Google My Business – An Opportunity to Increase Google Traffic and Audience Engagement

Google My Business is the advanced version of previously known Google Local with many more features to highlight your business in Google search and Google Map. Addition to NAP (Name-Address-Phone) features, GMB is a great marketing opportunity for your local business promotion and user engagement.

Google Local Post is the new and considerable feature for showcasing your products and services in an effective way to share with your users on Google. Any information related to company, news or announcement can be displayed through Google Local Post.

Google My Business Post can be published with

Google Local Post can be created and updated with Photo or Video.

Publish Event
Even the Organization Event can be announced through Event Option in Google My Business Post.

Post an Attractive Offer-
If you want to given an attractive offer of your product/service, you can display offer details with start and end date, Coupon code, link to redeem offer, and even can narrate offer terms and conditions to your visitors for avail this offer.

Ecommerce Post
For Ecommerce store, if you want to offer the product/service to buy online, set the product name and details with purchase link, so anyone who wants to buy the product can click on the purchase link to be redirected for product purchase.

Add a Button (Call to Action)
Add a button is a comprehensive feature of Google local post, where one can set Call to Action. Means the visitor can be redirected to the destination link to increase your Goal conversions. Here Google has given various options like Book, Order online, Buy, Learn more, Sign up and Call now – CTAs.

The validity of this post is 7 days. It means the post remains active for seven days and before it expires Google gives mail notification to post the new. Multiple posting up to ten posting is feasible with carousel view. The knowledge panel displays latest two posting.

How to Optimize Google Local Posts?
Here are the important Google My Business Post tips to attract more audience through Google My Business.

  • Give Valuable and Latest Business Information with Actionable Headlines

In this category, you can publish-

  • Press Releases
  • Blog Posts
  • Job Offers
  • Personal Statements

Prefer Precise and Readable Content

Post text has 300 words limitation, though the knowledge panel displays only first 100 characters. So your message must be clear and preferred to be included within the first 100 characters.

  • Don’t Miss to Add CTA Button

Call to Action Button can increase clicks and conversions. So this is the most important to optimize with your Google Local Post.

  • Keep Image Size 750×750 pixels

The best size of image for Google My Business Post is 750×750 pixels with a minimum of 250×250 pixels.

  • Create New Post and Update Every 7 Days

The post (image and text) remains active for 7 days. Prepare new posts and update them on last day of post to visible information on Google search. Knowledge panel displays up to 2 posts only. Old posts archived in the history on expiry.

Thus Google local post is important to keep engaging with your visitors. There is no direct impact visible of this posting to your website listing, but yet it makes value addition to your website optimization process with continuous engagement with your audience and highly recommended to update Google My Business Post regularly on weekly basis.