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ill-maintained Website Can Ruin Your Business & Grow Your Competitors.

Are you facing problems with your websites like slow speed, outdated plugins, broken links and images, content issues, infected forms issues, OR product upgrading? then we can resolve the website problems @ super fast speed. Contact us for emergency or regular website maintenance service packages

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Importance of Website Maintenance & Management Services for Business Growth

There are several objectives when you design a website. Though objectives may be selling, branding, information, or others, they should not be affected due to their poor performance. What happens when it suddenly crashes down or the lead generation forms don’t work? A few extra seconds may lead to the loss of your visitors or you can say, potential customers. Thus every site needs maintenance services and should be updated with the latest features and other requirements for excellent web performance over a period to keep your visitors engaged for absolute user experience.

Opal Infotech, as a creative and dynamic web development company in India, has years of hands-on experience and expertise in website design & development on different platforms makes us specialists in maintenance services for platforms including Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Custom PHP, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla OpenCart, ZenCart, XCart, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Volusion, OsCommerce, Amazon web store, Weebly, WooCommerce. We know that website maintenance needs for SMEs and corporate sites that seek an immediate solution, as this is the matter of their online business. Opal Infotech as an experienced website maintenance company understands that when a website goes down what happens?

We have got several clients who faced challenges and abrupt issues or crises that are a bit difficult to handle individually. We understand how important it is for your business to attract, engage & retain your customers by keeping it up and running round the clock. This is the reason; we have come up with various maintenance packages that fulfill your one-time or frequent patch-up needs. In each situation, website management plans are absolutely crucial & essential key to having a successful website. Be assured to get our quick response by Phone, Email, or Skype with complete website maintenance services. You can also ask for a free website health checkup and we will provide you with a detailed report on issues related to your existing site.

Elevating Experience

Magento Website Maintenance

  • Security Patch Update
  • Magento Extension Installation
  • Magento Version Upgradation
  • Magento Bug resolve
  • Magento Payment Integration
  • Magento Shipping Integration

PrestaShop Website Maintenance

  • Version Update
  • Security Patch installation
  • Plugin Update
  • Remove unwanted Plugin
  • Perform Speed Optimization
  • Malware Removal

If you are not able to identify problems with your website, We can help you to identify

Shopify Website Maintenance

  • Correct Configuration
  • Designing Tweak
  • Adding/Tweaking Page Content
  • Uploading Products
  • Product Listing Audits

 Website Maintenance for other E-Commerce

  • VirtueMart
  • WooCommerce
  • OsCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • 3D Cart
  • Zen Cart

Joomla Website Maintenance

  • Version Update
  • Security Patch installation
  • Plugin Update
  • Google ReCaptcha code
  • Analysis of plugins and removal of the unwanted plugin
  • Perform Speed Optimization
  • Virus Remove
  • Database Update

WordPress Website Maintenance

  • Version Update
  • Security Patch installation
  • Plugin Update
  • Google ReCaptcha code
  • Analysis of plugins and removal of the unwanted plugin
  • Perform Speed Optimization
  • Malware Removal
  • Database Update

Other Maintenance Services

  • Core PHP
  • Drupal
  • Zend Framework
  • Symphony
  • Weebly
  • Laravel Framework
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • Yii 2 
  • FuelPHP Framework
  • Slim Framework

Maintenance for Classified Portal

  • Security Checking
  • Code Analysis
  • Monitoring web performance
  • MySQL Query analysis
  • MySQL Database Optimization
  • Perform Speed Optimization

Maintenance for Travel Portal

  • Security Checking
  • Code Analysis
  • Monitoring web performance
  • MySQL Query analysis
  • MySQL Database Optimization
  • Perform Speed Optimization

Does Website Maintenance Service Really Matter?

Website maintenance is as much important as new web design and development and it must be regularly maintained to keep it running at peak efficiency ever. On the digital edge, where the majority of businesses are online, your company website also must be up and running without any hindrance all the way.

What Can You Expect After Website Maintenance Service?



  • From... No Checklist Tested
    To... Checklist Prepared
  • From... Old Version of Website Module
    To... Latest Version Updated
  • From... Bugs & Errors Experienced
    To... Bugs & Errors Fixed
  • From... Slow Website
    To... Website Speed Optimize
  • From... Multiple Security Threats
    To... Fully Secured
  • From... Costly Payments Gateways
    To... Low Transaction Fees Payment Gateways
  • From... Troublesome Checkout
    To... Superfast Checkout
  • From... Structural Problem
    To... User-Friendly Structure
  • From... Developed by an Inexperienced Team
    To... Maintained by an Experienced Team
  • From... Lacks of User Friendliness
    To... User Friendliness

A Breakdown in The site means a loss in Business, and that can’t be afforded at any cost.

Corporate specifically the organization's deal with IT segments know this well, but many other small companies don’t focus on this area, resulting in generating several complications in its functioning over a period after development. Here are some concerns to clarify further.

Is your website running slow?

Speed issue is critically found on many websites now a day. This is generally due to various coding issues, large image sizes, long server response times, and many more. Page loading is an important factor to give a good user experience as well as listing your site better in search engines. If site load time is short, your visitors would surf your content easily and can retain on site for long that may turn to your customer. High page speed creates a good impression and increases the revisits of users and conversion rates. Thus, if it takes time to load, we can help you! We provide Website Speed Optimization services, we can optimize your website with page speed tools by decreasing page load time and optimizing images to increase speed score. We can also provide free website checkups so that you can know issues that lead to the slowing down of your website and we can help you to resolve those issues.

Website Maintenance Service to Protect against Virus Threat

As you are aware day by day new virus threats are evolving and the software, operating systems, and backend/frontend, which were effective once in past to combat vulnerabilities can be obsolete to fight against the new threats and can malfunction or crash. This is one of the reasons that the software companies continuously do research work on the new coming threats and release patches to control the loopholes and make the software/application more secure. Thus it needs to update the platform version or security patch installation to make your website protective against any spam or virus attacks that can ruin important business data.

Plugins Update Service

In a similar way many times it requires updating the plugin or to modify the website application to function as per the requirement. Plugin updates may give additional features that can be useful in site operations, but the plugin must be integrated well for better functioning.

Even while upgrading the WordPress/other versions, it requires checking that the new version must be compatible to work with all installed plugins, else results in the disintegration of existing plug-ins with the new version and which may mess up its functions. So it is highly recommended to hire professionals to maintain the website with updated plugins.

Opal Infotech, a maintenance company can provide all types of web maintenance solutions to your existing or newly developed websites. Here are listed several maintenance services offered by the Opal expert developer team, available in standard as well in customized packages. We ensure our maintenance service fulfills all your requirements to keep your online presence healthy and running all way with great ease. Call us now, if you want to upgrade the platform version, plugin update, security patch installation, speed optimization, free website checkup, or any other website performance-related issues to rectify.


Website Maintenance FAQs

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