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Mobile App Development Company Using React Native

A JavaScript-based mobile app framework for iOS and Android creates robust and performance-driven mobile applications

An app created using React Native can run effectively on multiple platforms in the shortest possible development time. We build apps for iOS and Android at a very competitive price. Using reactive UI and a component-based approach, Our Company offers a better user experience in simple and complex designs. You can also get a few unique benefits, including simple UI, fast applications, and future-proofing with mobile apps using React Native and hybrid app development.

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Mobile App Development  Company Using React Native

React Native uses the same fundamental User Interface (UI) building blocks as regular React but instead of using DOM elements in the browser, it uses native components that are provided by each mobile platform (Android and iOS). DOM is composed of a set of objects/elements and an interface to access and modify them. React Native lets you write your app in JavaScript and use all of the same tools as you would when developing a website. It also gives you access to all of the standard UI components that come with React Native, such as buttons, text inputs, image views, and more.
Get high-performance React Native apps from concept to launch and beyond by our skilled team exploring the framework's modularity and component-based approach to build seamless cross-platform solutions for iOS and Android. We love perfection; thus, our UI/UX experts combine data-driven insights with A/B testing to develop user-centric interfaces that captivate and convert. We leverage React Native's declarative UI and design systems to ensure consistency and accelerate prototyping, bringing your vision to life efficiently. Enjoy lightning-fast apps with our optimization strategies while we employ code profiling, lazy loading, memoization, and thread management to ensure smooth operation. Native platform integration with Fast Refresh and Hermes engine unlocks silky-smooth animations and efficient rendering. We can integrate seamlessly with popular APIs like Google Maps, Stripe, and Firebase through secure protocols and best practices with asynchronous capabilities and promise-based APIs for smooth data fetching and integration, guaranteeing responsive app performance. Our comprehensive maintenance and support plans cover bug fixes, feature updates, and security patches to keep your app running flawlessly. Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) ensure seamless updates with minimal downtime, while dedicated support channels and proactive monitoring guarantee prompt action on any issues, maintaining your app's stability throughout its lifecycle.

How does React Native Work?

  • There is a native thread known as the main thread, which runs the UI. This thread implements the user interface (UI) of native Android or iOS apps. A UI thread processes UI events processing, such as pushes, taps, and other actions.
This thread implements the user interface (UI)
Javascript programs, API requests
  • On the Javascript side, you can access React Native's Javascript thread. Javascript programs, API requests, etc., are executed in this thread. It determines the features and organization of the UI.
  • In React Native, the bridge connects both the javascript and native sides and these can communicate two-way, concurrently through the bridge. It uses standardization and compression to convey information.
It uses standardization and compression to convey information.

What are some of the most well-known applications created with the React Native architecture?

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well-known applications
well-known applications
well-known applications

Why Use React Native for Mobile App Development?

