Case Study – How We Improved Website Speed and Efficiency with the Combination of Angular and Magento

With the growing popularity of e-Commerce, Magento has evolved as one of the most powerful platforms for e-Commerce. It is an open-source platform that allows customization on the front-end as well as back-end. However, internet technology evolution and usage of mobile devices have raised the performance standards for every e-Commerce websites. Customers not only expect the websites to be interactive but also work faster.

Opal Infotech has been providing Web Design & Development services since 1998. We have developed immense expertise in this domain and we are committed to delivering the best solutions to clients. Here we are sharing a case study on how we increased the speed and efficiency of an e-commerce website for one of our clients.

Company Background and Challenges

This case study is about one of our clients based in India who deals in Essential Oils since 1935. They had an e-Commerce website designed in Magento for almost the last 10 years. However, they were facing some severe issues with their website, which were affecting their business.

Hacking – DDOS Attacks

As an open-source platform, Magento has its pros and cons. On a positive side, it is easily customizable, but on a downside, if there is an error in coding, hackers can easily target the website. Frequent website hacking and DDOS attacks were a major challenge for this company.

Site Speed

For any e-Commerce website, speed is very important as the high loading time results in high dropouts. This company faced similar issues with their website, which was affecting their overall revenues. They were getting constant feedback from the customers about the site loading time.

essential oil website speed test results before

Checkout Problems

A safe and smooth checkout experience is one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce website. Any problem in the checkout process not only affects the current transaction but also changes the perception of the customer about that particular website. It can result in the loss of potential business opportunities as well.

Strategic Web Design and Development Solution by Opal Infotech

With a vision to make their website fast, secure and user-friendly, they contacted Opal Infotech. Based on the company’s requirements, our experienced web design & development team started to study the problem areas. After completing an in-depth analysis, our highly skilled web design & development team decided to implement a unique and out of the box solution of using a combination of Magento and Angular platforms.

Our team developed the front-end of the website in Angular and connected it with the back-end, which was designed in Magento. To connect the Angular front-end and Magento back-end, our team created a custom API that is a very complex process.

improved website speed and efficiency with the combination of angular and magento

Results of Strategic Web Development Solution

Because of the pure hard work and absolute intelligence of our expert web design & development team, we were able to deliver the best solutions for all the problems.

Hacking – DDOS Attacks Stopped

Using two different platforms for front-end and back-end added an extra layer of security to the website. The most important benefit of this solution is that people can only see the front-end without knowing what is running in the back-end. Moreover, we also increased the server security to prevent hacking. Both these solutions immensely helped in stopping the hacking and DDOS attacks on this company’s website.

Site Speed Improved

With the help of this thoughtful solution, we were able to see a big improvement in site speed. Within 24 hours of the site launch, the company started receiving feedback from the customers about improved site speed. This solution not only helped in improving site speed but also reduced the bounce rate, which is an indication of more customer engagement and potential business.

essential oil website speed test results after

essential oil website bounce rate comparison

Checkout Problems Resolved

Previously the website had a complicated multipage checkout process, which was causing a lot of problems for the customers. Our team changed the layout of the checkout page and converted it into the one-page checkout process. This helped in making the checkout process faster and user-friendly. The users also gave great feedback about the new checkout process, which was a big positive sign for the company. Visit us to analyse your website or hire Angular developers to design your website with custom requirements.