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The Search Engine Optimization is a mix of Science and Art, So it is time Consuming. We offer 3 unique proposal based on your Business Plan for your company. You can select one and give new dimension to your business. We wish you all the success.

Features / Package SEO SEO Success SEO Ultimate
Keyword search yes yes yes
Keywords Analysis yes yes yes
Competitor’s web site Analysis yes yes Custom
Pre-optimization report yes yes yes
Title Tag Optimization yes yes Custom
Description Optimization yes yes Custom
Keyword Optimization yes yes yes
Website structure optimization no yes yes
Google Analytics yes yes yes
Body text and content optimization yes yes yes
H1-H2 tags optimization yes yes Custom
ALT Optimization yes yes yes
404 Errors Fixing One Time yes Custom
Google Sitemap – Development and Hosting yes yes yes
Bing Sitemap Hosting yes yes yes
ROR Sitemap and hosting yes yes yes
Link Audit & Disavow (if require) yes yes Custom
Search Engine submission yes yes yes
B2B Directory Submision One Time Quarterly Immediate on finding New Authenticate Directories
Google Local Registration & Optimization yes yes Custom
Bing Local Registration & Optimization yes yes yes
RSS Feed Submission yes yes yes
Article Writing Custom Custom Custom
Classified Ad Submission Custom Custom Custom
Blog Posting & Press Releases Custom Custom Custom
Forum Posting no no yes
Video Marketing One Time 2 3
Youtube Channel Design no yes Custom
Social Media Banners Design no yes Custom
Social Media Optimization
(For SEO Prupose Only and Not for Branding)
no no yes
SlideSharing no no yes
PDF Submission no no yes
Infographics Creation no no yes
Website Progress Report Once a Month Once a Month Twice a Month
Package Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Optional Service:-
  • Article Writing on Website
  • Social Media Marketing as per Selection, if you want branding
Important to Note- 1. The above procedure may vary as per change in Google Algorithm and Google Webmaster Guidelines. 2. We do not guarantee to work on all above features and may work on customize strategy based on your business & industry competition. 3. Article writing and all above submission work for all packages are applied for the first time optimization process and on renewals we put up the efforts as on requirements for better promotion. 4. The change in type of submission or optimization process is the sole discretion of Opal Infotech. 5. Ultimate package may have possibilities of customization in some of the features. For eg. forums posting is not feasible for some of the businesses as it is considered as spamming. We may change the strategy as per the industry and We do not share our SEO Strategy as that is our proprietary thing. 6. The above submission including blog posting, press releases to be done on available free sites for quality backlinks. Updated from April, 2020

What is Right SEO Package for My Company?

SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you target keywords in SEO?

As per the Google guidelines, there is nothing like keyword targeting. Google rank your website based on content. So if your website has rich content inclusive of your targeted keywords then we can definitely target those keywords but in simple language, we target content, not keywords. BE AWARE of the companies who are claiming to target keywords and guarantee you. Please refer to Google guidelines before you move further.

How fast can I get SEO results?

SEO is a continuous process for getting good results with focused efforts in the most ethical ways. There is no magical formula to get instant results in SEO, but you can expedite the results by selecting right SEO package.

I don’t have good content in my website, then how will you manage SEO?

Content is the King and expecting to have unique and informative content for any website. Based on analysis of your website, required keywords and competitor’s website, we can guide you in the best possible way of either doing SEO or other Google paid marketing. if your site doesn’t carry the required content, then there are two options - Either add relevant content with our experienced assistance or go for Google paid services.

Do you do fix activities as per the SEO package?

Each business is different. Each client’s objective is different. So we design customized SEO task for each account, which decides actual course of actions. We review our efforts time to time based on SEO package and change our course of actions accordingly.

Can you please explain the difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO promotion?

SEO On-Page is the optimization process to be carried out on the website like meta-tags update, H1-H2 Tagging, web Image optimization etc. SEO Off-Page is the activities to increase visibility of your website on different platforms and to earn quality backlinks like YouTube Video promotion, Social Media promotion, Google My Business promotion etc.To increase overall search engine ranking, both are required and included in our SEO campaign.

How do we know that you have understood about our business for SEO?

With our personal discussion with you as well by getting filled business information fact-sheet from your end, will give us idea about your business. Rest our SEO experts will analyse your website business and your competitors website to execute SEO in the best way. If we have any doubt at any given point of time, we will ask you.

How can we know that we are getting benefits from SEO?

Before starting SEO for any website, we provide pre-optimization report that shows the present scenario of your website and visibility in search engine. After executing search engine optimization process, we will provide the progress report on weekly or monthly, based on the SEO package you have selected.

What is minimum contract period for SEO?

Minimum contract period for SEO is Six Months.

How to do country specific SEO? Can you do that?

Search Engine Optimization process is universal for all search engines and not country specific, but your website can get higher listing in your home country. Though we can put our efforts to promote website to increase traffic from targeted countries but cannot guarantee of country specific listing.

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