How Machine Tools Manufacturing Business Transformed by E-commerce Website and Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads for E-Commerce Website

Industry: Machine Tools
Services Offered: Google Shopping Ads, Google Ads
Business Type: B2B
Country: India
Website Platform: Angular

In today’s digital age, businesses need to be innovative and adapt to new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. You cannot outperform what your competitors are doing. We need to find out and try new ideas. Sometimes they click and sometimes we learn from them. One such example is the machine tools manufacturing industry, which has been transformed by e-commerce and Google Shopping ads. This strategy was not thought of before, but it has helped companies beat the competition and achieve exponential growth. This is the story of a machine tools manufacturing company that was facing a range of challenges, including stable sales growth and predictable visibility. However, with the help of an e-commerce website and Google Shopping ads, they were able to turn their business around and achieve unbelievable success. In this success story, we will take a closer look at how this company implemented e-commerce and Google Shopping ads, and the benefits they experienced as a result.

We are handling digital marketing for this company, which is engaged in workshop machinery and tool manufacturing, including applications for machining, metal fabrication, CNC lathe, and reshipping. With SEO and Google paid services, the company became a leader in their field within a short period of time. With a global presence, the company moved forward with an expansion on a large scale where they were looking for an extraordinary breakthrough in sales volume.



Running a successful business is a challenging task that requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Even with the best-laid plans and strategies, businesses can face a wide range of challenges that can impact their growth and success. From economic downturns and changing consumer behavior to technological disruptions and increased competition, businesses need to navigate a complex and rapidly changing landscape to survive and thrive. In this section, we’ll explore some of the common challenges that our client who is into machine tools manufacturing businesses was facing.

Workshop machinery and tool manufacturing

Meeting capacity expansion with more orders, after the success of SEO and Google paid ads, the company invested heavily in expanding its production capacity, where they were looking for extraordinary growth to meet the increasing demand. If sales growth increases, then overheads can also be brought down, and profitability can be significantly increased. At the same time, they can become more competitive in the market.

1. Stagnant growth despite digital marketing efforts: The Machine Tools Manufacturing Company was investing in digital marketing, but they were not seeing the significant jump in results that they used to get. This is a common problem faced by many businesses, as the digital marketing landscape can be competitive, and innovative ideas are required to stay ahead of competitors who are also using the same tools and strategies, making it challenging for our clients to stand out.

2. Lack of innovative ideas to take bigger market shares: Another challenge faced by the Machine Tools Manufacturing Company was the lack of innovative ideas to capture a bigger market share. In a highly competitive market, it’s important to constantly differentiate oneself from the competition to attract new customers and increase sales. However, the company was struggling to come up with fresh ideas that could help them grow its business.

3. High cost of promoting through Google search ads: Google search ads can be an effective way to promote products and services, but they can also be expensive. Our client was finding it difficult to achieve a high return on investment with their Google search ads, as the cost of promotion was high. This made it difficult for them to justify the expense of using Google search ads to promote their products. As more and more competitors started using Google search ads, bid prices increased drastically, making it challenging for our client to secure top ad positions and remain competitive.

Overall, these challenges were significantly impacting the growth of Machine Tools Manufacturing Company, and they needed a new approach to overcoming them. This is where implementing e-commerce and Google Shopping ads came in, which helped them to achieve significant growth and success.



As we have been working with this client for the last 10 years, they have experienced our innovative solutions for business growth. So, after recognizing the challenges they faced and their expectations, we recommended that this machine tools manufacturing company take a bold step towards implementing e-commerce and Google Shopping ads, even though developing an e-commerce website for capital goods industrial was unheard of.

  • E-commerce website for B2B business:

It was a debatable decision, but we went ahead with an e-commerce website to display all workshop machinery with its prices, features, and photographs. We used the most economical platform to display all products to save on capital investments. We also understood that such capital goods require customized features, and nobody is going to use a shopping cart. Therefore, we added a quick contact form along with chat options so that customers could immediately contact the seller in case of requirements.

  • Google Shopping ads:

To fulfill the main objective of developing the e-commerce website, we started a Google Shopping ads campaign in selected countries where our customers wanted to expand their business. Google Shopping ads always display the company’s products ahead of Google search ads and organic listings, which increases the probability of clicks at a minimum cost. As it also shows product pictures, prices, and brief descriptions, customers can correlate their requirements very easily.



