-commerce websites. This may cause the loss of visibility to your prospective visitors through desktops or mobiles and even can affect the web listing as per the latest search engine algorithm. So website backup is becoming a priority need for the majority of website owners and those who do not understand the value of this, many times miss valuable business opportunities for the sake of saving merely a few bucks. This can further increase the business downtime, which may not be acceptable at the cost of the company's reputation.

Frequently people are looking for better options for web backups but can’t get the solution in the absence of accurate information. Here we have tried to brief about common issues that confuse the site owners and make them delay in decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When the backup facility is available online, then why do we need professional backup services?
    Yes. If it is a static website and not frequently updating, the initial website storage in your local server or devices may be sufficient for you. The only precaution from your end is to preserve it for a long and in between also take backup for any change/s you do onsite. This can be your sole responsibility to be cautious about your business site.

    For dynamic/e-commerce websites, where product up-gradation is done frequently or daily a backup routine is to be maintained. Any missing can be a high cost. In both above cases, you need additional resources, time, and energy to invest at your end which may be even more costly than assigned to a professional service provider. Here you need technical expertise and mishaps can lead to errors.
  • My hosting provider is taking backup and I don’t feel to own the third-party services.
    Yes. Many hosting providers include the backup feature in their package but, if you check in real-time, very few of the web hosts take the daily web data storage. Rest all may have old copies of your data that may have changed over the period. So when you demand a copy of the data, there are chances that you may get old data that is of no use. So it is not advisable of totally on web host data.
    And what about in case a dedicated hosting server fails? Where in all cases you or your representative is responsible and not taking the data copy regularly?
  • My website is static and I have taken an initial backup that is enough.
    Never be under the impression that the initial backup will last forever. There are chances of data storage failure device failure or changes you made on site without making the spare copy. So in all cases, it needs to maintain a schedule to avoid accidental data loss.
  • How this professional backup service will help me?
    We take regular backups of the database with complete site backup once a week that turns to 30 times data storage for the database along with 4 times whole site back-up for the dynamic e-commerce website. So your data is ready to get back online quickly in case of any mishap. This tends to be your peace of mind any day any time.
    Internet viruses and hackers are ready to find the loopholes to enter your site. In this situation also, you are helpless if you don’t have a copy of your updated data. Your web hosting provider also may not be keen to scan your site regularly or there are chances to get it done on a chargeable basis. So it is better to have your copy ready to be with you in any case to upload and start the website quickly.
  • Is this solution cost-effective?
    Yes. This is a cost-effective service if you consider all the parameters. 1) it gives you peace of mind. Do not worry about backup scheduling, devices, manpower, time, etc. It is taken by professionals who check your data is updated well at any point in time without data corruption.
    Disasters could strike anytime. Regularly and properly taken backups will save your business and profit. Contact us today to learn more benefits and get your data up to date.