How to build search engine friendly websites?

Who would not like to have clients to visit their website? In today’s competitive world, it has become quite essential to have a well designed optimized site to get their website noticed by their potential customers. To have a search engine friendly site is not just beneficial to have top ranking in the search engines but also to help website to load faster and be more visible to your customers, thus getting business for you.

If you surf through search engine results, you will find all the top ranking websites are optimized properly. These optimized websites make their presence felt in the search engines by making their site user friendly with good navigation, content texts, and Meta tags relevant to their websites, and having proper placed images. Search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN believes in simple informative web design India, which loads faster.

While designing your website, the most important thing to remember your website is not to trick search engines by adding hidden texts or hidden links, irrelevant keywords or text, or very small text which is hardly visible for human eyes. Google usually punishes these websites by giving them low rank or sometimes removing them forever.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Before designing a site, make sure you have got a good domain name. Hypothetically, if your business is related to “Food Color,” it is good to have domain name “foodcolor” in domain name. Generic domain names may help in search engine ranking.
  • Do not keep the visitors guessing what would possibly your company name be. Keep the company name and company logo visible to the visitors. The browser must know clearly what the website is about. Your business brief should always be visible when anyone opens your home page.
  • Please do not startle the visitor of your web design with blinking texts, shocking colors, and confusing animations on the web pages. The website must have clean look. The web visitor must feel relaxed and get all clear information about your service, products, and business.
  • Make use of CSS files in your websites. CSS file can help control appearance of your website without any difficulty and gives quicker loading time of your site. You can have lovely button effect using the CSS files.
  • A well designed site for internet marketing India purpose should not have frames, excess flash files, JavaScript, image maps, or dynamic URLs. This will confuse the search engine robots to list your site.
  • Keep the links simple and easy to navigate. Complicated navigation will confuse the visitors. The navigation must be user-friendly and easily understood by the visitors.
  • Avoid using heavy images for your web pages. Though these images look visually appealing, it will make your website to load for longer time. Besides the search engines spiders, the browser will not like waiting for your site to load. There are chances they might simply loose their patience and turn off your site.
  • If you think it is absolutely necessary to put the images on your web pages, add Alt tag or Title on the images. The reason is simple: search engine spiders cannot read the images but can read the alt tag or title given on the images.
  • Make your site content based with at least 200 words holding clear information of your products, services, and business. This will help your potential customer to know about you and get some information on products they require.
  • Meta tags like keyword tag, description tag, and title tag must be added in the header of your web page. Please choose the best words that can describe your business. Do not add irrelevant keywords and description.
  • The web pages must be error-free and special care must be taken for broken links and correct html. Search engines like error-free websites.
  • If designing is not a piece of cake to you, then make sure to hire a professional web designing company who are well experienced in making both visually appealing web design and make the sites search engine friendly.