The outcome of these innovative steps turned into outstanding results that the client had never imagined.

Making quick and innovative decisions can provide significant benefits for businesses. Firstly, it can give them a competitive advantage over their competitors. By making decisions faster than others in the industry, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and gain market share. Secondly, quick decision-making can lead to improved efficiency, as businesses can avoid delays and bottlenecks that may occur when decisions are delayed or made slowly. It can also increase flexibility, allowing businesses to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs, and reduce costs associated with inefficiencies. Thirdly, quick decision-making can lead to improved customer satisfaction by allowing businesses to respond to customer needs and preferences faster, which can result in increased customer loyalty and repeat business. Fourthly, quick and innovative decisions can lead to increased innovation within a business, by taking risks and exploring new opportunities and ideas. Lastly, it can improve overall decision-making within a business, by taking a proactive approach to decision-making and avoiding being reactive to problems that may arise. Therefore, businesses should strive to make quick and innovative decisions whenever possible to reap these benefits.
Below are a few outcomes of this strategy, which changed the company’s fortune drastically.

1. Created multifold business:

Google Shopping ads always display on the top of the search results, so the click-through rate (CTR) is the highest since the ads always display pictures and content. Prospective buyers can easily find the product that matches their requirements, resulting in our clients receiving inquiries beyond their expectations. Most of the time, only our client’s ads used to display with multiple model options, and as the shopping website also had all contact details available, apart from a shopping cart, they started receiving a huge number of inquiries through calls, emails, and chat, which ended up in huge business success. There is a simple psychology: if a buyer gets satisfactory responses from the first approached seller, they will stick to them without looking for more options.

2. Low cost per conversion:

As a businessman, if you are getting more genuine inquiries at the lowest cost, then what can stop you from growing? The client was also running a Google search ads campaign, but the cost of inquiries in the case of Google Shopping ads was at least 50% less. Therefore, they invested more in the Shopping ads budget and started covering more geographical areas.

3. Optimum use of production capacity:

When you receive more inquiries, you can convert more into orders, which keeps the production team occupied with manufacturing and delivery processes. After the expansion, the company witnessed for the first time that demand was meeting the full production capacity and they were able to make the optimum use of their resources. As a matter of fact, they started thinking about increasing their production capacity again and invested more into expanding their infrastructure to meet the projected demand in the future.

4. Competitive advantage

Regardless of anything, Google Shopping ads are always on top, and that gave our client a competitive advantage. There was always a big problem with adjusting bids in Google search ads to meet competitors’ bids, but with Google Shopping ads, we never worried about bidding and adjusting with competitors’ bidding because the ads are always on top. In other words, there was no competition in this digital marketing strategy.

  • in last 2 years clicks, impressions increased where as Avg. CPC is reduced and budget spending increased by 45.56% and against that conversions increased by 365.69%

Shopping ads for workshop machinery and tool manufacturing
  • Google Ads vs Shopping Ads, in Google Ads, Avg. CPC is higher than Shopping Ads and less conversions compared to Shopping Ads

Google Ads workshop machinery and tool manufacturing
  • Overall Website Goal Conversions Progress

Overall Website Goal Conversions Progress


Passion, vision, and action are three essential components for success in any area of life, including business. Passion is the fuel that drives us to pursue our goals and dreams. Without passion, finding the motivation to keep going when challenges arise can be difficult. A clear vision is also important to achieve success. It gives us direction and helps us stay focused on what we want to achieve. It provides a roadmap that guides our actions toward our goals. However, a vision without action is just a dream. Action is the critical ingredient that turns vision into reality. It requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to take risks. Without action, the best-laid plans will never come to fruition. Therefore, to achieve success in business, it is important to have a passion that drives us, a clear vision that guides us, and the willingness to take action to turn that vision into reality.

In conclusion, implementing e-commerce website development and Google Shopping Ads proved to be a game-changer for Machine Tools Manufacturing Company. By embracing the potential of digital marketing, the company overcame the challenges it faced and achieved significant growth. E-commerce provided the company with a powerful tool to showcase its products and reach a wider audience, while Google Shopping Ads allowed them to effectively target potential customers and promote their products with more cost-effective advertising. By embracing these new tools, the Machine Tools Manufacturing Company was able to differentiate itself from its competition and increase its sales revenue. The success of the company serves as a testament to the power of e-commerce website development and Google Shopping Ads for businesses looking to grow and overcome challenges in the modern marketplace.