Access to a Specialized Resource

Access to a Specialized Resource

Development of Bridge Apps

Development of Bridge Apps

Continual Reporting

Continual Reporting

More rapid growth

More rapid growth

Expandable Initiatives

Expandable Initiatives

Transfer of Apps to React Native

Transfer of Apps to React Native

Service and Management for Apps

Service and Management for Apps

Innovative Techniques

Innovative Techniques

Timely delivery

Timely delivery

Product Excellence

Product Excellence

Design distinctive React Native apps

Design distinctive React Native apps

  • Support for several platforms
    The "employment of one source" is one of the React Native framework's key benefits. Bridge applications perform at par with native applications.
    The foundation of a single application that can operate on both the iOS and Android platforms is written using React JS in conjunction with a native UI library and native APIs.
    Opal Infotech may reuse the error handling, element reasoning, and Reactive connections from an internet project using React JS to develop a better mobile application with all the native functionalities. This expedites the design process and lowers the overall cost of creating the application. Greater productivity has the potential to lead to both an early software release and inclusion in the industry.
  • Software and elements that are ready-to-use
    The idea behind bridge mobile app development is to reuse produced software for both iOS and Android apps. React Native is based on the same concept. This gives companies greater flexibility. They are not required to develop unique layouts for multiple networks. Furthermore, if a company has a web app, it can use most of its code to create a mobile app.
  • Using an established programming language
    JavaScript is the programming language that we utilize to create your React Native application. Learning React Native will be easy because we are already familiar with JS or React. Knowing which mobile components correspond to which web components are essential. After that, we start building React Native mobile apps for you.
  • Reliable and Committed
    Before React Native was created and released by Facebook, the company tested the framework's feasibility with a mobile application. It gave its programmers the freedom to make a fantastic mobile app for social networking websites.
    The Facebook mobile app is widely used today and does have the same feel as a native mobile app. More businesses are starting to use React Native to develop their software as it has become fully accessible. Walmart, Instagram, and other services are a few examples.
  • Make robust and effective apps
    React Native uses a more effective connection mechanism. Before making alterations, one element's state must be changed. Compared to other bridge construction techniques, that will enable you to create an application that is more stable and dependable. React Native is a great option, according to Opal Infotech, for creating a new mobile application from the bottom up. You may quickly add new React Native-based functionalities, layouts, displays, etc. by following a few simple steps.
  • Facilitation of external plugins
    For third-party applications, React Native offers support. The two types of plugins available are native modules and JavaScript modules. The software for integrating Google Calendar or Google Maps into your business application may be written using Native or third-party modules.
  • Real-time and prompt resupply
    A quick and durable reloading feature is provided by React Native. This feature allows Opal Infotech to work with the code changes as they occur and make adjustments as the program is loading. A dynamic reload updates the entire program rather than just the altered area when changes are made. This facilitates debugging and growth.
  • UI Synchronization
    Using pre-made logical elements like Tab, Selector, Tuner, Toggle, and other components that make unique components, you may use React Native to build distinctive and intriguing user interfaces.
    To function correctly on the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, several additional parts are readily available at Opal Infotech.
  • Finding developers skilled in React Native is simple
    The JS framework is open-source and compatible with React Native. Finding and working with developers will not be hard. Thankfully, at Opal Infotech, we have a skilled group of React Native developers who have built mobile apps for various enterprises.

Why Is the Development of React Native Apps So Popular?

  • When it comes to mobile applications, React Native is said to be perfect. The app's performance is improved because it makes use of the visualization processor device during production.
  • React Native offers many reusable components, which makes it a user's ideal, especially when it comes to building the same software for both iOS and Android.
  • Apart from Facebook, a large faction supports it. In terms of a genuinely inclusive environment, this offers the greatest drive.
  • Support for system structure offers enhanced organizational capability and efficiency.
  • The option of rebooting the program enables the IT personnel to observe the code revisions that occur. With the adjustments and other software, it enables instant operation including both panels.
Why Is the Development of React Native Apps So Popular?

React Native Development Services by Opal Infotech

Deployment and Development of React Native Applications

We turn your company needs into effective and lucrative mobile app platforms using our improved technique and outstanding React Native approach.


Using React Native on iOS and Android


Deploy React Native to build native apps for Android and iOS devices to streamline your mobile development workflows.

We can help you create an amazing user experience and feature-rich capabilities that are only found in a select few digital products.

Services for Mobility and Assimilation


Our professionals are skilled in both relocation and assimilation from first-hand experience. Using React Native, we work on a variety of applications.

Additionally, we are skilled at moving apps from other networks without any issues or security breaches.

Product Observation & App Assessment

The programming is closely monitored and documented to ensure that it is free of spyware and meets customer needs.


Get React Native help


We guide you throughout the process of developing and implementing the latest designs and needs.

Our experienced team analyzes the information provided by clients to build a comprehensive roadmap for advancing your business interests.

UI/UX Options with React Native

Opal Infotech employs the full React Native toolkit to provide the most compelling and dynamic user experience for your commercial apps.

We are driven to deliver a seamless experience across a variety of platforms to close UI/UX bottlenecks.

Repair and assistance solutions


Following each product release, monitoring and supervision are required.

We respond to assistance and upkeep to ensure that your business operates as intended and that all issues have been fixed.

Schematic capture, experimentation, and screenshots

You are provided choices and flowcharts are produced. The programming process starts after you select a framework design from the list.


In need of a reputable React Native development firm? Then, contact us right away.

We are preferred by our customers because we are the finest at:

Effectively Communicating Ideas

We at Opal Infotech have created a strategic plan that streamlines communication between teams and customers by planning and outlining all day-to-day calls, monthly calls, and meetings. This is how we ensure that everyone is aware of your company's objectives.

Productive Project Planning

We've established a strong Project Planning Center whose goal is to ensure that the product we're working on fulfills our customers' and end users' expectations to prevent payment delays and reduce project risks. For a flawless delivery of your solution, we have proper planning of the concept, timeframe, budget, and staff in place.

