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Fix the technical aspects of the website to improve search engine ranking as per the Google guidelines.

Technical SEO is to Understand the algorithm of the search engine, make the technical changes to websites, and implement SEO-friendly components that result in a high ranking in the search engine. Some of the most important factors are secured websites, search engine-friendly URL structure, responsive layouts, page speed optimization, creating important sitemaps, implementation of structured data markup, Google search console, Bing Webmaster Tools registration, fixing dead links, content optimization, name a few.

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Technical SEO Services Company

Technical SEO Services: Do You Need One?

A well-planned digital marketing strategy must incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) as it is the oldest and most proven one, and comprehending its basics is crucial to achieving success in business objectives. For those with more advanced strategies, engaging a technical SEO agency might be necessary to obtain high search engine rankings. The significance of the technical structure of the website is increasing day by day to provide a better user experience.

It is important since it essentially makes sure that your website is user-friendly and free of any technical problems that hinder it from being recognized and ranked by search engines. It is a branch of SEO that focuses on making your website's infrastructure easier for search engines to crawl and index. It addresses your website's technical elements, like sitemaps, page speed, URL structure, schema, site navigation, broken links, duplicate content, and more.

Website design and content are ineffective if consumers can't access or browse your site, therefore having a technically optimized website is crucial if you want to draw sizable organic traffic through search engines.

If you are looking for business through good ranking in that case technical SEO of your website is the foundation of your online presence. It is undoubtedly a lot to handle. Fortunately, you can delegate the task to experts like us who have an understanding of the technical parts of the optimizations.

Technical SEO agency.
Technically optimized website
Technical SEO services

How to find the right  Technical SEO Company?

While growing awareness about the internet and confidence in doing business through websites more and more companies & people prefer to search for products or services online. To take advantage of this, companies need excellent technically sound informative website design to offer the best user experience. This is what can keep them competitive in a global market, with international customers looking to do business through websites.

So, how do you know if you need technical SEO services or not? Here are some facts that will tell you whether or not you need this kind of help!

Your site loads slowly

The first sign would be when your site loads slowly because it has many pages.

Hacked by another company or someone else has taken control

Another sign would be when your site needs to be checked by a specialist because it was hacked by another company or someone else has taken control of it.

You're always coming out with new products

A third sign would be when you have pages that need to be updated often because you're always coming out with new products, etc.

These are just three instances of how to determine if you should work with an experienced agency, like Opal Infotech, to offer technical SEO services.

Opal Infotech - Can help your Business Grow

At OPAL, we are a team of experienced technical experts passionate about helping our customers achieve optimum website performance by securing the best possible search engine ranking with our technical expertise. We understand search engine algorithms and resolve issues related to the technical aspects of websites. We have an in-depth understanding of conducting technical audits and then fixing reported errors, which have resulted in significant improvements in organic traffic, keyword ranking, and ultimate conversions for our clients. Explore the full potential of your business by optimizing your website through technical SEO and increasing organic traffic manifold.

Your site will experience improved ranking outcomes and increased revenue thanks to our data-driven, specifically targeted approach.

Create the finest user experience you can with Opal Infotech to not only draw in visitors but also keep them on your site and turn them into commercial clients!

Opal Infotech - Can help your Business Grow

With Opal Infotech, gain superior outcomes without making predictions:

By enhancing technical SEO functional requirements, adhering to Google's best practices, and making your website responsive across various devices and web browsers, our technical tactics are intended to assist your website in ranking higher.

You may audit your presence using technical checklists and strategies. Our experts will give you a detailed analysis of any technical problems that might be affecting the functionality and ranking of your website.

Our Technical SEO experts cover a range of optimization techniques to help our experienced team take your business to a greater level.

