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WordPress Development, Design, Website Maintenance, and Migration Services

Build a website in WordPress, customise it, get digital marketing services, and excel your business performance by grabbing endless opportunities.

A one-stop solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to design, redesign, migrate, or maintain outstanding WordPress websites at a great price. The user-friendly admin module will assist you in adding and editing, copying text and images, and experiencing the true power of WordPress development with Opal Infotech's experienced team of web developers.

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WordPress Development, Design, Website Maintenance, and Migration Services

WordPress Development Services – From Design to Maintenance

Go beyond ordinary website creation that spoils the brand, wastes your money, and time. We help you build a tailor-made WordPress website that elevates your brand and drives results. Our team of experienced designers can create a custom layout, keeping your vision and brand in mind, responsive to all devices, and user-friendly navigation. Meanwhile, our expert developers work on designing and developing high-performance functionality, including customization, plugin development and integration, eCommerce functionalities, and multisite developments, which help turn visitors into customers. Beyond the creation of a WordPress website, we also maintain it by implementing security updates, content management, performance optimization, and upgrading functionalities.

WordPress Web Design & Development Services

We are committed to making your business successful with WordPress Design

There are multiple reasons why OPAL INFOTECH is a preferred web development company for WordPress website design. Some of the reasons we can share with you may help you make an informed decision.

  • Experienced team and proven track record: Behind every perfect design, there is experience and a passion for creating result-oriented websites. We love challenges when it comes to complex development, such as eCommerce integration, plugin development, and multisite management on the WordPress platform. The depth of knowledge always translates into tangible outcomes that are beneficial for our customers. Trusting our E-commerce team will prove to be a smart investment for the future. You can refer to testimonials and our portfolio to learn more.
  • Crystal clear and competitive pricing: Whether it is WordPress web design or maintenance, we believe in transparent pricing without any hidden fees or unfair tactics. Just straightforward, easy-to-understand quotations tailored to your requirements. As we have an in-house team for everything OPAL does, we offer the most competitive and flexible pricing to fit your needs along with your budget. When you are sure about what you are going to pay finally, it builds trust and gives you peace of mind. Invest in your success with us without worrying about hidden fees or unexpected charges.
  • Excellent communication & services: Opal Infotech understands that crafting a stunning WordPress website is not easy without clear, consistent, and interactive communications. After understanding your vision, objectives, and preferences in detail, our project development team asks insightful questions to translate everything our team has gathered into a business-oriented website. First, our team presents initial mockups, explains the rationale, invites feedback, and delivers final results. As a professional company, we also understand that real services and support start after the launch of the website. Our dedicated service support team will coordinate with you for any further services required, whether it is under the WordPress maintenance contract or during the complimentary service period. In other words, we are committed to giving services and support beyond the projects in the decided timeline with a fast communication mode.
  • All services under one roof: In today’s rapidly moving business, simply having a WordPress website is not enough; you need to be noticed and remembered, and that can be done through solid website promotional activities. Opal Infotech is not only a WordPress specialist; our company is an SEO & Google/Bing Ad expert too. So after developing the website, you don’t need to look for an agency that can provide you with digital marketing services. We have a qualified team who can take care of the organic promotion of your website, Google & Bing paid services, and social media marketing. Don’t settle for mediocrity; go for the best when you hire the same agency for digital marketing that has developed your website. There are no chances of passing the bugs which may spoil the quality of work and ultimately affect the results. We are committed to offering complete solutions right from concept to achieving online dominance."

WordPress Development Services by an Experienced Web Design Company

Opal Infotech has the knowledge and expertise in developing WP-based websites and can provide you with quick and affordable services. It is very much necessary when you need to have an online presence for your company. You also need to ensure that it is having all the features and functionalities you require. We have skilled employees who can understand your requirements and customize the template per your business requirements. We have experience in handling various kinds of WordPress development projects which has given us expertise in different plug-in development, Plug-in customization, Theme creation, and integration, Widget, layout customization, managing skin patterns, community development, and also online site maintenance for this unique platform. We ensure that the net page we make is innovative and user-friendly so that your visitors enjoy visiting and you can manage it without difficulties.

WordPress Development and Design

Outsource & Hire WordPress Website Designer

If you are keen on getting the web layout structured, hire a WordPress web design firm - Opal Infotech, in India to offer theme development services equivalent to half the job done. We can provide you with the most preferable design solutions without compromising quality. Our primary WordPress web development services include a blog, Plugin, Theme, Template, CMS Development, etc. Our specialist web design Company in India is renowned for outsourcing theme development services and has structured many pages within the stipulated time for our clients worldwide. You can view our Portfolio to get an idea about the quality of our work and our abilities to create fully functional and Attractive Web Design and Blogs.  We, not only design simple WordPress websites but we can handle any complicated development task which includes plug-in development, integration with other applications, e-commerce conversions, database management, etc. As a WordPress outsourcing partner, we assure you our expertise, experience, transparency, cost-effective solution & quick turnaround time.

Most Valuable Features of WordPress 6.5 Web Design

  • Font Library - Maintain control over your site’s typography effortlessly, without the need for coding or extra steps.
  • Easier Font Management - Easily install, remove, and activate local and Google Fonts across your site for any Block theme.
  • Enhanced Background and Shadow Tools - Add visual interest to your layouts with updated design tools. Control size, repeat, and focal point options on your background images. Add shadow effects to more blocks for visual depth.
  • Detailed Style Revisions - Access details like timestamps, quick summaries, and a paginated list of all revisions. View revisions from the Style Book and now also for templates and template parts.
  • Improved Link Controls - Create and manage links easily with a more intuitive UI, including a streamlined experience and a shortcut for copying links.
  • New Data Views - Quickly find and organize data with views for pages, templates, patterns, and template parts. Toggle fields and make bulk changes in table or grid view.
  • Performance Updates - WordPress 6.5 includes 110+ performance updates, significantly increasing speed and efficiency in the Post Editor and Site Editor, with loading times over twice as fast as in 6.4.
  • More Control Over Cover Block Images - Set aspect ratios for Cover block images and add color overlays that automatically source colors from your chosen image.
  • Smoother Drag-and-Drop - Enjoy helpful visual cues and frictionless dragging, with displaced items in List View and seamless workspace navigation.
  • Interactivity API - Enhance user experiences with real-time interactions, such as fetching search results instantly or letting visitors interact with content dynamically.
  • Block Bindings API - Developers can connect blocks to custom fields or any dynamic content, extending capabilities beyond traditional custom fields.
  • Enhanced Appearance Tools for Classic Themes - Designers using Classic themes can now access upgraded design features, including spacing, border, typography, and color options, without needing theme.json.
  • Improved Plugin Experience - Plugin authors can now include a Requires Plugins header with a list of required plugins, providing users with links to install and activate these plugins first

WordPress Web Development FAQs

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