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We Offer The Best Web Design Services
Get Responsive, B2B/B2C, SEO-Friendly Website 

Aesthetic layout, eye-catching responsive design, fast loading, and user-friendly development features are the key design ingredients for any company or e-commerce website. Opal Infotech has experience of more than 24 years in web design for various industries and services, including engineering, chemicals, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, education, jewelry, agro-products, textiles, FMCG, consumer durables, and many more. If you are looking for a responsive custom web design for your B2B or B2C business, we can present a website design that is superior in technology, features, and functionalities.

The Best Custom Web Design / Redesign that is easy to
manage and SEO-friendly

We as a professional website design company, can offer the best custom layout, easy navigation options, superior web page performance, 100% responsive design, and website optimization for SEO. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training on how to manage the website from your end, such as adding/deleting/updating, and managing the content of the pages.

Custom Web Design / Redesign that is easy to manage and SEO-friendly

We have a huge portfolio of our web design work,
showcasing the strength of the company’s
products and services in a beautiful way.

Custom UI Designer for the creation of stunning websites

Custom UI Designer for the
creation of stunning websites


Get creative UI designs that include full-featured, dynamic websites built with cutting-edge technology such as Angular, Laravel, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Custom PHP, and others. We deliver high-performing websites as fast as possible so your business can multiply. Our well-designed services offer only customized layouts. Template-based websites are not a part of our web design services as they can spoil our customers' images in the long run, unless you are starting a personal or non-profit venture.

SEO-Friendly web design brings speedy and great results.

Our SEO-Friendly web design
brings speedy and great

We must create an SEO-friendly website; to do so, a team of web designers and developers should have a basic understanding of search engine algorithms. Our team of qualified UI developers and designers have in-depth knowledge about the design and development of search engine-friendly websites, which can be one of the objectives of website design.

Dedicated Support, Before & After Web Design Services

Opal Infotech's Dedicated Support, Before &
After Web Design Services


Our experienced team will be continually interacting with you till the web design and development project is completed and launched successfully. The interaction will help to complete the web design project fast. After the website launches, our expert team can also suggest additional services to complement the objective of the website, which can be a digital marketing plan including SEO, Google Ads management services, social media marketing, or maintenance services.

Website Design Company

Website Design Company with Difference

The smallest attention is paid when our company designs a website for your business. We have a separate quality assurance team that makes sure that your website does not have any broken links, forms are working properly, topics are properly bookmarked, it is easy to browse the website structure, appropriate page URL, fast download speed, optimized page performance, etc.

If your website is not designed properly in terms of aesthetic website layout, engaging images, and informative content, it will have a higher bounce rate. When we design for your company, our experienced web designers take care of every point, and also, everything is counter-checked by our quality assurance team.

What we can deliver as a web design agency

  • Exclusive Web Page Design
  • Speed optimization for websites
  • Informative Content
  • Appealing Image Placement
  • Effortless Website Navigation
  • Image File Names
  • The Best URL Format
  • Challenging Competition

Responsive web design is a must for business growth.

Statistics say 69% of all website visits are coming from mobile devices. We offer professional, responsive website design services for B2B and e-commerce businesses. Our website development team has expertise in typical uses of JavaScript, which includes image resolution variants to show on the page where the most common implementations are JavaScript Adaptive, Combine Detection, and dynamically served JavaScript for mobile-friendly sites.

Get the benefit of a responsive site.

  • Content with a single URL
  • Matching Google's algorithm accuracy
  • Lesser time to maintain a website
  • Minimize common mistakes in development and maintenance
  • Reduction in load time
  • Improved crawling efficiency, which assists Googlebot in indexing
Responsive web design is a must for business growth.
An eCommerce website must have a trust-building visual appearance

An eCommerce website with a trust-building visual appearance

The Internet is loaded with eCommerce websites for businesses as they give faster results, but unless you have a well-designed website layout, user-friendly, 100% mobile compatibility incorporated with essential features like search box, well-defined categories, special offers, hot selling list, easy checkout, etc.

An e-commerce website can be designed and developed on popular e-commerce platforms. We have in-depth experience with Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, Drupal, and others.

We can integrate e-commerce websites with secure payment gateways, just to name a few. They are PayPal, Razorpay, CCAvenue, etc.