Consistent Distribution

At Opal Infotech, we use a range of application-building approaches and processes, including Scrum and the Scaled Agile System, according to the size and complexity of the task. Thanks to our inventive and hands-on method, we can complete your task on time while preventing normal maintenance, rework, and scheduling delays.

Quick Integration

As we support consumers from all over the world, we are skilled in fostering and facilitating teamwork and connection.


Mobile Application Development Process

There is no such thing as an overnight or unplanned operation. We make sure to conduct extensive analysis and use several examples, and case studies for a greater grasp while working on a React Native project. We keep things clear and concise from the outset because our developers are well aware of the intricacies that can arise during the development process. Our procedure entails:

  • Planning/Organizing - No task can be accomplished instantly, thus before initiating the growth phase, we create a layout to clarify tasks and functions.
  • Designing - Following the planning phase, we talk about the App's design. How efficiently do users use the app? After approval, we go to work on the App's design.
  • Development/Production - As programming is a part of the development process, we allocated it to specialists. They suitably add Interfaces and frameworks while keeping the App's security and durability in view.
  • Testing/Screening - Our tester performs a series of tests on various platforms to evaluate the app's functionality, interoperability, and possibility of errors that can be resolved soon.
  • Delivery/Distribution - Giving off the App to the outstanding customer signifies the end of the process. At the beginning of the App's distribution, we help improve upkeep assistance to make it robust and accessible.

Various Sectors using React Native for their app development

E-Learning sector

E-learning is frequently used in the educational technology sector. It enhances the customer experience in the most sophisticated and well-liked educational apps available. Both pioneers in AI technology and global leaders in the field of eLearning have complimented its features.

Khan Academy app

Khan Academy is one of the biggest providers of educational technology on the market. The company offers a variety of activities, educational resources, and quick video lectures and tutorials. Khan Academy completed the transition to React Native in 2020. The same developers now manage websites, iOS apps, and Android apps from a single interface. It is easier and more comfortable for programmers to create innovative features, improve user interfaces, and promote growth with React native. The user interfaces of the web and the app gradually merged.

The business can more rapidly integrate modifications to their software, decrease the defects, and minimize the production process by transitioning from Backbone to React native technology.

Khan Academy app

E-Commerce Sector

One of the most demanding industries is e-commerce, and developing a quality app takes a lot of work. The best services for customers are offered by several e-commerce apps that are readily available on the mobile market. React native allows you to create stunning e-commerce apps without any effort. It has many features like hot reloading, code splitting, ES6 and CSS modules, Expo client and so much more which can help you to develop your dream app easily. React native framework is used by many companies for developing their business websites as well as mobile applications. It has many benefits such as fast performance, easy maintenance, a rich feature set, etc.

Product Display

On the app's home page, the products screen shows a variety of products. A picture, cost, and description are provided for each product item.

View of the product information

The software directs the user to the product details screen when they tap a specific product item on the product page. The product details screen provides a complete overview of the currently available product.

A view of a shopping cart

The shopping cart's contents are listed in proper order. The items will be listed together with their quantities, balances, and ultimate totals.

E-Commerce Sector

Flipkart App

Flipkart is one of the top e-commerce providers in India with massive installations or downloads and 1 billion weekly views. React Native was used in the creation of the Flipkart iOS and Android apps.

Myntra App

In the realm of retailers, online purchases, style, and lifestyle commodities, particularly in India, Myntra is a well-known household name. It provides the best user experience, safe and reliable shopping deals, and anything else a client may want. React Native has significantly helped Myntra present a stunning product listing, order placing, displaying of profiles, appealing user interface, and layout, among other things.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people, is among the fastest-growing global industries. New features are being added to existing healthcare apps daily as they evolve quickly. React Native is used by healthcare app development businesses because it is quicker, simpler to use, and less expensive than creating native apps.

Utilizing React Native has several benefits, but its main benefit is that it makes it simple for programmers to create cross-platform or bridge mobile applications using a single codebase. They don't have to develop separate codebases for platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which saves them time and money.

Healthcare Sector

Another great feature of React Native is that it allows developers to use all common UI components from their web applications, which means they will not have to learn new languages or libraries while developing their apps.

Practo App

The relevant features must be included. Users consider features before downloading an application.

