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WordPress Development, Design, Website Maintenance, and Migration Services

Build a website in WordPress, customise it, get digital marketing services, and excel your business performance by grabbing endless opportunities.

A one-stop solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to design, redesign, migrate, or maintain outstanding WordPress websites at a great price. The user-friendly admin module will assist you in adding and editing, copying text and images, and experiencing the true power of WordPress development with Opal Infotech's experienced team of web developers.

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WordPress Development, Design, Website Maintenance, and Migration Services

WordPress Development Services

WordPress is an open-source content management system and a blogging tool powered by PHP and MySQL. Currently, WordPress is known as the easy-to-use content management system available. Using this CMS, one can develop business small or large websites and blogs. It is an open-source CMS that can be downloaded from the internet. After downloading WP, one can immediately start posting and publishing the content. It has a number of in-built features that provide the facility to create and maintain internet pages in an effective manner. It plays an essential role in creating a functional and attractive internet page and can give an online presence to your business quickly.

WordPress Web Design & Development Services

Benefits of WordPress Development

With the advancement in the system, it is now not only used to create blogs but also for creating custom pages. Even beginners can fully explore its Themes and Plug-ins. But with the help of professionals, the internet layout on this platform has useful functionalities and an appealing structure can be created in a professional manner. A WordPress website is very easy to maintain and can be managed by more than one user.

  • WordPress is straightforward just like sending an email or using MS Word. So, it becomes convenient for business owners to add, remove or edit the content on their business page easily. Once it is ready, it can be managed with the help of its easy-to-use admin panel.
  • Pages with WordPress themes can be developed quickly compared to other content management systems, so the costs incurred are less affordable for small businessmen or new businessmen.
  • Search engine optimization becomes easy and is known to have a good organic ranking in search engines. In this competitive business environment, it is necessary to have high rankings to achieve effective online visibility.
  • There are many Plug-ins and webpage structuring themes inbuilt available with WordPress. So, customizing and creating a website as per your choice & business requirements has become quite easy and has made it the most versatile content management system available today. Designs, layouts, widgets, plug-ins, etc. are altered by designers possessing expertise in WP.
  • The best advantage is its good administration which ensures that the site runs smoothly and can be managed without any hassles.

WordPress Development Services by an Experienced Web Design Company

Opal Infotech has the knowledge and expertise in developing WP-based websites and can provide you with quick and affordable services. It is very much necessary when you need to have an online presence for your company. You also need to ensure that it is having all the features and functionalities you require. We have skilled employees who can understand your requirements and customize the template per your business requirements. We have experience in handling various kinds of WordPress development projects which has given us expertise in different plug-in development, Plug-in customization, Theme creation, and integration, Widget, layout customization, managing skin patterns, community development, and also online site maintenance for this unique platform. We ensure that the net page we make is innovative and user-friendly so that your visitors enjoy visiting and you can manage it without difficulties.

Outsource & Hire WordPress Website Designer

If you are keen on getting the web layout structured, hire a WordPress web design firm - Opal Infotech, in India to offer theme development services equivalent to half the job done. We can provide you with the most preferable design solutions without compromising quality. Our primary WordPress web development services include a blog, Plugin, Theme, Template, CMS Development, etc. Our specialist web design Company in India is renowned for outsourcing theme development services and has structured many pages within the stipulated time for our clients worldwide. You can view our Portfolio to get an idea about the quality of our work and our abilities to create fully functional and Attractive Web Design and Blogs.

Most Valuable Features of WordPress 5.0 Web Design

  • Adding New Blocks - You can add the new block like text, paragraphs, photos, Embedded Video, etc from here in a very nice and clean way
  • Moving Block - You can just move the block using the Arrow key or drag & drop using the mouse
  • Text editor- Code lover you do not have to worry you can make your own HTML code.
  • Table of Content - This is a really helpful feature for the SEO purpose, It detects all Heading tags and shows them in Tree Manner
  • CSS- You can directly add the CSS from the Gutenberg editor, do not need to go to the editor and change OR Add CSS while you are designing the page
  • Gallery - You can easily add a group of pictures to your page without using any extra plugin
  • Cover Image- you can upload the cover image and set opacity and add the text on it very easily with responsive
  • Divide Page into columns- You can divide the page into 2 OR 3 Column from the editor itself in a responsive manner
  • Plugins & Extensions: There are Many Plugins and extensions available in WordPress for adding additional functionality to the website.
  • Customizable Design: It is Easily Customizable in terms of Design & Functionalities

WordPress Web Development FAQs

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