  • We make you more visible online -
    Opal Infotech increases the number of online users with SEO. Your company's exposure will be greatly impacted by Optimization results. Your company website will appear toward the top of search results if it provides an accurate response or the appropriate solution.
    Access to the right audience is made possible via search engine ranking - Since accuracy is the cornerstone of SEO, it won't help you rank for any search terms. Giving precise and pertinent responses can help you succeed with strategy by ensuring that your content appears for the search terms that your potential clients are using.
  • We bring in targeted leads for your website –
    Through technical optimization, you can gain visibility and connect with customers who have previously expressed interest in your company, goods, or services. Additionally, we connect you to others who have shown interest in matters about your line of work through SEO. Users who choose your website from a search engine's organic results are more likely to become qualified leads. They are therefore more likely to convert to paying clients, in other terms, it increases conversion rates.
  • We promote exposure of brands –
    This may raise brand awareness since it increases your presence online and exposes your website and business name to more users. People will grow more familiar with your brand name the more frequently they see it in search results with our help. Assume your brand has already gained the attention of potential buyers through advertising, social media posts, or other forms of advertising. There is a possibility that they will click on your website if it is ranking high in search results.
    It improves trust and trustworthiness - One of the key benefits for businesses is that a high ranking on the SERP may influence consumers' perceptions of your brand's reliability and credibility.
  • A competitive edge is provided by us -
    Your competitors are most certainly investing in SEO. The more popular your competitors are, the more probable it is that they will attract website visitors and clients that you may have lost. A clever plan prepared by Opal Infotech will provide you with a competitive edge over your rivals in the SERPs because search results are quite competitive. Finally, data demonstrate that having a strong strategy helps you rank highly.
    Long-term benefits of SEO for your company - It is more of a long-term approach that will continue to pay off long after your original investment; it is not a fast fix. Long after you've finished creating and optimizing it, your site content may continue to score highly in search results. You only need to do a little maintenance.
  • We enhance Website Performance –
    Website speed is one of Google's user experience signals, and it now significantly affects your ranking. The loading speed of pages can affect how they compete against other pages. With Opal Infotech you rank better in organic search by content optimization which will speed up your website, ensuring a positive user experience for your visitors, lowering bounce rates, and possibly even increasing sales.

Some SEO fundamentals: Opal Infotech’s Growth-oriented tactics

Performing a keyword search
  • Performing a keyword search - We find out the search terms that potential customers use to get information about your company, sector, products, or services in a process known as keyword exploration. We at Opal Infotech help companies to focus their efforts on keyword phrases and words. We make a list of simple keyword suggestions for terms related to your business or sector to locate the best and most competitive keywords.
Making the content of a high standard
  • Making the content of a high standard – We assist in the creation of content using the list of keywords. For your content to be appealing to both consumers and search engines, we put in the time to ensure that it is of a high caliber. We also help in integrating targeted keywords in the content.

What makes Opal Infotech’s Technical SEO services unique?

Our strategy places a strong emphasis on optimizing high-value pages and competitive keywords, resolving crawl and indexing issues, and creating fresh content to capitalize on keyword opportunities. We apply our skills in design to enhance user experience, which raises ranking.

Trust and openness at every level

Trust and openness at every level -

At Opal Infotech, we foster a mindset of trust, understanding, and open communication to encourage cooperation both internally and when dealing with clients. You can rely on complete transparency in a time & materials model from us because we don't take any shortcuts as an established company.

Adjust and optimize with targeted analytics

Adjust and optimize with targeted analytics -

Our toolkit of strategies and your visitor's growth map serve as our compass as we monitor, adjust, and advance. And we always keep you informed with clear, comprehensible news. We can continuously improve the performance of your website by regularly monitoring your performance, algorithm upgrades, and site health.

Send a free SEO audit with a full review

Send a free SEO audit with a full review -

Website auditing is something that our technical services have done for years. Our SEO specialists will examine your website audits to find any technical problems that might be preventing your website from ranking well.

Thorough keyword research

Thorough keyword research -

In simple terms, keyword research means finding, analyzing & understanding important search terms buyers generally use to find your type of business through leading search engines like Google to concentrate digital marketing and advertising efforts on the terms that are most important to get relevant inquiries for the growth of business, you must conduct keyword research.

Gain immediate benefits by enhancing site health and on-page SEO

Gain immediate benefits by enhancing site health and on-page SEO -

Following the completion of the keyword research, we optimize the page's structure, establish links, and provide expertly written meta titles and descriptions. We've covered everything from what users read to the code that runs everything.

Technical SEO Services Offered by Opal Infotech

We value open communication and look forward to working as an extension of your team to manage your account. So, let's take a closer look at what our experts can manage throughout the procedure. What we will utilize is as follows:

  • SEO Technical Audit

    To find and address any issues with your webpage or website, we do a thorough relevant technical SEO audit. Important checkpoints covered by the audit include mobile performance, duplicated materials, image enhancement, internal linking arrangement, design of the website, accessibility internal link architecture, page performance, XML sitemap, redirects, indexation, crawl errors, and domain architecture. We implement both immediate and sustained strategies based on data analytics to improve the overall experience of users and increase search engine rankings for your website.

