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Google Shopping ads campaign for Ecommerce Website

Google Shopping Ads Presentation

Google have come out aggressive with the new features for Google Shopping to make the ecommerce shopping better and competitive in the benefit of online buyers. Google Ads for Ecommerce website is also known as “Shopping ads” or “Google paid shopping ads program”.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

  • Google Shopping Ads is the cost per click ads need to be purchased through Ads by online merchants for Ecommerce website.
  • Whenever a user enters a search query in Google, it automatically shows the most relevant product ads display on Left and top of the Google search pages.
  • The Ecommerce Shopping products are displayed with featured images, price, product information and merchant name without additional keywords/text.

On clicking the individual google shopping ads will bring you to the seller Ecommerce website, where one can make the product purchase.

How Google Shopping Ads Differ than Google Search Ads?

  • Google search Ads are text-based ads where as shopping ads are image based ads.
  • Google Search ads are configurable with Keywords whereas Google Shopping ads are configurable with product names. In other words, Search Ads target the listing with product keywords and Shopping Ads target with Individual Products and Product Groups.
  • Search ads are often highlighted by light background color compare to white background of Google shopping ads for ecommerce website.
  • Both ads are charged as per Cost Per Click (CPC) for each ad click and as per the set daily budget with moderate difference of charging based to bid on products/categories in case of shopping ads, whereas charging based to bid on keywords in case of Google Search Ads.

Why One Should Go for Google Shopping Ads?

Organic search listing to place your products on Google top pages have been a long time, money and energy consuming process and much competitive in today’s scenario. Shopping Ads is one of the important and effective Paid Ads that can bring your presence to world market or your targeted market in a cost-effective way for the ecommerce business, if Shopping Ads is handled professionally.

There are certain benefits of using Google Ads campaigns for your Ecommerce website with shopping ads:

  • Improvements in Website Traffic and More Leads:

    Google Shopping Ads can fetch significant amount of traffic with increased click through rates (CTR) compare to Google text ads. The quality of leads can be increased with easy manageability and broad-spectrum multiple products visibility with a single search that can increase the chances of higher leads in short duration.

  • Ecommerce Campaign management for Retail:

    You can create product groups for the items you want to bid on, out of the entire product inventory feed. E.g., If you want to sell kid’s shoes, you can create the ad campaign to sell the kid’s shoes at specific bid.

  • Optimum Data Analysis & Ad Optimization:

    One can insights into the competitive landscape and can identify the growth opportunities analyzing the other advertiser’s Google Shopping ads performance to keep their bid competitive to achieve the sale goal with Ecommerce website.

  • Well structured Reporting & filtering By Google Ads console:

    If you check the product performance in terms of impressions and clicks, here at shopping ads you can do very well by filtering your products view.

Google shopping consistently generates the most traffic and profit compare to all other paid shopping channels with the lowest cost of sale (COS) as per the compilation of merchant data based on traffic, revenue, conversion rate and similar other variables executed by Google.


How to set Google Shopping Ads Campaign?

To set up the shopping ads, one need to set 3 basic things like to create Google shopping data feed, create Google merchant center dashboard and set the shopping ads campaign in Google Ads account.
There are certain criteria need to be followed while you promote products for different regions like product description language and landing page language must be specific to country where you want to promote ecommerce ads, country specific product prices etc. For more information refer Google Shopping Policies.


How much Google Shopping Ads cost?

Google Shopping ads costing is defined based on cost-per-click (CPC). It needs to set maximum cost per click (CPC) bid for the defined products group as same you bid in Google Search Ads. The products feed is updated in Merchant account that is linked with Your Google Ads account. To set Google listing position higher than other advertisers, you need to pay minimum amount and that too may be less than maximum bid. You need to pay only for the successful lead redirecting to ecommerce website product page.


Can we promote B2C & B2B website with Google Shopping Ads?

To run Google Shopping Ads campaign, one need to have ecommerce website with certain protocols mentioned in Google shopping policy. After running numbers of successful Google shopping ads campaign, we can share our experience that irrespective of B2B or B2C ecommerce website, Google shopping ads must be the top priority marketing strategy for any ecommerce business. Even if you have B2B business and wish to be on top of Google pages in that case this type of google ads campaign is extremely beneficial for the business growth.


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