Case Study – How Website Maintenance Saved a Business? And helped it Reach New Heights

In today’s digital age, a company’s image is decided by its website, giving it a strong position in the market. A good customer-friendly web design to access crucial data is the most prominent characteristics of a website or web page. A website is an asset that should be nurtured with great care. To realize its full potential, it must be regularly checked, patched, and maintained. You’ll need a plan for dedicating ample effort, resources, and expertise to maintain the momentum with Website maintenance. Having the appropriate data and layout in place will ensure that you have a solid foundation on which to expand the site and provide your clients with a great online presence. Designing a nice website is essential for organizations that obtain the majority of their prospective online customers. This case study demonstrates how website maintenance can supply your web pages with the higher-quality help it requires to entice customers and prospects.

Website Maintenance

Few Reasons Why Website Needs Maintenance?

Savings on expenses

Neglected or overlooked errors on your website might result in a crashed or damaged website, owing you lost sales, profit, and opportunities. You’ll also have to take a huge hit to pay for your website’s repairs. Ongoing website maintenance ensures that minor faults are identified and resolved as soon as possible, allowing operations to carry on regardless.

Experience of the User

If your company wants increased conversion rates, user experience is crucial. Indeed, developing a strategy for website maintenance has the potential to increase conversions. Routine maintenance can assist in identifying faults on your site that may be preventing users from performing a particular activity. 


Cyber attacks can bring a drastic damage to your website if it isn’t functioning properly. To protect your customers and your brand, you must have a secure website, which can only help your reputation among your customers. Customers are more likely to lose all faith in you if they lose trust in your website.

Why Your Website Needs Maintenance

About A Spanish Company – A Dedicated Online Distributor of Designer Furniture 

This Spain-based online e-commerce website is a dedicated distributor of vintage and design furniture through the internet. They are an excellent provider of vintage, industrial, contemporary, and many other types of furniture products in high-quality and at the best price. They have an exquisite collection that is affordable and can be delivered hassle-free to all of its customers.

Problems Faced by the Company over their Website

The company’s website was experiencing many issues since it was not functioning properly, causing challenges for its valuable clients when using the website, which had a direct impact on income and brand image. They needed an effective approach and layout for their site that was not only easy to manage as an administrator but also delivered a wonderful experience to its clients, so that they would return for their vintage furniture needs.

Opal Infotech’s Website Maintenance Team listened carefully and understood their challenges in depth in order to provide the best web maintenance solution for them, and they began working together to meet their needs.

Analysis of the Company Website Challenges

  • The website was crashing frequent with page load, whether it was the Homepage, Category or products pages, and it was crashing without notice.
  • The website’s server was not correctly set up, resulting in issues with the website’s proper and seamless operation.
  • The website had responsive layout issues for different versions of mobiles and tablets, losing the essence of E-commerce platforms and consequently losing its consumer base.
  • The administrator had to apply the discount to each product individually rather than one click go during the sales period, which is the busiest time for a firm to increase sales and earnings.
  • Whatever the administrator was updating or modifying on the website or putting up any material, it was not visible on the web page.
  • The site’s speed was extremely poor, causing consumers to lose interest.

Online Website Support Website Maintenance

Implementation of Website Solutions Owing to Business Success

The Web Maintenance team at Opal Infotech years of experience and expertise in website maintenance Services helped the client overcome the hurdles of their website. We analyzed the problems and broke them into steps to solve them and give them a perfect running website with the help of our online website support.

  • To begin, their server was appropriately configured to prevent it from crashing and collapsing with each click. As a result, the website ran well and without issues.
  • Second, the administrator’s issue was resolved, allowing them to edit the product description and information on the website’s page.
  • The website was then adjusted to perform properly on all tablets and mobile devices to make it more responsive that helped it in search engine optimization as well better indexing in different search engines.
  • Our web maintenance experts also analyzed the website to improve its speed and provide the owner and users with an efficient and speedy site.
  • The platform on which the website built is Magento 2, and React JS, and we supply the company with frequent and crucial updates to ensure proper operation.
  • We solved the problem of applying discounts to products. Now, during sales and festive offers, the admin can apply discounts to all of the products in one go and at the same time, saving time, energy, and revenue.

Not The End 

Do you know why website maintenance is so important? Take for example you buy a luxurious vehicle, it works properly for some time, but as time passes, it starts showing some problems, so you do not sell it, you get it serviced, the same is with websites, even a newly bought vehicle needs service after a certain period of time, you can’t just leave your website after launching it on the internet, you have to keep tabs on its upkeep to keep it running smoothly and effectively all the time. 

We as a web design company know that a company’s website is a resource, and as such, it should constantly be in the finest possible scenario. The best way to guarantee that occurs is to practice these website maintenance suggestions that every organization should be aware of. Routine website maintenance keeps the website and business running successfully in the same way the adequate, repair work keeps your car operating well. As the website is the heart of e-commerce, and you have to keep it moving and pumping to keep it alive, and Opal Infotech is always available to assist you in your website’s upkeep with its online website assistance.