Role of Website Content for High Rankings in Google

contetntAfter the Penguin update introduced by Google, the main aim was to bring the websites having good quality content on the top to provide better information to the users. So, it became obvious that the site content is very much important to achieve top ranking in Google through relevant keywords. Those which were on the top position due to high number of back links lost their position because they had less message or no relevant text. So, now it is concentrating more on its text due to which the importance of quality stuff writing has risen. So, SEO is not all about creating back links nowadays, the text on your splash screen should be informative for the users. Basically,its text should not be written for the search engines, by stuffing the keywords. It should make sense to the users reading it and should also be high quality in terms of English grammar. So, the criteria of choosing a SEO company have changed. If your business site requires to achieve top rankings in Google but is lacking behind in quality stuff, then you should look for an experienced SEO company also providing effective site material writing which can help you in ranking high in SERPs through relevant keywords.

Qualities You Should Look for in a Website Content Writer

  • Obviously your SEO content writer should have thorough understanding of the changes in Google Algorithm and different search engine optimization techniques.
  • The company you hire for its writing should have basic understanding of the keyword density in the content. If there is lot of repetition of a single keyword in the content, then search engine might not consider it for the high rankings.
  • Always go for a SEO company having proven success record. Ask for some sample sites for which they have written the stuff.
  • Your SEO copywriter should be able to use the most relevant keywords through which it gets maximum traffic by performing in-depth research about the keywords popularity.

Besides, above mentioned factors, you need to ensure that the search engine optimization company, you are hiring doesn’t make grand promises by getting it ranked on top position in Google within hours or days. Hiring a SEO content writing company to write relevant articles containing back links to your website and getting those articles submitting in different article directories on the internet can help you in achieving high ranking steadily and on a long term basis.