Shloka Bhatt Shares Life Experience on Her Birthday

Thank you for taking out your time and your wishes.

I would like to share something which I have gained from my experience. Many times we get bored in the hobbies that we are doing OR if we are doing the same type of work every day and we may ask our superior about new task saying that I have gone bored with the ongoing tasks BUT the fact stays in life is if you want to achieve something in life / if you want to become master of any art OR the work that you are doing then you must stay consistent and you must do it continuously. Once you have reached to that the rewards of it in terms of money / knowledge and power will follow automatically. Many of you may have heard about the 21 days challenge that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes your habit – the same way if you do it something consistently for 1000 hours – you become master of it. 

Sachin Tendulkar has become Sachin Tendulkar by consistently focusing on his batting. Had he ever said that I will do batting for 6 months and then next 6 months something else as I get bored then he would not have reached to the level he is at today! So please whatever you decide to do, Be consistent!