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Android Mobile App Development Company

The Android app market is growing on a large scale, as Android seems to be the first preference of the majority of Smartphone users Nowadays. More than 80% mobile segment has been captured by Android and 800 million users use Android apps as of now. So there is not at all, to say that Android is the leading mobile platform that grows exponentially day by day. Hence, it is of utmost crucial to develop an Android application to focus, expand and get success in your business.

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Benefits of Android Mobile Application

  • Low Investment - Being an open-source platform, it is free to access Android SDK which lows development costs and improves ROI.
  • Great flexibility, customization, and versatility to design the application for varying business needs.
  • It’s easy integrating on web or mobile devices.
  • Multiple sales channels to distribute your application.
  • Easy Adoption with the knowledge of Java to transit the code script into a mobile application.
  • High-end data security to protect data from malware and hack.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Platform-specific applications will be useful to that mobile Operating system only and not for others. Yet, several businesses need wide spectrum applications to be catered on all mobile platforms including iPhone, Android gadgets, Windows phones, Blackberry, etc. This can be a challenging situation for an app developer to identify and define the app as per the present and future business needs and scalability.

If you want your app to be performed on multiple operating systems with a single code base, the cross-platform app is an ideal solution to your business needs. The cross-platform Apps are of two types-

Why One Should Opt Cross Platform App?

There are several advantages tend people for the development of Cross-Platform Apps-

  • If you are in hands of a skilled developer, the chances of code reusability can be increased, resulting in faster app development and cost reduction.
  • Unit tests can be applied with a common code that helps to allocate a budget for the thorough unit tests.
  • The app can be efficiently managed with a low maintenance cost. Bug fixing is easy through common coding for all platforms.
  • The best for developing part is to get efficiency for all platforms rather than individual.
  • It is ideal for B2B apps and business process automation, where deployment time and efficient manageability is more important.

Opal Infotech - Mobile App Solution Provider

Opal Infotech raises its hands in this tough competition to cater the Android app development and cross-platform application development most efficiently and professionally. Hire a dynamic team of programmers, designers, and testers with hands-on experience to work on updated project management software and the latest communication technologies that can enhance the usability and user experience of your apps also offer mobile app maintenance services across all the platforms. Keeping the right pace with prompt changing technology to achieve the strategic app objective is our core strength that will help you transform your business ideas into reality. Our team is proficient in the latest Android technologies to ensure apps are rich in features, boast stunning visual design, and are completely user-friendly. We maintain constant communication with our clients throughout the development process to exceed your expectations, knowing that apps must perform at their best in today’s competitive market.

Why Opal Infotech for Mobile App Development?

  • Talented App Developers with Matchless Skills and Creativity.
  • Right Strategy with best-developing tools, frameworks, IDE, and NDK/SDK for Android and other platforms.
  • Experience in identifying all types of app needs.
  • Mobile App Solutions within your budget.

So, if you are looking for Android / Cross Platform / hybrid application development, yet not clear where to start. Give us a call and we will strategize and shape your business ideas into an app with 100% satisfaction.

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