Technical Web Design Guidelines for Designing Search Engine Friendly Website

A web design is the most important feature for business site to get success in internet marketing. Therefore, the online business owners are eager to take help from the professional styling layout companies. A professional web design company having accurate knowledge about the latest designing trends, can help you to make your splash screen user-friendly,search engine optimisation friendly page including all qualities of a perfectly designed webpage in terms of appearance and functionality.

Google has provided some outlines for quality site layout to build effective page for online business. These quality advices enable a site to generate more traffic and easily get indexed by search engines. Opal Infotech gives more importance to these to create a SEO friendly page layout. These are as follows:


  • Never try to misguide the spiders by creating two different pages for SEO spiders and for users. This method is used to display same site content in different form and this method is known as “clocking”.
  • Avoid performing the black hat tricky techniques to show the presence of business site in top listing of search engine.
  • Always submit its link in niche directory submission site, social bookmarking submission site etc. But never use the spammy link building services for it to achieve high page rank in search engines because these services are able to give adverse effect on its rank.
  • Do not use any computerized application to submit the content automatically and to check its ranking. Sometimes this computing resource violates the terms and conditions of SEOs and it may get adverse effect due to this application.
  • If it is participating in affiliated programs then assure about its ads value. Because the ads content must be unique and relevant to the product that you are offering to your customers, it will attract more visitors towards itself and help to increase your online business.
  • Not only the unique content, you need to provide informative content on the pages of the site from which visitors are benefitted and tend to visit it again and again. The Aim behind to use this method is to achieve high page rank in search engine.
  • Avoid using hidden links and untrustworthy links for it. The hidden links are the links which are not seen by the users and these links are only for search engine crawlers. If these links are detected by those crawlers, they will remove it from their index which can damage its reputation on internet.

According to Opal Infotech, every site owner should go through these reccomendations before launching it. They have to hire a professional style layout company who outsource best styling layout amenities to other companies, as they can only design it as per the guidelines set by Google. To get more information about its services visit on

Every SEO company should have complete knowledge about the Google technical suggestions before implementing their efforts on the site. These help them to know how to build their friendly page for top listing in its results. The knowledge of the technical advices provides the information about the their elements which are acceptable by search engines. If the company doesn’t follow these technical suggestions then there are chances that their clients’ site may get banned and never get listed there.

Here are some technical points that every company should know about the site’s popularity, to get high page rank in search results, for its visibility and to increase sales which will satisfy their clients.


If a web design company needs to launch a SEO friendly page, then it should be checked in the text browser such as Lynx. This is vital step for it because search engine spiders view it in same way as Lynx. If it contains features such as JavaScript, cookies, session IDs, frames, DHTML, or Flash images then text browser helps you to know the problematic areas and gives you a chance of improvement. Otherwise those spiders may find trouble in crawling it.

Always allow the Google bots to crawl it without any hurdles like session IDs or arguments this will help you to track the individual users path but block the Google crawlers. Never use different URLs to point out the same page in it otherwise it will increase the possibilities that Google will neither index nor ban it.

If you have done some changes in the page then make sure that server and it should support the ‘if-modified-since HTTP header’. This is the most important feature for SEO websites. If you have these features in it,it allows the search bots to know that you have made some changes in it and index those modifications for the results. This feature will save your bandwidth and overheads also.

You need to upload robots.txt file for site on the server. Robots.txt file guides the spider crawlers about which directory has to be searched in the site and which one not. Always update this robots.txt file to work smoothly on internet without any interruption so that it performs best on Internet.

Never try to use black hat SEO techniques which are responsible to damage its credit and able to decrease its ranking in search results.

If you are buying CMS application for your company site then make sure that application is able to generate the splash pages and links that can be crawled by search engines.

The most important part for search engine friendly site is to test the website in different search engines to search that whether search bots appears on it or not.

These are some views of Opal Infotech on the technical advices for SEO friendly pages. Opal Infotech is the best SEO Company in India who follows the above recommendations and performs SEO services for their client sites in very appropriate manner. The ethical efforts provide great benefits to increase their clients’ business in such a great way.