Preventive Website Maintenance Delivers Better User Experience to India’s One of the World’s Largest Air Cooler Manufacturing Company 

Industry: Air Cooler
Services Offered: Website Maintenance, SEO
Business Type: B2B & B2C
Country: INDIA
Website Platform: Shopify

In today’s fast-moving era, a website represents a company’s storefront to the world for both B2B and B2C segments. Just like a physical store needs regular upkeep to function smoothly and attract customers, a website needs ongoing maintenance services to ensure optimal performance and security. At Opal Infotech, we understand the critical role that proactive website maintenance plays in safeguarding brand value and maximizing return on investment.

This case study describes the importance of preventive website maintenance in this highly competitive business environment. If you have a brand and want to grow faster than the industrial growth rate of your business, then proactive action on the most important business tools, i.e., your website, requires regular maintenance strategies. These strategies can help stay ahead of potential issues, enhance performance, upgrade brand value, and nullify potential security threats. Your digital success depends on how proactively one stops future threats to the website and how fast features are upgraded and website bugs are fixed. Our client is a leader in air coolers with manufacturing facilities spread across the world in India, the USA, Australia, and China. This industry faces cutthroat competition in terms of introducing new features, upgrading technology, and implementing aggressive promotion plans. Most of the established players promote products through B2B and B2C websites. B2B websites help manufacturers find new distributors and corporate customers, while B2C channels enable direct communication with end users, understanding their preferences, and conducting direct business in unrepresented areas.



When you are a leader in a particular business, it’s always challenging to maintain your leadership while protecting your brand identity. Their technical and marketing team highlighted some of the problems they are facing, as the air cooler business is a seasonal one. Some typical issues described by them are as follows –

1. Broken links

As mentioned earlier, the air cooler business is highly competitive in terms of innovation and new offerings. The company frequently changes models discards old models and introduces new ones. Due to that, 404 errors or blank pages are generated when someone removes obsolete models from the website. As SEO is also an ongoing process and as part of the off-page strategy, many articles are being submitted with links to particular product pages. When those products are removed, in case, 404 – NOT FOUND errors occur, which show a page not found or a broken link. There are also cases where removed products have QR Codes and now show page not found.

Broken Links

2. Image Optimization

The company’s marketing department frequently changes the image of the products to highlight features. While uploading images, many times they upload high-resolution images, and the sizes of the images are also not properly maintained. If images are not properly uploaded and sizes are not maintained, it results in slow loading of the page, which may affect SEO ranking as well as the product’s user experience. Since the company also has developed an e-commerce website, one can imagine the consequences of slow image loading on a shopping website.

Image Optimization

3. Unused Code

While developing the website, many times developers might have created pages and sections that are not being used later on, which have been removed from the display but not from the coding. Though the pages are not being displayed, it affects website performance adversely. The client discusses such possibilities, as development took place in phases and many changes were made during development and later on. There was also a possibility of dummy text on certain pages, which was overlooked at the time of QC.

Unused Code Remove for Website

4. Third Party JS

In the past, the company was using a few third-party applications that were integrated with the website. However, after some time, they stopped using them but they were not removed from the code. At the same time, we observed a few extra scripts in the tag manager that needed to be taken care of. All of the above was affecting website performance.

Third Party JavaScript Remove for Website

5.  Unused Shopify App

e-commerce website design is being done on the Shopify platform, and many app functionalities were added at the time of development which were not used later on. Since they were not used and still in the code, they were creating security threats. As the website is an e-commerce website, unused Shopify apps resulted in a poor user experience and a drop in sales. To know more about Shopify website maintenance, visit the page on our site.

Unused Shopify App

6. Low Core Web Vital Score

As mentioned earlier, this air cooler industry is very dynamic, and you need to keep changing products and promotion techniques frequently. Any change in the website affects the performance of the website. If issues displayed in the console are not resolved, website rankings may go down, so it is mandatory to maintain core web vital scores.