  • Analysis of Competitors

    Take a closer look at your competitors' optimization tactics to find out how you can convert more visitors. You can trust our specialists to analyze your competitor's keywords, ranking patterns, presence on social networks, and professional inbound link profiles. By following these processes, we may be able to design and develop strategies that will provide you with a market competitive advantage.

  • Core Web Vitals Optimization

    Core Web Vitals is one of the important and recent ranking signals integrated by Google for a better web experience for users. Thus optimizing these metrics is very important for technical SEO. Google Core Web Vitals is a set of key performance indicators to analyze and measure your website health and vitality with 3 important parameters including LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). Years of experience and deep knowledge in Web design and development made Opal Infotech quite compatible with understanding this niche technical requirement of Google in SEO for successful implementation that not only is used to gain better ranking in search results but also gives a good surfing experience to your users. This we can achieve by using various techniques in combination with powerful caching solutions, eliminating render-blocking resources, deferring the loading of JavaScript, using CDN, Optimizing image size, exploring hosting server capabilities, and many more to achieve Core Web Vital optimization.

  • Optimizing images

    Large visuals will make your site less effective and result in fewer visitors. The professionals at Opal Infotech will choose the ideal file type, optimize your alt characteristics, shrink the files that hold your snaps, increase visibility, provide value, utilize image layouts, and use image enhancement techniques to the fullest. We can locate and address particular technical SEO problems and concerns that are impacting your web pages.

Analysis of Competitors
Core Web Vitals Optimization
Optimizing images
  • Meta Data Analysis

    Meta tags that accurately describe the content of your page to both web users and search engines will increase your online exposure and drive more traffic to your website. We assist you in ensuring that the title tags and meta descriptions are present on all of your pages and content. Your titles and the organization of your information are more important to us. We use it to add alt text to your photographs. To instruct search engines on how to access your content, we employ robot meta tags. We help raise the authority, the search presence, and ultimately the ranking.

  • Performance Enhancement

    Even if your website is fully optimized for SEO from all sides, it won't rank well if it is unreliable, slow, and difficult for users to use. Streamlining HTML documents through compression, minimizing redirection, utilizing browser cache, and increasing server performance all enhance user experience, minimize bounce rates, conversion rates, and site speed, promote visibility, and include SEO value, and search engine positions. In addition, we speed up server response times, decrease redirects, use browser cache, and optimize your code.

  • Systematic Data Markup

    Using a plan structure will make your material simpler for search engines to scan, recognize, and display. The method also creates web pages, allocates meta-attributes, underlines certain elements on your page, and adds responsive design. Using the Organized Data Testing Tool, our specialists will check your data for errors or problems. Your company will become more visible and have better click-through rates as a result of improved search results.

    You will get -

    • Advantages of SEO
    • Ensure Google can interpret your website
    • SERP attributes
Meta Data Analysis
Performance Enhancement
Systematic Data Markup
  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research is the bedrock of your internet marketing approach. To make sure your website is using the proper keywords, research existing market tendencies and consumer activity. To evaluate your keyword ranks and enhance your web pages with effective search phrases, our SEO specialists analyze your niche and carry out technical SEO audits.

  • Back Link Analysis

    Backlinks are crucial for assessing SEO performance. Our backlink analysis offers a thorough study of your backlink profile, revealing the sources of your connections and the pages they point to. Thorough backlink analysis reveals chances for connecting that are the foundation of a successful off-page search engine optimization campaign.

    • Take away any harmful links
    • Opportunities for constructing links
    • The off-page SEO approach
  • Penalty Recovery

    Our skilled SEO team has identified and successfully restored the reputation of countless websites over the years, whether you were working with another agency that didn't adhere to recommended practices or dropped off the results page for unclear reasons. We also test each of your redirects to make sure they function properly.

    • Gain back lost traffic
    • Get back ranks
    • Keep your reputation intact.
Keyword Research
Back Link Analysis
Penalty Recovery
  • Website Migration or Transfer

    Growing companies frequently switch to new website platforms, domain names, or a secure browsing environment (HTTPS). Several potential issues could arise throughout the migration process, which could hurt your site's functionality and reduce visitors.

    To maintain performance, a site migration must be carried out correctly. Thousands of websites have been successfully converted by our team of knowledgeable technical SEO specialists. Using our team for your relocation has the following advantages:

    • Advantages of SEO
    • Increasing domain authority
    • Search Effectiveness
    • Boost your mobile audience
    • Heightened interest
    • Discreet browsing (HTTPS)
  • Continuous Surveillance

    The process of technical SEO is ongoing. Our technical SEO company will frequently evaluate your exploration board, run site searches based on updates, and keep track of your ongoing search engine ranks. Our technical SEO team will monitor search engine results pages and perform release-based site crawls.

