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SEO Packages: 3 Unique SEO Services, Pricing, and Plans by Opal Infotech

Performance-based SEO pricing and plans to expand opportunities, and expert SEO services for small, medium, and large-scale industries.

Optimize your website by implementing on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies and achieving high rankings for many business-related keywords in Google. We understand that in SEO, only results matter, and our experienced and talented SEO team delivers them to your satisfaction. Discuss your project now.

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SEO Packages: 3 Unique SEO Services, Pricing, and Plans by Opal Infotech

The Search Engine Optimization is a mix of Technology and Technique So it is time-Consuming. We offer 3 unique SEO Packages based on your Business Plan for your company. You can select one and give a new dimension to your business. We wish you all success. 

Features / Package SEO  SEO Success SEO Ultimate
Keyword Search yes yes yes
Keywords Analysis yes yes yes
Competitor’s website analysis yes yes Custom
SEO Audit report yes yes yes
Title Tag Optimization yes yes Custom
Description Optimization yes yes Custom
Keyword Optimization yes yes yes
Website structure optimization no yes yes
Google Analytics Setup yes yes yes
Body text and content optimization yes yes yes
H1-H2 tags optimization yes yes Custom
ALT Optimization yes yes yes
404 Errors Fixing One Time yes Custom
Google Sitemap – Development and Hosting yes yes Custom
Bing Sitemap Hosting yes yes yes
ROR Sitemap and hosting yes yes yes
Link Audit & Disavow (if require) yes yes Custom
Search Engine Submission yes yes yes
B2B Directory Submission One Time Quarterly Immediate on finding New Authenticate Directories
Google Local Registration & Optimization yes yes Custom
Bing Local Registration & Optimization yes yes yes
RSS Feed Submission yes yes yes
Article Writing 2 4 Custom
Classified Ad Submission yes Custom Custom
Blog Posting & Press Releases yes yes Custom
Video Marketing One Time 2 9
Youtube Channel Design no yes Custom
Social Media Banners Design no yes Custom
Social Media Optimization
(For SEO Purpose Only and Not for Branding)
no no Custom
SlideShare no no yes
PDF Submission no no yes
Infographics Creation no no yes
Website Accessibility According to page Speed insight report **If your website is supporting no no no
Event Tracking and Goal Conversion Setup Up to 5 Up to 7 Up to 15
Search Console Set Up no no no
Search Console Management no Quarterly Quarterly
Bing Search Console Set up no no no
Bing Search Console Management no no Monthly
Internal Link Building no no no
Header / Footer Optimization no no no
Custom alert setup no no Multiple
Canonical Tagging no no no
Robot.txt file update no no no
Google page indexing Quarterly Monthly On-going
Content Updation no no no
URL Optimization (Subject to feasibility) no no no
Google algorithm updates implementation Once in 6 Months Twice in 6 months Within 10 days
YouTube Video views - up to 5000 no no Upgrade
FAQ Structure data markup no no Upgrade
How To structured data no no Upgrade
Video Sitemap no no Upgrade
Package Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Starting from** USD 225 / Month  USD 500 / Month  USD 1,000 / Month
Optional Service:-
  • Article Writing on Website
  • Social Media Marketing as per Selection, if you want to brand.
** Price may vary based on the number of pages, type of website, number of languages, competition, additional services, and reports.
Important to Note- 1. The above SEO procedure may vary as per changes in Google Algorithm and Google Webmaster Guidelines. 2. We do not guarantee to work on all the above features and may work on customized strategies based on your business & industry competition. 3. Article writing and all above submission work for all  SEO packages are applied for the first-time optimization process and on renewals, we put up the efforts as on requirements for better promotion. 4. The change in the type of submission or optimization process is the sole discretion of Opal Infotech. 5. Ultimate package may have possibilities of customization in some of the features. For eg., forum posting is not feasible for some businesses as it is considered spamming. We may change the strategy as per the industry and We do not share our SEO Strategy as that is our proprietary thing. 6. The above submission includes blog posting, and press releases to be done on available free sites for quality backlinks. Updated from April 2020


What is Right SEO Package for My Company?


SEO packages that can bring fast results

Business is a race where all companies are chasing the same goal, which is the acquisition of customers' business, and SEO is the vehicle through which companies travel to achieve that goal. In other words, everybody reaches the goal, but the point is how fast. Opal Infotech offers unique SEO packages for your company, and you can select one based on the speed with which you want to reach your goal. In SEO, if you get results, price becomes secondary. We are committed to offering value-based services and better results when you invest your time, money, and future with us. We've handled SEO for a number of complex and highly competitive businesses, as well as complicated SEO where businesses hired inexperienced SEO firms and received Penalties from Google or spam links to your website. In such cases, a customised SEO package can assist you with Google penalty removal, spam link removal, and delivering measurable results as part of its services. Please contact us to discuss your SEO project before entrusting us with it.

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