If Your Business is Location Oriented then Facebook Advertisement is the Best Digital Marketing Tool

Facebook has a massive global audience, making it one of the the best social media marketing platforms around the world. The aim of any marketing strategy is to reach the masses and do it in quick time; Facebook qualifies as effective for both of those requirements.

The main feature is that one can tweak Facebook Ad setting to target specific audience. The Ad targeting is possible on the basis of demographics, location, interest, and user behavior. The added advantage is that it is good on the budget, offers high conversion rates, and return on investment.

Here are some popular facts and statistics:

  • It has over 1.32 billion daily active users.
  • One can tweak the Ads for the purpose of goal-brand exposure, lead generation, website traffic.
  • 79% of Americans use the this platform.
  • More than 53% of people in USA make use of it several times a day.
  • Over 50 Million business use Facebook pages.
  • Over 22% of the world’s population uses it.

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement

  • Massive User-Base: It is a one of the largest social media platforms around and is used by people from all walks of life. Students use it stay to in touch with their friends and make new friends as do the adults and even the businesses. Thus, an  Ad placed by a business has the potential of reaching millions of users very fast.
  • Greater Exposure:  These Ads have a greater exposure since if an Ad is ‘liked’ by someone; all the connections in the network will also receive the same Ad in a news feed. It is multilingual and the Ad are localized as well. Thus, it reaches a big user base all over the world; and the fact that a large number of people spend a great deal of time daily on this social media network is an added advantage.
  • Targeting Audience: There are many methods of advertising online however, These Ads are one of the most targeted one. One can fine tune their Ad campaign to target the audience on the basis of location, demographics, age, interests, behavior, gender and connections. A business can target strategic audience based on information of recent purchase behavior, life events. The feature called ‘tracking pixel’ helps it identify the perfect customers for to market their product to.
  • Analytic Feature: When it comes to these Ads, businesses often get confused and find it very complicated mainly due the complexity of the tools, tweaks and analytic features that are available It has a large mobile user-base; which is possible for a business to target using information available to them. The ‘Call to Action’ buttons are more effective as well.

The future concept of marketing that has become popular can be set aside when using Facebook Ads Analytic has an ability to target audience in respect to relevance of recent visits, search and location. The ‘insights’ tab provides users with detailed matrices and gives information on the best performing pages as well. This type of data is effective while trying to develop the perfect Ads campaign by tweaking it.

Thus, businesses that use Facebook Ads can expose their Ad to a larger audience and the right type of audience in quick time. Besides which it is also comparatively less expensive; The added advantage of opting for it is a high percentage of people spend approximately 1 to 2 hours on it on a daily; thus increasing the potential of a Facebook Ad.