  • Simple yet Elegant Design
  • Easy to Manage
  • Focus on Mobile-First
  • Highly Credible Layout
  • Speedy Checkout
  • Secure Transaction

Website redesign or custom design agency in the United States

Website presentation reveals your company standards, and our company helps you to redesign or develop a fresh website that has an appealing aesthetic layout, and user-friendly features and enables customers to browse through required information hassle-free. We have learned that more deals are happening in the USA through the Internet than through personal meetings. In this case, corporate websites or e-commerce websites play a very important role. We can assist your company in developing a website with innovative ideas, theme-based customized design, error-free coding, exploring web development platform features, SEO-friendly coding, and promoting support. You can also change the web design platform while redesigning your website by keeping the same features. Our representative is based in California, USA, and can be in constant touch with you, which may help to complete the project within the decided time frame. After the website is created, you can also discuss with us the website maintenance services offered by us.

  • Rapid and cost-effective solution
  • Engaging design
  • A clear understanding of your business
  • Quality check on each step.
  • Local support
  • 100% Transparency
Website redesign or custom design agency in the United States
Web Design Services

Selecting the best
web design company
for your business

Several criteria need your attention before handing over a website design project to any agency. Here are a few:

Experience in a web design company

The shortlisted website design company should have experience in the successful completion of projects similar to your industry. Opal Infotech has been in business since 1998 and has in-depth web design experience in various industries with unique offerings, content preferences, and functionalities.


You need to check a web design company’s work portfolio before you decide to go ahead with that agency. With a portfolio, you can judge a company's design style, the competency of its designers, the detailing of its quality, and its presentations. We invite you to view our versatile portfolio, which will give you ideas about our expertise in different technologies, quality work, and presentation styles.

Web Design Services
Web Design Services

Company service offerings

Website design or redesign is only the beginning of the world of an online presence. It is connected with other web-related services like digital marketing, including SEO, Google Ads, social media promotion, app development, and website maintenance service. Make sure that you get all services from one agency so you don’t need to go here and there and deal with different agencies, which can create responsibility and security issues. Opal Infotech is a one-stop solution company for all types of web-related services, with a professional team of developers, web designers, search engine optimizers, content writers, and Google Ads-certified professionals.

Communication and customer support mode

Working with our company that is knowledgeable, supportive, prompt, and a pleasure to work with is always preferable. Opal Infotech has a proactive approach to customer service and support. We are available on all types of communication modes, including call, chat, mail, WhatsApp, Zoom, and many more. Our support team will be with the client from the date of awarding the project to the final hosting and free maintenance period.

References to work and commitment

Always ask for references from previous customers; view testimonials and reviews that showcase the quality of workmanship, the completion of projects in a given time frame, and the support services offered. Opal Infotech has earned a reputation for completing website design projects in the given time frame, exceeding customers’ expectations, and providing super-fast client services.

You may also refer to the testimonials page or ask for a ready reference, which we are happy to provide upon request.

Web Design Services
Web Design Services

Best Web design prices and packages

It must be one of the important deciding factors when everything matches your expectations, and then price plays a very important role. The website's presentation is the most important medium for building a brand and exploring new business opportunities. Based on the weight of each factor, you may decide on a web design company.

Opal Infotech has everything you are looking for to hire the best web design company, including great experience, an unmatched portfolio, a full-service offering, excellent references, flexible contract terms and conditions, and quick service support. After this, you may only need to see pricing, and we assure you competitive prices, as we never outsource anything. Everything is being delivered by our in-house team.

Web Contract terms and conditions

It is very important to refer to each term mentioned in the quotation, including the scope of work, timeline, payment terms, support channel, and post-launch maintenance. If they have not mentioned it in the offer, in that case, ask for clarifications. Never take anything for granted as it may create problems in the future. Opal Infotech believes in complete transaction transparency.

We do not have any hidden terms and conditions; everything is stated in our quotation, including deliverables, price structure, your requirements, support, and service options, timeline to complete website design projects, and post-hosting free and paid maintenance terms.

Web Design Services

What can you expect from OPAL INFOTECH – A Web Design Company?

Professional appearance

Expect visually stunning website reflects brand identity effectively.

Responsive design

Expect to display well and function perfectly across all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet).

Enhanced user experience

Seamless navigation and optimal viewing experience, enhancing user satisfaction and retention.


Utmost care is being taken to make secure website, expect your data is protected against any cyber threats.


We deliver website with robust functionalities, catering to the specific needs of the business.

SEO Friendly design

Expect website to built with the best practices for search engine optimization to increase organic traffic.

Clear communication

In-depth understanding of the project, your priorities, scope, timelines and milestones.

Custom focused approach

Expect website design tailored to your requirements, value addition, productive suggestions and providing required training.

Improved conversion rate

Well designed and maintained SEO Friendly layouts lead to higher conversion rates, driving business growth and profitability.

Web Design Services FAQs