Low Core Web Vital Score

Strategic Solutions

After taking care of all the above-mentioned measures, the website speed improved drastically, resulting in improved conversion rates. Downloading speed matters the most for mobile devices, and due to that, our clients observed improved conversion rates in terms of more B2B inquiries and continuously increasing orders from the e-commerce site. In short, faster page speed positively impacted conversion metrics. Page speed has also impacted the reduction of bounce rate significantly and visitor engagement for a longer period in all digital marketing strategies including SEO, Google Shopping Ads, and Search Ads. The client also benefited from improvements in search engine rankings, as Google considers page speed as one of the important ranking factors in their algorithm. When the client gets a higher ranking in search engines, it leads to better visibility and more traffic. In today’s competitive edge, every advantage counts. By improving page speed, you always gain a competitive edge over other websites.

Improvement Page Speed

Excellent user experience by solving 404 errors

When we solve 404 errors, which indicate that a web page cannot be found, this solving offers several remarkable benefits. It is always frustrating and confusing from the visitor’s point of view when they encounter 404 errors. By resolving the same and redirecting users to relevant pages or providing helpful error measures, you can keep visitors engaged with your website. When customers encounter 404 errors, they are more likely to leave the website, which increases the bounce rate. While fixing 404 errors, we observed that the bounce rate drastically reduced and visitors were directed towards more relevant content. Through the creation of custom error pages, the website’s SEO value is preserved and helps to maintain or improve search engine ranking. As the website starts delivering a smooth and error-free browsing experience, it instills trust and credibility with its users.

Solving 404 Errors

Resolving core web vitals issues resulted in excellent user experience and dramatic improvements in search engine ranking

The client notices severe benefits by solving core web vitals issues for the website. This benefited clients under two categories: i) Improved user experience (UX) and ii) Potential SEO advantage, especially on the technical SEO front. We can mention that improved user experience occurred by resolving error pages, and started downloading faster than earlier, which translated into a smoother experience for visitors. As they will not wait for pages to render, a website with good core web vitals is also engaged in more user interaction and engaging experience, making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. Solving core web vitals errors immediately pushes search engine ranking, as Google considers it one of the most important ranking signals and is considered a part of technical SEO services. A good core web vitals score may rank higher in search engines along with a minimum bounce rate and improvements in average time spent on pages by the visitor.

Resolving Core Web Vitals Issues


The preventive website maintenance measures implemented for India’s leading air cooler manufacturer have significantly boosted its SEO performance. By addressing issues such as broken links, image optimization, and unused code, the website’s overall user experience has been enhanced. Resolving 404 errors ensures smoother navigation for visitors, reducing bounce rates and preserving SEO value through custom error pages. Moreover, the drastic improvement in page speed not only enhances user engagement but also aligns with Google’s ranking factors, leading to better visibility and increased traffic. These improvements contributed to higher search engine rankings, ultimately amplifying the website’s reach and impact within the competitive air cooler industry. Visit the e-commerce SEO services page to understand all the features in detail.

Organic Search Progress with Effective Website Maintenance

Furthermore, by prioritizing the resolution of core web vital issues, the website has achieved exceptional user experience outcomes, crucial for SEO success. Enhanced loading speeds and error-free browsing experiences result in longer visitor interactions and reduced bounce rates. Google’s recognition of core web vitals as a key ranking signal further solidified the website’s SEO standing, driving improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic. Ultimately, this preventive website maintenance strategy not only ensured a seamless user experience but also positioned the company’s website favorably in search engine results, maximizing its online presence and potential for growth in the competitive digital landscape.



The preventive website maintenance efforts undertaken by Opal Infotech for India’s prominent air cooler manufacturer have yielded significant improvements in user experience and SEO performance. By addressing critical issues such as broken links, image optimization, and unused code, the website now offers a smoother browsing experience, leading to reduced bounce rates and enhanced visitor engagement. Moreover, the improvement in page speed and resolution of core web vitals issues align with Google’s ranking factors, resulting in higher search engine visibility and increased organic traffic. Overall, these proactive measures have not only safeguarded the brand’s online reputation but also positioned it for sustained growth and success in the fiercely competitive digital landscape of the air cooler industry as it is not worth investing in digital marketing services if your website is ill maintained which can damage brand reputation as well as lost opportunity.