Component of the Patient Forum

On the app's home page, the products screen shows a variety of products. A picture, cost, and description are provided for each product item.

  • Profile
  • Locate a Clinic or Doctor
  • Schedule
  • Live Audio and Video Chat
  • Health Records
  • Delivering medicines
  • Financial Portal

Component of the Doctor Forum

On the app's home page, the products screen shows a variety of products. A picture, cost, and description are provided for each product item.

  • Profile
  • Management of Appointments
  • Medical histories and patient records
  • Medication
  • Insights & Transactions

Component of the Admin Forum

On the app's home page, the products screen shows a variety of products. A picture, cost, and description are provided for each product item.

  • Payments/Transactions
  • Control Users
  • Control Doctors
  • Push Notification/ Post Alerts

Food Sector

The food industry is a huge market and different types of businesses cater to it. Some of them sell food items, while others deliver them. The benefits of using React Native for your app development are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better user experience: React Native allows you to create high-quality apps that will run on all platforms with almost no difference in terms of performance or functionality.
  • Faster development: React Native allows developers to create high-quality apps quickly because it uses a declarative approach toward building user interfaces rather than an imperative one like other frameworks or libraries do.

A lot of companies have started using React Native for their mobile app development projects. Here are some examples:

Food Sector


A restaurant search engine that has over 7 million restaurants listed on it. The company uses React Native for its Android and iOS apps that help users find restaurants near them or search for any kind of food they want to eat in different cities across the globe.


This food delivery platform has over 1 million restaurants listed on it and offers delivery services for over 80 countries around the world. The company uses React Native for its Android app that helps customers order food from their favorite restaurants with just a few taps on their phone screens.

Taxi App Development

Taxi app development is a new trend in the world of business. Taxi apps are used to help taxi drivers in providing better services to their customers. This is a good way to get more customers and earn more money. Taxi app development can be done using different technologies like Objective C, Swift, Java, and many more. But React Native has become an emerging technology in the field of mobile app development. is a new trend in the world of business. Taxi apps are used to help taxi drivers in providing better services to their customers. This is a good way to get more customers and earn more money. Taxi app development can be done using different technologies like Objective C, Swift, Java, and many more. But React Native has become an emerging technology in the field of mobile app development. The main idea behind React Native is that it allows you to easily build native applications for iOS, Android, and other platforms using JavaScript.

Taxi App Development

Taxi App Development using React Native - Taxi apps are becoming popular day by day because they provide a better service to their customers. Taxi apps have also saved time for many people who do not want to wait for long hours for their taxi driver to come or for their taxi driver to charge extra money from them just because they cannot find their way around the city properly.

Do You Want to Choose Opal Infotech's Application Development Methodology?

Opal Infotech works to provide all organizations with high-quality services, quicker access to industry, and 24-hour assistance to complete app initiatives in an appropriate approach.

We have a team of professional strategists, designers, programmers, and product supervisors who will work on your project to build Android apps with React Native.

We have expertise with all from the simplest B2C apps to intricate B2B mobile applications. We will develop an app that assists you in achieving the best profits on expenditure irrespective of your price.

  • Platform Expansion Crosswise
  • Effective Communication
  • Enhanced development sequence
  • Services Designed for Platforms
  • The modular architecture is utilized
  • Dedicated to Technology Solutions
  • Ability to adapt and customize
  • Java and Android SDK usage
  • Using Swift or Objective-C
  • Inexpensive app development

The benefits of working with Opal Infotech to develop React Native mobile applications

At Opal Infotech, our React Native developers provide fast and efficient services for app development, adaptation, and advice tailored to your needs. Our developers are experienced in developing solutions using React Native.

Our company creates React Native apps to produce outcomes, and we have created some of the finest work over the past few years. Collaborating with us will provide you the chance to meet a devoted team of React-Native developers who are determined to create an app that complies with all your conditions.

Applications created with React Native function flawlessly. Together, we will create vital software that will give you a competitive edge in the global business. React Native also makes it feasible to simultaneously reach a broader audience because it works with both iOS and Android users.

With us, you get:

  • Access to a Specialized Resource
  • Continual Reporting
  • Expandable Initiatives
  • Transfer of Apps to React Native
  • Service and Management for Apps
  • Design distinctive React Native apps
  • Development of Bridge Apps
  • More rapid growth
  • Innovative Techniques
  • Timely delivery
  • Product Excellence

React Native FAQ's