  • Redirects Optimization

    A redirect is a technique for sending visitors and search engines to a different URL from the one they initially visited. We periodically review your current redirects. Your redirect chains will be looked after, and any potential redirect issues will be fixed.

Website Migration or Transfer
Continuous Surveillance
Redirects Optimization
  • Content Duplication Correction

    Because duplicate material negatively affects our SEO performance, we are concerned about it. To be more precise, it causes a variety of indexing and backlink dilution. Any issues with duplicate content that could harm your website will be resolved by us.

    Our thorough technical content optimization audit can also offer suggestions for improving the content strategy's structure, language, and quality while emphasizing the significance of technical SEO. Some of your linked content strategies can also be resolved by additional on-page and off-page SEO, such as Tag optimization for HTML (titles, headers, meta descriptions)

  • Crawl Improvement Services

    All of your website's important pages have to be accessible to search engine crawlers with ease. Crawling SEO Services ensure that your pages are indexed and shown in the search results as well as speed up the discovery of your content. We assist you in planning and carrying out a reliable crawling strategy. Crawling improvement aims to make it easier for search engine scanners to explore your website and prevent them from wasting time on crowded pages that shouldn't be indexed.

  • Website Security Enhancement

    Making sure your website is constantly up and running not only protects your visitors but also advances its search engine ranking. We will correctly deploy the HTTPS protocol to guarantee the security of users accessing your website.

Content Duplication Correction
Crawl Improvement Services
Website Security Enhancement

Choose Opal Infotech and Improve Your SEO

Technical SEO mostly refers to improving web indexation, backend operation, and the responsiveness of your website across various devices.

With Opal Infotech, you may audit your technical SEO difficulties using a variety of technical SEO methodologies and checklists, and our knowledgeable technical SEO specialists will give you a detailed technical SEO report outlining any issues that might affect the functionality and ranking of your website:

Configuring the Server

Configuring the Server

Any server configuration issues that result in server errors during our crawl or affect the technical SEO of page speed can be found using our technical SEO audit checklist. Once these mistakes are located, we may get in touch with your web hosting company to have them fix them.

UX: User Experience

UX: User Experience

We can analyze user behavior on your site, produce a report with suggestions for top-level funnel adjustments for visitors, and lower technical bounce rates using Google Analytics and our heatmap data.

Linking Within or Internal Linking

Linking Within or Internal Linking

In addition to fixing redirect problems, SSL consistency problems, and broken link problems, we can also offer a high-level report of suggested internal linking techniques to increase the flow of authority and technical SEO traffic. This includes inside references from:

  • Menu navigation at the top
  • Footer hyperlinks
  • In-content links that are embedded
Accessibility on Mobile

Mobile Optimization

Additionally, we offer a technical analysis of your mobile presence, such as advice for technical SEO content optimization and page speed difficulties. You don't have a mobile site? Do not worry; we offer services for mobile web design, such as:

  • Responsive website design
  • Tagged augmented mobile pages
  • Design for mobile devices
Get On-Page SEO

Get On-Page SEO

The process of optimizing web page content for search engines and people is referred to as on-page SEO, sometimes known as on-site SEO. On-page SEO tactics often involve enhancing title tags, content, internal associations, and URLs. The actions you perform directly on your website are considered on-page optimization. Examples include- It is becoming more common to use content that is - keyword-rich, appealing to the target audience, with meta descriptions and titles, and improves URLs.

Get Off-Page SEO

Get Off-Page SEO

A specific set of actions usually referred to as connecting procedures are required for off-page SEO. These procedures include adding links to online resources, participating in weblogs, writing discussion posts, responding to frequently asked questions, fixing broken connections, digital advertising, submitting documents and images, and various other procedures. Off-page management refers to unstructured, off-domain, external activities like inbound marketing, online social networks, branding analysis, blog publishing with tweaking, and picture and data filing.

Why Should Opal Infotech Be Your Technical SEO Agency?

The basis of the work we undertake on each client's website is technical SEO. Each partnership begins with a thorough SEO assessment that reveals the issues that need to be corrected initially as well as the obstacles we need to confront. We correct the issues found during the audit using our years of knowledge so that it can properly increase its visibility and produce predictable results.

Our hands-on approach to every collaboration enables us to delve into the specifics of your site and mold the restoration plan to your company's objectives.


Technical SEO Services FAQs